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Will you check out my youtube channel "Halo 5 Moments" sometime?

  1. Sure man, that almost sounds interesting.

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  2. Nah, I couldn't care less dude.

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    H5M cover art.png Hello,

    I've spent hundreds of hours in the past 40 days capturing and editing my videos for my youtube channel, Halo 5 Moments." I'm taking a unique approach of blending together an experimental variety of multi-camera shots, no h.u.d. shots, Zoom in, Zoom out, Dynamic Free-cam shots, with lots of rewinding and what I should call multi-capturing moments 5-10 times. Then I take the best shots for the actual video and syncopate it to a reoccuring chillhop theme song. While the episodes have a theme song, the montages are will have varying music.

    All of my videos are based on small awesome moments that happen based around medals so far, like "nadeshot", But I'm looking for new ways to expand my playlists to use all the unused footage and misfit content. So far there are 12 Episodes, 7 Montages, and 2 Mini Moments. I'm thinking of doing a Vehicle-dodging/Close Calls/Assassinations/Vehicle-Moments playlists too.

    My goal is to make it seem like you're mostly watching a movie while sprinkling in the actual gameplay footage for proof of happening/accuracy

    Compared to just capturing and uploading gameplay, I'm creating passionate content here adding my artistic perception of what I think are "cool moments" that happen to me.

    Please consider checking out my channel and your interactions are my preferred currency. Tell me how to become better, tell me what sucks, give the video a like if you do.

    Thanks for your support!

    Here's one of my hottest works:

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