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    Microsoft is partnering with Saber Interactive and Innova Systems to develop a Halo Online for the PC, but right now, it's a closed beta only available to Russian players. There's no campaign mode in Halo Online, which uses a "heavily modified" version of the Halo 3 engine so it'll run on lower-end PCs.


    Here's the setting, for those interested in the possible lore impact:

    Halo Online is set on a secret UNSC space installation called Anvil, where Spartan-IV soldiers train together in war exercises to sharpen their battle skills and test experimental technology.

    Official Halo Online Interactive Site. Viewed best in Chrome with Translation turned on:


    As part of a Q&A, the company answered what are probably some of your first questions:

    Could this come to America, Europe, and elsewhere?

    Right now our focus is on learning as much as we can from the closed beta period in Russia. Theoretically, any expansion outside of Russia would have to go through region-specific changes to address player expectations.


    Will it ever be playable on an Xbox One?

    Halo Online was built from the ground up specifically for the PC. There are no plans to bring Halo Online to the Xbox One.


    Is this supposed to represent the future of Halo on the PC?

    Halo Online is a learning opportunity for us as we explore ways to welcome new fans to the "Halo" universe. We're excited to release a "Halo" multiplayer-only PC experience tailored for Russian gamers.


    When might Halo Online actually be finished?

    Halo Online is a learning opportunity for us as we explore ways to welcome new fans to the "Halo" universe. There is no definitive launch date at this time as we proceed in our closed beta period in Russia.



    This is purely speculation but perhaps the game's regional exclusivity is a controlled experiment to examine the monetization system of the game. If Halo Online meets their return on investment projections via the micro transaction system then could potentially see a global release for this game. Essentially there are two beta trials occurring right now. One to make sure the game functions and is in a playable state. Second to monitor how profitable the game will be using a free-to-play model. If the game doesn't meet their profit expectations we could see Halo Online having a subscription fee or a possible one time retail cost.


    A Halo PC game would lend itself to community modding more easily as hardware restrictions would be penetrable again. What would that mean for us? Possibly stripping up campaign assets and creating custom levels, game types and more. We shall see...


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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by WARHOLIC, Mar 25, 2015.

    1. iParanormal
      Going to be interesting to see although because they said "economy" its prob gonna be just some halo-themed mmo-type micro-transaction farm.. we're a week shy of april fools or else this would raise a red flag for me
    2. ald_
      Based off the concept art and the leaked pic, this looks very interesting. Really hope it makes its way to the rest of the world
    3. Blaze
      I would absolutely love to see this come to America. I can imagine a load of maps being ported in a reskinned from other halo games and maybe even a 3d editing program allowing us to make our own. I'd probably become a PC master race fan boy if this became a relevant counterpart to the main series.
    4. GT is: De Behr
      GT is: De Behr
      I can only hope this is just a premature april fools joke... Instead of fixing the MCC they use much needed resources to develop a third title parallel to Spartan strike and H5. dafuq is wrong with 343i anyway? its almost 5 month after the release of the game and nothing works the way it should or the way they promised it on E3. No dedicated servers. No Ranks. No working Customs. An awful lagging Forge. I kinda want to punch Frank O'Conor in the stomach for all the empty and shallow promises he and his Company made. they are either incapable of keeping up with their ambitions or just don't care about the community. either way their ignorance and incompetence made them lose another diehard halofan. they wont see another penny from me ever again. Well done 343, well done.
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    5. Jesus in Malibu
      Jesus in Malibu
      This game is the epitome of farm fresh, unpasteurized, corporate milk. I'd honestly be better off by sucking off the Halo cash cow directly from it's teat. Thanks for fixing MCC, 343!:tedium:
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      Sprint and Promethean Vision for this game?

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    8. Jesus in Malibu
      Jesus in Malibu
      A desert themed Avalanche and they remade Turf. Makes me wonder if that version of Turf is leftover from an attempt in Halo 3 or H2A. Just seems too high quality of a map in that picture to be in a F2P game.
    9. iParanormal
      "So halo 3 is finally coming to pc! ... oh and btw we're throwing halo 4 stuff in there too... oh and only russia gets it"

      lol... im gonna go cry now
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    10. Jesus in Malibu
      Jesus in Malibu
      Sprinting on Guardian... LMAO
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    11. iParanormal
      For the record :343: isnt developing this... saber interactive is.. the same people who helped with MCC and the same people who originally did Halo CE anniversary... Microsoft is so big that its hard to understand how they allocate their money and resources its obvious though that they're not holding halo as tightly as they have in the past and allowing these 3rd party affiliations to use not only halo resources but also build onto the lore of the halo universe.

      I think the :343: hate is well put for their lack of finalizing MCC but it gets to the point where its ignorant to point the finger at them when they're not developing this project

      edit: and this info came from halo waypoint and saberinteractives site and the wiki on microsoft and saber interactive... saber interactive isnt a listed subsidiary so they're likely doing their own thing with their own funding.. which might by why its cheaper to run in russia
    12. WarlordWossman
      Just imagine if we get a full level editor (like Quake Live) and mod support for this game...
      We could play our own settings on our own maps (and ofc on some classic maps). This would be really cool. Let's just hope that if this comes they don't force us to play on dumb settings (sprint, ADS, ect.)!
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    13. Furry x Furry
      Furry x Furry
      This is basically the Halo game I've been waiting for... So long as the loadouts aren't too obtrusive. I think competitive Halo could really benefit from this too.
    14. WARHOLIC
      I'm concerned about the un-even player starts as each player will have different settings for their weapons and possible abilities. This means that you can't predict how to engage your opponent at critical moments. When you are both at low shields, challenging them will be like playing Russian roulette. Now I know why this game is made for Russians only...

      That said its extremely exciting to see this game unfold because of the potential it carries. I've always imagined a Halo game for the PC and am looking forward to its incubation period in Russia. The regional exclusivity is good, the game is being tested before mass release.
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    15. Furry x Furry
      Furry x Furry
      Even if that's true, there might be a range that is acceptable for the game. I'll have to play it for myself before I can really pass judgement. I'm hesitant because of the micro-transactions, but the game was made for markets that are content with current micro-transaction trends. If a regional version is developed, I think this would be discussed.

      Also, if people are allowed to host dedicated servers, community-run competitive brackets like ESEA, might get rid of that problem. Doubtful that that is the case, but hopeful. :/
    16. Doju
      Boggles my mind that a game which has the basic core Halo mechanics, still tries to shove in the stuff they know is hated. Even project contingency suffers from this.
    17. ♫ Yeti
      ♫ Yeti
      Looks like I'm moving to Russia!
    18. WARHOLIC
      Project Contingency has sprint? I don't think they have any MP videos yet.
    19. RoboArtist
      The capability is ENDLESS on pc. Not to be a master-race douche, but I'm excited for this. Currently using the 360, so I'll be happy to play halo with some friends again!

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