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    Today is Halo 3's tenth birthday. That's right, ten whole years! With the celebration of Halo 3's jump into the double digits comes the celebration of something else as well. Forge! We decided the best way to honor Halo 3's tenth was with some heart felt messages from the team.


    "My favorite thing about Halo 3, was being able to truly enjoy playing with my friends and family for hours on end to the early hours into the next morning. I was horrible at best as I earned the nickname 'Sir Sticks-a-Lot' by earning over 2k sticks. I was a master with those little bluish-purple glowing grenades. My favorite Halo 3 maps were Guardian, Narrows and The Pit. That was until I discovered MLG Forge maps where things got out of control with more Forging! I just now realized that I have been forging for nearly 10 years. 10 YEARS! Which has made me realize something else, I've come to know many of you as my closest friends. So thanks to Halo for creating a passion that I didn't know that I would truly love and thanks for all of those friends and enemies that I have made in matchmaking and customs. It has truly been a blast. Here's to 10 more with you all!"

    "Halo 3 was the first time I got on xbox live and from there it truly changed my life forever. It introduced me to clans and gaming communities which ultimately got me to where I am today as an admin. With Forge I remember spending thousands of hours making maps so much so that I had another account that i used for extra map storage and sometimes i would have to ask my friends to come into a forge session to save a map for me or just wait as i hop out and clear some space. Halo 3 is also what drove me down the path to pursue a career in game design. I truly loved the campaign and remember that I had most of the cut-scenes memorized and would annoy my friends by reciting them as we watched. Those were some good times, Happy Birthday Halo 3!"

    "When playing splitscreen with their friends, most people fight to be Player 1. However when my friends and I gathered to blast some baddies in Halo 3's campaign, it was player 3 we fought for. You see, Halo 3's third player character was an unnamed generic elite (who we now know as N'tho 'Sraom). We preferred to call him the name we chose for him; Chuck the Anonymous Elite. The wacky adventures of Chuck stick with me even today. Happy birthday, Chuck, and Happy Birthday Halo 3!"

    -Shooty Person

    "I have never gotten in so much trouble screaming for joy since halo 3 dropped. I stayed up for 3 days and skipped school to get the full immersion. I didn't have Internet until 6 months after the game came out, which attributed to my need to be better. Ended on a high note with a 46 in Squad Battle, and not even an inkling of the forge world as of then"
    - Qrrbrbirbel

    "Halo 3 was my first game along with the Simpsons movie game. I was like 11 or something. Anyway yeah, Halo 3 was the best of the two my first match was with some Bell end with the gamertag xgayboyxx or something like that and it was on guardian FFA. So yeah Halo 3 was fun and now it's old just like my old shoes I don't wear anymore. Thanks for the memories Halo 3"

    "I bought my first xbox for Halo 3. Its been my go to video game ever since I can remember and has defined a lot of my childhood."

    -Max Extra

    "Halo 3 was where I made most of my friends, back when my Gamertag was Dingdong8; I was in the 6th grade at that time. I can vividly remember being so hyped about having a building tool (Forge) on a console game for the first time. I would get so hyped over modifying dev maps for custom games like zombies. I distinctly remember when someone discovered how to phase objects with others, or into the terrain. They used to call it "Dynamic Merging" back then haha. To think how far the Forge tool has come up till now; well we were truly resourceful people back then. And if I had a dollar for every "Infection" custom game I had ever played on the map Foundry alone, I'd be a millionaire".

    "Halo 3 was like a coming of age story for me really. Halo 3 is really where I got into online play hardcore. I met plenty of people, made tons of friends and created bonds with people I still have today. I know it's corny but really it's what I would come home and do everyday. Customs and BTB til death. And of course there was Forge, the literal beginning of the end. Halo 3 will always have a softspot in my gamer's heart for just being a monolithic game and having such a huge impact on the genre".
    -Ascend Hyperion

    "Times were much simpler for me back in the good ol' days of Halo 3. Coming home from school and forging terrible maps for hours on end with little to no knowledge of the Forge Community. My curiousity of forge and what others were creating is what led me to Forgehub for the first time. I have many fond memories of playing Doubles with my brother, when my gamertag was RYOKUSI and always being the reason we lost that last game. It's almost jarring to think its been 10 years since the release of Halo 3! Time truly does fly by when you're having fun".
    -The Omicron

    "Halo 3 played such a huge role in my life. I bought a 360 for me and my brother to specifically play it. It was the only game I owned for 2 years. It not only helped me bond with my older brother, but it gave me an unexpected passion for level design. Now I have been a frequent user on this website since Halo 3 launched, and I would obsessively refresh the front page hoping there would be a new map feature out. Ever since 2007, I have been amazed at how so many people can come together over one game. I have made some of my strongest relationships with people through Halo, and I just need to say how I'm so grateful for this franchise and community".
    -Given To Fly
    "For me, Halo 3 taught me what it was to make friends over a game. Between the mass people I met online and playing split screen with local friends. I’ll never forget the 2 guys I became teammates with; a guy out of the military, a guy from Australia, and me, a 20 year old girl from America. We put hours on hours every night into playing, and always had nights we would make new tags just to play against newbies and laugh at how terrible they were".


    "I have defied gods and demons. I am your shield; I am your sword. I know you; your past, your future. This is the way the world ends." -Halo 3's trailer was one of the first game trailers that gave me chills. Fighting Scarabs, throwing bubble shields, and Chopper splatters, oh my... High Ground, Guardian, and the Pit were my favorite multiplayer maps and hundreds of hours were poured into them. It was also the true beginning of forge, and why we're all here really. I remember building total nonsense in foundry, putting tons of explosive barrels in tight places and then telling my friends to go "check" that room out. Buh-bye! With sandbox, I was able to truly expand my world building skills and the rest is history. It seems, that Cortana was wrong. The "world didn't end" for us forgers; Halo 3 was where OUR world began".
    "I've been a fan of the Halo franchise since its inception in 2001 however Halo 3 was my first introduction to online multiplayer with Xbox Live. Once I started getting into it, everything changed for me, I was hooked and spent countless hours playing while attending university. To this day, Halo 3 still leaves an indelible mark on my love for the franchise. I wouldn't be here today if Halo 3 didn't exist. It laid the foundation for my passion in eSports and showed me how large and passionate the Forge community was. To this day I think Halo 3 had one the strongest map pools ever made for a game. Thanks to Bungie for getting it right, H3 was the beginning of everything for me."

    - Warholic


    Those are our Halo 3 memories. What are yours? Drop some of your favorite Halo 3 memories below and don't be afraid to be sappy! Sappy is good!

    -Love, ForgeHub :forgehub:
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