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    Hello ForgeHubers,

    I've been getting excited about what kind of game Halo: Infinite might turn out to be. So I have been doing some reflecting on what things I really loved about previous Halo games. I ended up finding that one of the key things that kept me coming back to previous Halo games was Big Team Battle.

    However for me, that draw to put Halo back in the good old Xbox wasn't as strong with the past two games. I found myself coming back for the competitive side and forge but not BTB. Which led me to start asking myself why that might be and I ended up coming to some conclusions I thought might be worth sharing.

    So, I'm planning on doing a five part series on the topic. I've done two so far and I'd sure appreciate it if you took the time to watch it and discuss how you feel about it.

    Episode 1: An Introduction

    Episode 2: Experiences
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    I liked your halo 1 sentiment, the feels
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