Has anyone found a breaking point for H5 Forge yet?

Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by Larry Tanng, Jan 2, 2016.

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    I'm talking about performance issues due to to many objects in one area or over maxing the Lightmap. I have the structure of my map complete, and now I'm at the decorating and fine tuning stage, but that old awareness of mine from previous Forges are making me afraid to add more detail to my map.

    What's the breaking point? What are the problem pieces in this Forge? What about the Lightmap? I've noticed that some of the Forge maps in matchmaking have their Lightmap % over the max. Does that mean redlining your Lightmap is okay? What's the breaking point for that? Mine is currently 99%.

    EDIT: I did a quick test with blocks. I spawned in small 2x2x2s until I hit the next %, then started my test. Spawning in 10 more 2x2x2s brought me up 1%, but spawning only 3 128x128x128 brought me up 1%. Then I learned that spawning 3 of any size 128 block has the same results as the full 128x128x128 block. It also take 3 256x256x4 floors to go up 1%. So for blocks at least, size matters except that whatever size you use, the game uses the longest side of it to determine the Lightmap % for it.
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    I'd like to know this as well. I hit 130% on lightmap.
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    I began H5 Forge attempting to create BTB maps in order to get used to the feel of "how big can I go" mentality. My first map was too ambitious given the limitations, but the second map came much closer however still too large. I found the following in terms of map performance on a map that reached 198% Lightmap and was 50 objects away from maxxing the object limit (I stopped when it was clear the map was too complex).

    • The Lightmap budget at 198% does have some pretty clear shadows popping and their quality was pretty grate-y looking, but they weren't bad enough to distract from the overall map
    • Grouping too many objects in the same group causes the game to lag when interacting with the group. I have a group of ~800 objects and just selecting the group takes a few moments for the game to process what's happening, and moving and rotating them is possible but slow.
    • My map has a lot of small-medium objects in a small area which causes the game to lag while in Monitor Mode as it slows down when trying to draw everything, but in Player Mode the map runs fine
    If you're curious to see it all for yourself the map should be in my files with the name "Bridges" (gamertag: ToRn1ne). The map will remain unfinished as it is too large, but I'll probably return to it in the future to make it somewhat playable or gut sections of the map to reuse in new maps, like portions of the bridge as I am very happy with how it turned out on the upper level. If you need tips on how to approach BTB maps let me know as I have some experience now with H5 budget management.
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    Multi and I were recently stumped by the physics reaching 100%.

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