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HAMMERFALL: Grifball Forge Contest

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nitro, Dec 6, 2016.

By Nitro on Dec 6, 2016 at 11:35 AM
  1. Nitro

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    Grifball is a fan favorite sport originally created by Rooster Teeth for their Red vs. Blue machinima series. Dating all the way back to the days of Halo 3, where courts were being created on an empty Foundry. Soon, communities surrounding the famed gametype would begin to form, leading to tournaments, organised Grifball Leagues with custom Team Home Courts, and Matchmaking playlists. This meant that courts could no longer be built from stacked Normal Physics Crates and 10 feet high walls*, so forgers had to come up with creative new ways to contain players within the walls of Foundry. ForgeHub builders have a long history of assisting the GrifballHUB community by helping to build courts in Halo 3, and in every game since.

    ForgeHub has teamed up with GrifballHUB to help inspire some creativity with a new contest. The goal is to build a Grifball Court. The map(s) you build should contain an aesthetic that is interesting and unique. Members of the GrifballHUB staff will work in conjunction with ForgeHub staff to judge these maps, which shall begin on January 28th. Read on to find out more specific details.


    1st Place Grand Prize Total of $500

    • $900 Total prize pool
    • Top 3 Maps get $200 USD each
    • $300 bonus awarded to community’s favorite finalist ($500 total)
    • Inclusion to ForgeHub's Featured Maps library
    • Video feature on ForgeHub's YouTube channel

    Operations Board (TRELLO)

    With this contest, the ForgeHub Staff is attempting to make the judging process more transparent so people can see the entire process and comments made by the judges. On this Trello board, we will have all of the submissions, rules, and judging available for public viewing, allowing for a more transparent approach to how contests and map submissions are selected. By introducing this method, this will also give both the map creators and the community the ability to view things at face value. This way, everyone who submits a map will also be able to receive feedback on their creations, straight from the judges themselves.

    Link to the Operations Board - https://trello.com/b/8KinYwrc


    Q. What maps can I forge on?

    A. Your map can be forged on one of the blank canvases - Barrens, Depths, Tidal, Alpine, Glacier, Parallax, or Breakout Arena. It can also be forged on any of the Halo 5 disc maps (other than Torque), however they can ONLY be used as a blank canvas. You CANNOT use existing geometry on disc maps.

    Q. Are there age requirements?

    A. No. Anyone who submits a map will be eligible to claim a prize.

    Q. Can I co-forge with my friend(s)?

    A. Yes! We love seeing community collaboration, so co-forging is allowed. However, be aware that your map must have a primary author who will receive any contest winnings.

    Q. Is there a limit on creation date?

    A. Yes, this time around there is a limit on the creation date. Any maps submitted to ForgeHub or GrifballHUB before November 1st 2016, and courts which have been previously submitted or tested for Matchmaking consideration, will be disqualified. See the Ineligible Submission list on Trello.

    Q. How many maps may I submit?

    A. You may submit as many maps as you'd like, however you only will earn the $200 prize once.

    Q. Are remakes from (insert game here) allowed?

    A. Yes, but they will not be submitted for future Matchmaking consideration.

    Anyone found to be plagiarizing maps OR PRE-FABS from other forgers without their permission will be disqualified, and shall forever be shunned by the forge community (so don't do it).


    Entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM PST on January 19th, 2017. All submissions should be tailored to the current single-round Grifball game variant, as well as GrifballHUB’s multi-round variant. Judging will commence immediately after the submission deadline and winners will be announced as soon as judging is completed.

    After submissions have been collected, Nokyard will be assisting contestants by checking each map for technical issues and submitting feedback on the technical side. No new submissions will be allowed during this time. The “Round One” time will last one week, until January 26th, 2017. Once this date has passed, the map is locked in and no edits are allowed. Edits made after this time will result in disqualification.

    To submit your map, simply create/login to your account at www.ForgeHub.com, visit the "Maps" page and click on the "Add Map" icon. Eligible submissions must contain at least 5 images per map. A YouTube gameplay video, or walkthroughs are not required but are highly encouraged.

    After posting your map, post a link to it in the HAMMERFALL: Grifball Forge Contest Submissions Thread, found here.


    Eligible map submissions will be judged based on:

    Game-type Support
    • Does the map function for the game-type as necessary? Are all required objects and systems in place to successfully play a game?

    • Does the map meet current Grifball standards? (i.e. air-tight player containment, no high perches, perfectly smooth floor, etc.)
    • Does the map immerse the player, and make the player believe the map actually exists?
    • Does the map suffer from any negative visual or performance issues?
    Originality / Creativity
    • Is the map interesting and unique in both design and appearance?


    - Nitro
    - AlexVan123

    - Rage
    - Sonic
    - Allikat

    343 Industries
    - Ske7ch


    NOKYARD, one of ForgeHub’s Grifball Masters, is available to help you with your Grifball map. He’s created a Grifball Court Template/Prefab system on all of the current canvases to help you get started. If you need assistance, feel free to ask questions in that thread. NOKYARD will not be judging this contest and has made himself available to help builders finalize their creations. He not will assist with creative choices but will help to ensure your map meets the current specification in order to prevent your entry from being rejected due to technical reasons. NOKYARD will be live streaming forge sessions with builders to maintain transparency.

    *Also, NOKYARD has a copy of Burnie Burns’ original court mentioned in the first paragraph and will share it in the video presentation of the winners.


    You can join ForgeHub's Official Discord Server and chat about the contest in the #hammerfall channel. https://discord.me/forgehub
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nitro, Dec 6, 2016.

    1. Starship Forge
      Starship Forge
      Nevermind. I'm an idiot.
    2. AlexVan123
      No, any that were completed before November 1st are not permitted.
    3. ThisIsNotTheNSA
      I'm curious, what's up with Torque?
      NOKYARD likes this.
    4. NOKYARD
      The area where you can forge above the map is nauseating due to the spinning background.

      [edit] Go see for yourself.
      Last edited: Dec 7, 2016
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    5. Egggnog
      This sounds lit, I know what theme I'm using.
    6. HeX Reapers
      HeX Reapers
      This contest in a nutshell = Who can create the prettiest box.
    7. Unsorted Gaming
      Unsorted Gaming
      This sound like fun!
      WARHOLIC, AlexVan123 and NOKYARD like this.
    8. SaltyKoala
      If you have a map created before Nov 1st and haven't offically release it yet, just prefab it to a new canvas that has a later creation date. You're welcome ;)
    9. BodeyBode
      Also why you should only post your maps on Reddit and not forgehub.
      K a n t a l o p e and NOKYARD like this.
    10. Auburn
      I'm not very familiar with Grifball. In what ways can the design be changed without breaking the rules? Or is there just a set design standard that all GB maps have to follow?
      NOKYARD likes this.
    11. Egggnog
      Don't remake bloodsport. ;)

      I believe you can change whatever you want, no matter how drastic, but the more it's changed, the worse it's rated.
      Nitro and NOKYARD like this.
    12. NOKYARD
      Not necessarily true. It should fit the guidelines and be able to play the standard variant. Other than that you can go nuts.
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    13. UnknownEmerald
      When KOTH and Race are coming tomorrow and you announce a Griffball contest lol
    14. Orzium
      NOKYARD likes this.
    15. NOKYARD
      I thought someone would bring this up.

      There is a good reason for this. Due to issues which have hampered contests in the past the ForgeHub admins have wanted to host contests in a more open and transparent manner. They decided to use Grifball as a test bed to iron out the bugs in this new approach to hosting contests since Grifball Courts have a very well established set of parameters (including the path to Matchmaking) which enables them to gather relevant data to assess the viability of this new contest protocol.

      Every step of this contest will be transparent from the Trello Board where the judges post notes on each entry, to the live streaming of each test/selection session and forge session with builders. All aspects of this contest will be available for public viewing.
    16. Ryouji Gunblade
      Ryouji Gunblade


      Good thing I'm almost ready with my next one.
      Nitro likes this.
    17. Nitro
      Whoever made Bloodsport needs to stop forging now!
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    18. Zandril
      $500 for who can make the best box
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    19. AlexVan123
      That's part of the fun!
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