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    This thread will be for anything and everything Halo 6. I looked around various forums and couldn't find anything easily so I figured I'd make a thread here.

    Please try and provide solutions to the problems you bring up here, there's already plenty of empty rants available to skim through.

    I'll start:
    Priority Pick-Up
    Too many times have I tried to grab a flag, only to pick up an assault rifle instead. By giving the reticle control over what you pick up, as well as giving certain items priority over other when not using the reticle, this problem will melt away...
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    -Terrain sculpting

    -Adjustable water height

    -Pitch black canvas with no lighting. Like a void
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    I said it long ago. SEATS. So it's basically a vehicle that dosnt move. Like the back of a mongoose. It's an invisible vehicle that acts as a seat that you can weld to any object to add more seats. Mostly used for making your own vehicle. I don't use these kind of mechanics but imagine using this mechanic to add seats to a pelican or something. I feel like people would really love these kind of things and it would be a fantastic inclusion. Imagine being able to just sit in a seat attached to a scorpion or something just like halo CE. It would be awesome.
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    a decent, not broken game...
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    - Not be ****ing trash.
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    I think they have a general sense of that already.... why don't you pick your most hated element rather than something vague like that?
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    It's sad that this even needs to be said about an FPS, but... Smooth, consistent aiming.

    Regardless of how good the rest of a game may be, I can't handle playing any FPS that has mediocre aiming. If Halo 1 or Halo 2 had the aiming of Halo 5, I would never have had any interest in Halo. I played Halo 4 more than either Halo 5 or Halo 3 solely because of the aiming.
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    I want to see some really innovative moments in the campaign (gameplay-wise) that stick with you long after playing the game, like
    - Long Night of Solace space dogfight
    - The Maw/Halo warthog run
    - Gondolas on Regret (underwater elevators too?)
    - 2 Scarab fight on The Covenant
    - ODST Drop from Delta Halo and, well, ODST
    - "The cable. I'm going to cut it."
    - Being inside a covenant ship or something (Truth & Reconciliation, Keyes, and Gravemind)
    - Scary af tunnels on Sacred Icon
    - A Kraken that we actually fight maybe?
    - Being inside a guardian
    - Not just walking around for 3 "missions"
    - Bringing the flood back


    Can we just finish the ****ing fight


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    I agree with Chunk. I want my aim back 343.

    343! They're thieves! They're thieves! They're filthy little thieves! Where is it? Where is it? They stole it from us, our precious aiming. Curse them! We hates them! It's ours it is, and we wants it! We wants it, we needs it. Must have good aiming. They stole it from us. Sneaky little 343. Wicked, tricksy, false!
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    I'm just here for the free schnitzel. So glad the new staff is big into handing out samples.

    No wait that's entirely wrong and I got confused.

    ABSOLUTELY MUST have Action Targeting for the Spawn action... Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying.
    • Spawns gotta get better. If I wanted a game to get camped in, I'd buy "Boring Park Simulator".
    • Getting the scripted movement & rotation mess cleaned up and forgotten... Might want to start over with the physics... use a time-tested one and add onto it with solid programming practices
    • Team Change script action would be tremendously helpful
    • Obvious game mode settings like giving teams different traits
    • The AI thing, along with pathing for them, and Dungeon Master Mode would be a huge hit. Just giant.
    • Menus not made by someone's 10 year-old kid. No wait. Menus made by someone's 10 year-old kid.
    • More types of Wernicke Wreckers
    • A full alphabet of decals... no... just give us text already.
    • Extend the use of number variables so they can be used wherever we have numbers. Power.
    • And, of course, we need emblems that can be abused to much greater lengths. Look what my efforts are reduced to this go around:
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    Smaller objects. You can't build much with those giant cables, pipes, and cylinders.
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    - More focus on Chief
    - You can keep the side characters of Blue Team and Osiris but don't let them be the main focus. There were too many characters in Halo 5 that were not flushed out well enough so instead they can be involved in the story but just not the main focus. This leads to my next wish:
    - No more squad based campaign
    - It was a good idea on paper, but the only problem that I previously mentioned was the fact that the characters used were just that: they were used purely for the squad based mechanic. This resulted in poor character quality and a lack of any emotional connection between character and player. This made playing as or with them rather pointless and not meaningful. They can still be in the game, but maybe doing their own thing while the Chief handles his own conflicts.
    - Fix the damage dealt in Halo 5
    - This would be almost impossible to do in Halo 6 since the damage has been dealt and affected many. I wouldn't even be 100% sure how to fix it. I'd just say listen to the fans and try to appeal to everyone's needs evenly. You can't please everyone so do the best you can.

    - Social and Competitive playlists right off the bat
    - The launch of Halo 5 was very lacking. It only took a week for myself and many others to get bored of the game and its lack of playlists in matchmaking. What we have now is what we should have gotten on day one. (Maybe not Action Sack since they'd need to wait for the community to create things but they could make their own games as well)
    - Better Ranking System
    - The ranking system was kind of flawed in Halo 5 only taking into account wins/losses which, in some cases, is a good thing, but when games are unevenly matched due to skill or player count, it doesn't matter (as far as I know). They need to be improved and balanced in some way to take into account everything but encourage teamwork.
    - Spartan Abilities need to be toned down
    - This is an opinion, but a very popular one. Spartan abilities are not going to go anywhere sadly. But if the devs could dumb it down and make it simpler, that would help. For example:
    - Take out Spartan Charge as it proved to be rather annoying to deal with and cheap to use.
    - Sprint, ads, and thruster I believe are not going anywhere and honestly, I personally did not have a problem with either of these. I know many people do so my only suggestion is limit the "smart scope" function to precision based weapons. Why tf do I need to ads with a needler? Unless you can add a scope on to it, (which could include sights on automatic weapons in warzone) it doesn't need one. I thought sprint and thruster was handled fairly well in Halo 5 and idk how it could be fixed if it does need to be fixed.
    - Clamber, hover, and ground pound can stay in the game but there needs to be gamemodes that restrict players from using it. Many people disliked these abilities but others found uses for them in custom games and others simply have no problem with them. By doing this, you can appeal to both audiences.
    - Please do not add any new abilities. And if they do, make them as simple and non-intrusive as possible.
    - Add more on launch
    - Give people a reason to try out the new Halo besides the campaign. In Halo 5, we had breakout and its first iteration was fairly fun and refreshing to Halo. Continue to do that with new gametypes for the community to experience.

    Custom Games/Forge
    - Two words: Day. One.
    - Please don't make us wait again. pls
    - All gametypes we know and love day one
    - Let us actually forge games with working gametypes day one and not just slayer maps.
    - In addition, I realize the generic "Mini game" gametype was added and allowed players to make their own gametypes like oddball, koth, race, etc. But for many, it was hard having to figure out how to even begin to script them. The "mini game" mode can stay but for those who don't want to have to play around with scripts or search up prefabs for their gamemodes, have dedicated gametypes and objects for those gametypes for forgers to use when making maps.
    - PC got a tutorial...why not console players?
    - Many people were initially turned off by forge by its new and rather complicated forge controls. By now, many have gotten used to it, but everyone initially had to take hours, or even days to get used to the new controls. For new incoming players who want to take a dip into what forge has to offer, offer them a tutorial to learn not only controls, but how scripting works, how weather and wind work, and etc.
    - Better and easier scripting interface with more diverse scripts
    - They definitely improved this as time went on, but I always complained about having to look at individual scripts throughout my entire map and trying to piece it all together by memory. This could be fixed by adding a dedicated interface for all scripts. (If I was good at photoshop or creating images I'd make one showing this but I can't) How it could work is there would be an interface that shows a list every single object on your map with a script. You could even name each object and their individual scripts something different for easier identification. When you hover over each object in the list, it highlights that block on your map to show which object is applies to. Then you can select that block and the familiar script interface we have now would drop down from that object. Of course this could be fine tuned and improved since my explanation is rather lacking, but that's the general idea.
    - For more diverse scripts, here are just a few ideas I have:
    When weapon is shot, do something. (Can only be applied to weapons)
    Intervals: 1-entire mag (Meaning after a designated number of times the weapon is shot, desired action will occur.)
    When weapon kills player, do something. (Can only be applied to weapons)
    Intervals: 1-... (Meaning after a designated number of times a player is killed with weapon, desired action will occur.)
    - Keep it coming
    - 343 did great with forge and its constant support of forge through monthly updates. Keep it up with Halo 6 with even more upgrades, objects, etc.

    - Better UI
    - This was improved slightly with the after game showcase with the medals and stuff, but everything about Halo 5 in terms of UI felt lackluster and if you saw images of what the menu looked like in early stages, it looked so much better. Just improve the accessibility and look of the menus.
    - True Free Monthly DLC
    - The free monthly dlc was highly appreciated throughout Halo 5, but it wasn't true dlc. It was basically 343 finsihing what the game was supposed to be when it was already released. DLC should provide new content, not content we were expecting to get day one. Examples like the classic gamemodes of infection, grifball, and btb. 343 needs to add to the game, not finish it when it has already been released. Not to say they didn't add to the game, they did, just not in total.
    - Better implementation of micro-transactions
    - It's inevitable that 343 will bring back MTs, they were such a success and money maker for them in Halo 5. But 343 needs to implement them better into the game so everything isn't based off a random number generator. It should be purely cosmetics. But the best and rarest cosmetics need to be unlockables through certain tasks like completing the game on legendary laso or making it to champion rank in an arena playlist (if the ranks are not changed) and such.
    - Better Cosmetics
    - Halo 5 demonstrated when too much of something can be bad. Tone done the quantity of armor and improve the quality. Look to Reach of how to do armor right. Every piece was recognizable. 343 needs to take a note from Bungie on this.

    I could say a lot more...but I think that's enough. I probably wasted my time writing this though since 343 won't see it, but glad to get my thoughts out.
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    A single utility weapon with maybe a couple unique niche rifles.

    A scale back of advanced movement mechanics. (Please kill Spartan charge)

    Vehicles balanced for BTB, not warzone. Nerf the banshee, make it harder to kill a hog gunner.

    Remove ads and crouch buffs for automatics.

    Make a campaign that doesn't suck.

    No more sister maps. They are boring to play on and in most cases one just sucks.

    Dev BTB maps.

    A dozen unique maps. A dozen playlists. Several gametypes. None of those include warzone but if you want to add warzone on top of that whatever (personally id prefer firefight). Ranks. Forge. Customs browser. all at launch.

    Better UI. You have yet to match the standard of reach.

    More interesting progession system. Not just a rising number. Check out past halo games.

    Armor unlocks and organization more like reach. Let me choose the goal I'm working towards rather than random unlocks. Organize everything by category. All the scout armor should appear together when sorted and I can flip through different variations if I choose to.

    Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges like reach.

    Bonus weekends/days/playlists for experience and req/credits.

    Find a way to balance competitive halo so that radar is not required.

    Have waypoints/counters/announcements for weapon spawns disappear one the weapon is actually on the field.

    Make 4v4 less standoffish by balancing the sandbox for more frequent power weapons and power ups. Most competitive maps should feature multiple power weapons and at least one power up.

    I'll probably add more later...

    EDIT 1: I should be able to talk to my own damn fireteam in lobby without being in a party. Game chat is dead thanks to this.
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    That was my initial plan. Try and get our community active enough to narrow down some key lacking aspects with as little of "343 is trash everyone in the world should die for being dumb".

    Who'd want to read a fan compiled thread like that? And whilst we're on the subject: perfect presentation of your ideas.
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    Alright I will focus on the forge side of things. I will save my giant list of objects and textures id like to see for a different list, this is for concepts, ideas, fixes, and improvements. I will stay away from extremely obvious additions like AI, more object count, and better rendering. Later I will do an object list, and maybe gamemode features list.

    This is a wishlist, dont think im just asking for all this and expecting it.

    Forge improvements, Concepts

    1. Forge needs an in depth step by step tutorial in-game

    This needs to explain what every script, function, and controls do going forward, most of us may not benefit from this but come Halo 6 may be far more advanced, and with various levels to a tutorial it would even help us out given some scripts can be confusing.

    2. Scripts in general need to be cleaned up and simplified without losing functionality.

    One of the biggest things I would say is the fluidity and reliability of movement scripts ESPECIALLY welded scripts, this is a huge holdup as it prevents some extraordinary contraptions and concepts from being created.

    Have an explanation for scripts right in forge next to them too, in addition a user friendly way to apply scripts to specific players, teams, and specific players would help everyone, applying labels to players currently is extremely hard to understand for most average & long time forgers. The descriptions forge has now for scripts are far, far too vague.

    3. Custom rotation snaps and various movement tools

    Ever try to snap X amount of objects perfectly around a circle? Its pretty tedious, you have to divide by 360 and snap each object around it being able to set custom rotation snaps would greatly help for advanced users.

    4.Groups and large clusters of objects need to not move when selected, created or duplicated

    It is really all in the title, if you duplicate an object, select a lot of objects they shift positions and this is very frustrating for large builds, as it is no longer neat and pieces have shifted out of place. Ask Grifball master Nokyard, you cant even group 4 floor pieces because it will become uneven.

    5. Toggle able in Forge world grid

    Fairly self explanatory, it is very helpful for advanced forgers.

    6. Primitive merging

    This sounds like a rather advanced thing to implement but imagine if you could morph several primitives you have touching each other, into a perfectly smooth all in one piece, something to eliminate all the gaps that occur from using building blocks would be really nice to see since you can not merge without z fighting.

    7. Ability to edit kill boundaries for water

    Water is punishing as hell in forge, it would be nice if we could edit how far down people can go, this would also make for some bad ass maps where you can go deep underwater.

    8. Advanced sky boxes, advanced lighting & super blank canvas.

    Imagine 1 or 2 super blank canvases in addition to the standard ones but these ones are special, they start out completely white, nothing at all and from the start you have TONS of map options.

    This canvas would be extraordinarily large (2-4x larger than default forge maps) and have no distant skybox elements whatsoever as it would be up to you to create that yourself.

    - You can edit where the light source is coming from, the distance it travels, and what it looks like. You can edit the color of the light with a hue slider or a selection of natural light options as well

    - You can select a base terrain preset for the map in addition with a skybox this includes plain ole colors and gradients, imagine being able to edit the gradient of a night sky with stars

    -Terrain presets would include various shades of water, what terrain you would want the floor to be made of, this would also include plain textures as well.

    9.The ability to combine filters and create your own!

    In older Halo Forge you could combine tons of filters to get strange new options, imagine the ability to not only combine these weird filters but also having the ability to create your own with a custom filter orb. Also because the out of Truth glitch won't work in Halo 6 I would love to see a filter for it.

    10. Adjust the radius and volume of sound items

    Being able to do this would be really useful for making sounds stand out more on your maps.

    11. Return of easy to use trait zones.

    Trait zones make it so much easier on forgers to create appropriate gameplay elements for sections, we can test it all in game and its so much easier to use.

    12. More ways to activate scripts

    -On weapon pickup

    -On weapon switch

    -When crouched

    -When X amount of players remain

    -When thrown

    -On vehicle entry

    In general just having tons of ways to activate scripts would be amazing.

    13.Weapon welding


    14.Glitched weapons return as a feature & weapon pad scripting

    Whether this just stay the same or turn into a fully featured idea it would be nice to see, it would be especially nice if we could remove a glitched weapon from a weapon pad and place it so that way it wont have the weapon pad logo on it.

    Imagine it as a feature though, the ability to edit what projectile exits a weapon, the zoom distance, it sure would be cool to see.

    15. The Anti Block

    This is a concept my friend has and I thought it was an amazing idea, you could have a block or boundary you can place that does not render anything within it, this would revolutionize forge on a whole new level you could group this to the side of a block to create a window hole the perfect size, you could weld this to a mongoose and drive some Frankenstein mobile with half of itself gone, this would be so amazing to see.

    16. the ability to have objects welded to vehicles take damage

    Wouldn't it be cool if your custom pelican could actually take damage, it would be nice if there was a simple toggle in game that would merge the vehicle health with the blocks so your custom WW2 tank would actually function as a balanced vehicle.

    17. Advanced file share

    Imagine how nice it would be if we could categorize the maps we make into folders, or bundle a game type with a map. This would be similar to Halo 3 but evolved, you would have your private section, and a section where you put all the files you want people to see. No more private map mess, no more of the file browser getting filled with junk, no confusion.

    -Have an ability to create a pack with folders for prefabs to organize your horrible trolling equipment for forging with friends or whatever you want, just something so we no longer have to scroll through 100+ prefabs.

    -Have the ability to favorite users

    -Package multiple gamemodes with one map

    18.No more selecting from a list what you want to name your boundary or way-point marker

    This is the most powerful forge, let people say what they please, give them the creative freedom to actually name their boundary or radar location whatever the hell they want. If you absolutely have to, use the profanity filter, but please only censor really, really harsh words, not hell, not your PG-13 words.

    19.Weld objects to a player & Edit player size

    This sounds crazy but think about how cool it would be, you could weld a monster to an invisible player and then bam you have a monster game but instead of a not so scary spartan, you have a creature. This of course would not obstruct players and can clip through objects (if you want anyways). Editing a players size would mark the return of games like roid rage and tiny spartans.

    20.Custom primitive sizes (potentially scaling for other items?)

    Need .5x.5 block? plug the value in.

    Need a 900x900? Just enter it.

    This would also fix the issue where we do not have enough small blocks.

    21. Edit vehicle speed

    Nascar in Halo? Do I need to say more?


    Where is the custom games creators best friend at? This hurt real bad not having this for Halo 5.

    23.Advanced rendering options

    -Ability to edit resolution of textures

    -Ability to choose how far objects despawn

    Everything would have its default value, but if performance starts dipping you could force objects to look like a potato or despawn from a certain distance or even use scripts to not render,(not despawn) an object.

    Alternatively you could use this to make sure your beloved skybox elements or lights do not despawn from a distance.

    23. Invisible objects should have their own budget.

    Make it absurdly high to prevent breaking the game, but in general they should not count as a general object since they do not render.

    24. Ability to turn off intro music or select your own

    Not much to say about this one.

    25. In forge gamemode settings

    remember the good ole days when you would go into forge and have bottomless clip and 300% movement speed?

    Imagine being able to do that again but you could edit those in game. Great for in forge testing.

    26. The ability to spawn a dummy player to test multi-player scripts.

    Hey man not all of us have friends

    27. Block textures for chromas or simply blocks with no player collision

    This would be cool as hell to have

    28. Scale able textures

    I spent a long time on this, if I have more I will be sure to post.
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    I already posted 90% of my Forge wishlist between these two posts:



    To those, I would add:

    -Ability to change the weight of objects (mostly for vehicle welding, so we can weld complex vehicles that don't handle strangely (or altogether glitch out)
    -A more unified scripting UI, where any scripts we add to an object are also compiled in a list of all scripts, so we don't have to track it all in our heads
    -Ability to use a variable anywhere we can script a number (for example, if we have a timer, let us use a variable for the repeat and/ or delay)
    -object transparency (ie allow us to make an object transparent to some user-defined degree)
    -utility over "coolness"; I'd rather be given tools, features, and objects that allow me to create cool things than be given a single, limited-use "cool thing," especially when it pertains to stuff thrown in for laughs. I'd rather have a new feature, tool, or building block/aesthetic object that was a wide range of usefulness, than a giant Bessie the Cow toy.
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    I've been thinking about optimization of map performance, like being able to render out a single, optimized mesh from a group, & remove the unseen vertices. The problem that leads to is much larger file sizes (since any custom meshes need to be embedded in the map). However, I thought of something.

    Maybe have two basic file types, a Forge file (with no embedded meshes) that works like it does now (with small filesizes), and an exported map file. Perhaps even make it so either file will load in customs, but the exported file would perform better (and allow either or both to be uploaded to the fileshare). It would be like comparing a Premiere Pro project file with an exported video file.

    We'd be able to Forge traditionally, but ideally with the ability to scale & tunnel (my tunnel volume, or ExtraSpicyMeme's anti block). We could also open up an object in an advanced tool for more in-depth customization, like moving, adding, and deleting vertices, boolean operations (basically, you could take a group or multi selection and join them into a single, optimized object).

    Neither of these would be permanent, however. Even on the advanced tool, there would be some kind of revert option to go back to the original object (s). In other words, while its still a Forge file, nothing is "rasterized" into a full mesh or embedded, until you chose to export (even the advanced tool would only save the steps needed to get the new mesh, not the actual mesh, if that makes sense).

    On export, Forge would render out & embed all such custom meshes (possibly even objects altered through scaling & tunneling). In addition, perhaps there could be more than one export option. The first option would only render & embed any objects that the player altered (either through scaling & tunneling, or the advanced tool). The second option would do the same, plus an extra cleanup tool that would analyze the map, and remove unseen vertices (while that may seem like a good thing to do by default, it would be very bad in certain situations, like if the Forger wanted a phased object to slide out of another, since in that case removing unseen vertices would break it).

    One thing to note is thar exporting should not rasterize or embed any Forge objects that are unchanged; only those objects scaled/tunneled or edited in the advanced tool should be embedded.

    A few other optimization ideas:
    -Ability for the Forger to change the resolution and/or framerate up or down (with tradeoffs of performance vs visuals)
    -ability to set individual objects to low or high resolution, or auto (auto being how it is now, with the game dynamically swapping high vs low depending on how far away the object is). This would allow a player to make less detailed objects n the distance, like a skyline, without the engine having to dynamically calculate whether it should use high or low (ie, if you know a certain object should always be high or low, you can set it to that & take the burden of figuring it out away from the engine)
    -adjustable boundaries. If a player A wants to build a sprawling BTB map, and player B wants to build a small 2v2 map, let the Forger adjust the boundary (manually, and/or have the boundary adjust automatically when an object is placed on or near the edge), so that the large map isn't limited by the smaller one, but neither does the small one have to render all that empty space. On a side note, probably not doable, but I personally wouldn't mind a boundary of 7000-10000 Forge units wide by 3000-5000 units high, but that's just because I want to build a 1:1 Star Destroyer :D (with enough empty space surrounding it to actually see it)
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    Here's my wishlist for Halo 6's Forge. I expect none of this to happen and I may as well just take up Unreal or Unity, but one can dream.

    I want completely blank canvases. No preloaded skybox or terrain and no default lighting. Load players into a gray environment and let them set what they want. If they want some preloaded terrain, let them load it in.This includes skybox background, time of day, season, etc.

    Let players spawn light sources and adjust their angle and intensity, whether it's a sun, moon, galaxy starfield, nebula, or whatever. It is annoying having to choose a canvas and a specific angle before you even start building to get the lighting you want. I also want lights to create shadows when cast on objects.

    The single biggest change to the way Forge works would be enabling object scaling, so you aren't restricted to a specific size. This lets there be way less redundant pieces and a way more versatile palette as opposed to hundreds of objects at duplicate sizes (smh at those beam fx). This would extend to terrain as well.

    There are many different kinds of environments and a variety of rock sediments and vegetation that grow there. Here's an example of palettes that are impossible with the current Forge

    autumnal grass, dead black trees

    light brown rock with overgrown vegetation
    sandstone rock with white sand
    orangish-yellow trees and white rock

    Pink blossom trees and pink rocks


    lava-like rocks

    glacial rocks

    shale rock

    Any of these terrain palettes would be extremely versatile. I'll extend this to dead vines, large sheets of moss, lilypads, giant redwood trees and swirly, ancient trees with large trunks, more detailed stumps, larger plants, and of course dead variants of them. Everything needs to be colorable and customizable as well, from the texture of the grass to the color of the rocks. Let players change the color of the leaves and the trunks, the texture, the weathered effects, etc.

    Overgrown grass and flower texture, a "wet" texture, a scorched/burnt texture, sanded texture, etc.

    How we don't have any good Covenant sounds like the OG door sound is beyond me. Classic Halo sounds need to return along with new ones. Wind chimes, bell gongs, other one-note sounds for use with scripted doorways, etc.

    Like the ones from Halo 3, so players can create armor pick ups.

    Candles with dripping wax, Gargoyle and knight statues, Asian festival lanterns and an array of normal lanterns and chandeliers, large tarps, rugs, hay for thatched roofing, books and scrolls, wooden crates and barrels - honestly this list can go on forever. Bare minimum, extend it to include more dead AI combatants like Hunters and marines

    Let players select a volume and fill it with water, quicksand, tar, acid, lava, etc. Adjust the opacity, the color, the stillness, etc. Maybe even give it some basic physics to interact with players. Water would ripple on contact, acid and tar would bubble, lava would burn, etc.

    Bare minimum if that proved too much on the engine, there needs to be a block that catches lighting effects but remains invisible with no player collison, and liquid movements such as water ripples need to be added to gobos. Therefore, if a player steps onto the "invisible block", a light would be scripted to ripple on the surface of the water from the contact's point of origin. This would let you hack surface effects and still pass through them. Alternatively, they can create "shield doors" with the aforementioned effects.

    These need to make a return and I'd like to see an option to alter the map's center of gravity such that a player's concept of direction can be redefined based on a predetermined center of gravity.

    Hexagons, spheres, cones, dishes, spirals and pyramids all need to be added yesterday. Using a million objects to make a janky dome is stupid.

    For adding collision to spiral staircases without using a bajillion blocks.

    You should be able to sort through your lists alphabetically. They should also show the original author at all times, the prefab's budget count, and you should be required to take a picture of a prefab before you upload it. This way we don't end up with 8000 pages of duplicate prefabs and no idea who made it, how much it costs, or what it even looks like.

    There should be an option to save a copy of a map or prefab and render it as "final", thereby rasterizing unused polygons and improving performance. The file would then be uneditable, but you'd still have the editable copy.

    Epeen is important obviously and having separate options for these are redundant. If somebody doesn't like your file, they can just unfavorite it.

    Seriously, the scaling in Halo 5 is whack. A Spartan is not 8 feet wide.
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