Halo World Championship Tour is coming to X Games

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    ESPN X Games and Xbox will team up to bring 'Halo 5: Guardians' to X Games Aspen 2016 from January 28-31, as part of the Halo World Championship Tour, and for the first time-ever, segments and highlights of the esports competition will be integrated into the X Games Aspen telecasts on ESPN. Eight of the top teams from around the world -- six from North America and two international teams -- will compete in group play that will culminate in a single-elimination bracket-style tournament onsite at X Games Aspen for medals and $30,000 in prize money. Competing teams will be participating in the Halo World Championship, however, the Halo World Championship Tour: X Games Aspen Invitational will not contribute points or change placements for the regional finals.

    The three-day competition will take place onsite in The Gaming Shack located in the X Games Aspen festival villages. The event will also be streamed live on WatchESPN, Twitch.tv/Halo and mlg.tv/halo.

    "We are thrilled to team with Xbox to feature the top gamers at X Games Aspen," said Tim Reed, vice president, X Games. "Gaming plays a big role in the youth culture and the Halo World Championship Tour: X Games Aspen Invitational nicely complements the world-class action sports competition and musical elements at the X Games."

    "We are committed to the long-term growth of Halo esports through world-class events and the expansion of viewership around the globe," said Bonnie Ross, Microsoft CVP and head of 343 Industries. "There is no one better than X Games and ESPN to team up with for the Halo World Championship Tour, and we're excited to see the best teams compete for gold this January at the X Games Aspen Invitational."

    More details on tickets and full music and competition schedules are available at XGames.com/tickets. As always, general admission to the action sports competitions and festival villages is free to the public.

    source: xgames
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by WAR, Jan 14, 2016.

    1. xxBRYTExx
      I Just lost respect for the X-games. please tell me this is a joke. I mean I love Halo but to call it an xtreme sport is just silly. How about adding wingsuit races. or something that you can actually hurt yourself doing.

      Extreme sports (also called action sports and adventurous sports) is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear.

      Only way im getting on board with this is if they set up a parkour paintball course and call it real life halo.
    2. Jesus in Malibu
      Jesus in Malibu
      As Bryte already said, how the hell does video gaming even compare in any way to physical sports?

      Is this an extreme thumb movement competition? o_O
    3. WAR
      Would be fun to have a Halo themed paintball park with physical recreations of maps from the franchise like Timerberlands or The Pit. I would totally play;)
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    4. xxBRYTExx
      Wait I just remembered I did injure myself playing video games once. UFC Undisputed you had to rotate the thumb stick at an insane speed for grappling/submission moves. got a big blister on the palm of my hand; which I then proceeded to say "screw you blister" and continued to rotate the thumb stick (decimating the blister).
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    5. Erk
      Carpal tunnel is srs bzns...
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    6. Doju
      Whos calling it an extreme sport?
    7. xxBRYTExx
      This is proof that todays youth are wuss's. Remember parents; even though the government says its wrong to discipline your kids, if you dont they will believe Halo is an extreme sport and probably be disrespectful to a cop and get shot.
    8. Doju
    9. xxBRYTExx
      Its all connected.

      1) U.S. Government basically made it illegal to discipline your own kids
      2) The declawed parents become soft
      3)The kids no longer learn respect for authority because well they have never been subject to authority.
      4) Kids now always get their way so they do not learn how to deal with not getting what they want so they become whinny little snots.
      5) Kid is then disrespectful to authority figure later in life resulting in injury or death.

      Welcome to America.
    10. Doju
      No idea what you are banging on about.

      Back on topic please.
    11. xxBRYTExx
      Agreed. So does anyone know what time they will they will be showing the halo championship on those days?
    12. Doju
      The usual times on twitch, will kick off early morning and last all day.
    13. Preacher001
      From a marketing perspective it works really well for Xbox and fits the ideal image of what they want for e-sports. I can't imagine it will have the impact on X-games that Xbox talked up to help get them in there. I'm thinking if it works out really well for Xbox, the X-games team will grow to hate this little opening they created, allowing them to be harassed by the swarms of big time e-sports championships out there.
    14. Doju
      The big esports wont go near this because they dont need to.

      This is more set up by MLG, they ran CS and COD events their previously. Like those games, this wont lead to much.
    15. Preacher001
      Well if CS and COD didn't stir something, it's unlikely that Halo will.
    16. Merder Smerf
      Merder Smerf
      Agreed. Halo isn't a spectator sport. you have to play and at least be interested in competitive playing even tell what's happening. And I still don't think they've figured out how to televise it- switching around between players at random- or how to commentate on it. Let's face it pro gamers are doing the best they can on the mic but they're gamers not play callers and they tend to just talk really fast and it sounds like they are trying too hard to sound like announcers instead of just announcing, at least imo.

      On the other hand it would be really interesting to see what would happen if someone like ESPN got involved and put their own people on it. You can make anything watchable but every time I hear about gaming on tv I just remember when they tried to make televised paintball a thing and if you have no idea what I'm talking about that's a pretty good indicator of how that turned out.
    17. Doju
      I think you misinterpreted what I said, I didn't say halo/any esport wasn't a spectator sport.

      Not sure what you mean by pro players announcing either
    18. Doju
      I think the novelty of "omg esports in tv " is long gone, esports are past that now, especially in a side show like this
    19. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Game Type Update: Breakout
      As we approach the final stages of the Halo World Championship, we've been amazed by the performances of the top teams and squads from around the world. Veteran players have proved they've got what it takes to dominate in the next chapter of Halo multiplayer, up-and-coming players have broken into the top seeds, and a final batch of North American roster changes have left us with no idea what may happen next.

      Since well before the launch of Halo 5, we've been working with players across the community on game feedback, and input from our top performers is more important now more than ever. In December, we had reached out to a group of professional players for feedback on the option of swapping Arena Breakout for Breakout in the game type lineup, however this option was not universally agreed upon amongst all players, and the decision was made to not make any changes to the game type lineup at the time.

      Through community conversations and recent feedback from competitors, we've heard that the majority of our esports community would prefer that Breakout not be included in the remaining stages of the Halo World Championship, and we feel it's most important to create an experience that our players love playing, our fans love watching, and that will provide the greatest platform for the future of Halo esports. Due to this feedback from players and fans, Breakout will no longer be a featured game type in Halo World Championship competitions moving forward.

      For teams competing at X Games, which does not impact Halo World Championship standings in any way, we need to be respectful of the recent practice time put into the game type as well as how soon the tournament is, and as such we will be working with team captains before making a final decision on the inclusion at this weekend's X Games event.

      We can't wait to see top teams duke it out this weekend and throughout February and March as we come to the conclusion of the Halo World Championship.

      As always, thanks for your feedback, support, and love of the game.

      343 Industries

      Source: Halo Waypoint

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