Halo:Dusk Injunction, a collaborative effort between forgers & voice actors to bring a MP experience

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    Wanted to show my appreciation to the many forgers and voice actors who helped to create Halo: Dusk Injunction and share some screenshots with you guys!

    A shoutout to all the forgers who worked on the project!!: @Mostly Verah, @RBG Persian, @Wonderbread628, @HellJumper 357, @BIGGteddybear, @ImDahUnicorn , @FlamminGrunt , @Cursed Skeleton , @Shooty Person , @Red Link Walrus, @IKYLEIZBEASTLY, @Jed374, @I Crush All, @Andromeda 51AD, and @RonanJuve

    And a shoutout to all my voice actors!!: @Shooty Person , @IKYLEIZBEASTLY, @CChevy 53, and @PrinceSparklezz

    The goal was to create maps based on the planet of Reach along with cut-scenes to weave an epic story to be played in Halo 5: Guardians custom games

    Halo: Dusk Injunction is currently available to play on Halo 5 custom games! Please let us know what you guys think of the maps and cut-scenes, we spent months to curate this for the community [​IMG]:)

    Link to cut-scenes

    Link to Maps

    My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-09-14 23-40-36.png My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-09-14 21-56-21.png My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-09-15 09-39-40.png My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-09-23 07-32-58.png My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-09-15 10-14-56.png My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-09-19 17-33-55.png
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    Is there any particular order these should be played in, or is each map a standalone experience?

    I really enjoy Forging, so I'm definitely going to check these out later tonight (if I'm not playing Overwatch), and i'll leave feedback.
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    Thanks man, and yeah if you press on the video playlist on the YT channel it will give you the order of cutscenes which share the same names of the maps. But here is a list for you as well. I would love to hear your feedback, thanks so much Alec

    1. Ember Actual
    2. Defiance
    3. Machines of Dissent
    4. Lich
    5. Rebels of Alfold
    6. Barrage at Early Noon
    7. Eridanis' Talon
    8. Lábatlan
    9. The Injunction
    10. Ghosts of Reach
    11. Naval Intelligence
    12. Magistrate
    13. Firebase Enigma
    14. Adjudicator
    15. Machines and Might
    16. Inquisitive Malice
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