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By PA1NTS on Mar 2, 2016 at 9:33 PM
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    Listed below are ideal general gametype options that would help create a universal infection gametype for the community to modify to their liking. I figured it was best to round up all useful infection gametype options and scoring options. These settings basically encompass all of the infection settings that we've had in previous Halo titles (Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 4, Halo 2: Anniversary) and also Halo 5's settings that are already coded into the game.

    Consider this a checklist of settings that should be present in Halo 5's base infection gametype in order to avoid setbacks or limitations for players creating infection gamtypes.

    Gametype settings marked with "*" are either new or modified options that would be extremely useful in creating infection gametypes and infection based minigames alike, while also fixing minor problems with past titles.

    Categories: General settings, scoring, traits, weapons and vehicles, respawn settings)


    -Initial infected count (#, %)
    -Initial alpha infected count (#, %)
    -Time limit
    -Number of rounds
    -Next infected (chump/random/winner etc.)
    -Lives per round
    -Alpha infected (enable/disable alpha infected traits)
    -Special conversion (suicide/betrayal/both/disabled)
    -Friendly fire (enable/disable)
    -Friendly fire damage (%)
    -Alpha infected keep traits (until killed/permanent)
    -Last man standing (enable/disable last man standing traits)
    -Cadre (enabled/disable cadre traits)
    -Number of cadre
    -Epidemic mode (allows for class based infected)
    -Flight mode (if enabled, number of seconds to charge the payload)
    -Safe havens (disabled/random movement/progressive movement/all permanent)
    -Safe haven scoring (survivors/infected/all/disabled)
    *-Safe haven scoring amount (if safe haven scoring is enabled, # of points awarded to survivors for each ten seconds of time survived)
    -Infected head skin (enabled/disabled)
    *-Infected spartan skin (enabled/disabled)
    *-Haven waypoint (enabled/disabled)
    *-Invisible haven volumes (enabled/disabled)
    -Intro cinematic
    -Machinima control
    -Round limit
    -Rounds to win
    -Rounds tied limit
    *-Voice chat channel (all, team specific)


    -Infected kill points
    -Survivor kill points
    -Survivor victory points
    -Infected victory points
    *-Cadre bounty
    -Last man standing bounty
    *-Survival points (if enabled, # of points awarded to survivors for each ten seconds of time survived)
    -Cadre bonus points
    -Last man standing bonus points
    -Suicide penalty
    -Betrayal penalty
    *-Points to win (infected)
    *-Points to win (survivor)

    TRAITS (survivors/infected/alpha infected/cadre/last man standing/epidemic/haven/flight zone/trait zone)

    -Damage resistance
    -Shield percentage
    -Shield recharge speed
    -Shield recharge wait time
    -Shield hud visibilty
    -Shield effects
    -Shield vampirism
    -Assassination immunity (enabled/disabled)
    -Primary weapon
    -Secondary weapon
    *-No weapon (enabled/disabled)
    -Intial frag grenades
    -Max frag grenades
    -Initial plasma grenades
    -Max plasma grenades
    -Initial splinter grenades
    -Max splinter grenades
    -Melee damage
    -Melee knockback
    -Assassination speed
    -Grenade damage
    -Grenade knockback
    -Grenade throw speed
    -Grenade explosion radius
    -Infinite ammo (enabled/disabled)
    -Bottomless clip (enabled/disabled)
    -Weapon pickup (enabled/disabled)
    -Vehicle use (enabled/disabled)
    *-Turret use (enabled/disabled)
    -Motion sensor (off/allies only/normal/enhanced)
    -Motion sensor range
    -Motion sensor inner range
    -Smart link motion sensor (enabled/disabled)
    *-Smart scope (enabled/disabled)
    -Player speed
    -Jump height
    -Player gravity
    -Fall damage
    -Waypoint (allies only/visible to everyone/disabled)
    *-Visual effect (overshield/speed boost/damage boost/grayscale/telescopic/flood/disabled)
    -Primary color
    -Secondary color
    -Drop weapons (enabled/disabled)
    -Headshot immunity (enabled/disabled)
    -Damage indicators (enabled/disabled)
    -Deathless (enabled/disabled)
    -Emtpy reload speed
    -Tactical reload speed
    -Thruster pack (enabled/disabled)
    -Thruster pack speed
    -Thruster pack recharge delay
    -Thruster pack activation cost
    -Spartan charge (enabled/disabled)
    -Spartan charge damage
    -Spartan charge knockback
    -Ground pound (enabled/disabled)
    -Ground pound damage
    -Ground pound knockback
    -Ground pound auto activate time
    -Ground pound fall speed
    -Stabilizer (enabled/disabled)
    -Stabilizer duration
    -Stabilizer anti gravity
    -Movement speed
    -Forward speed
    -Strafe speed
    -Forward acceleration
    -Strafe acceleration
    -Sprint (enabled/disabled)
    -Time to max sprint speed
    -Max sprint speed
    -Reload while sprinting (enabled/disabled)
    -Sprint resets shield recharge (enabled/disabled)
    -Sprint stopping power
    -Max slide distance
    -Slide speed
    -Clamber (enabled/disabled)
    -Clamber speed
    -Jump gravity
    -Camo (enabled/disabled)


    -Indestructible vehicles (enabled/disabled)
    -Placed weapon pads
    -Placed grenades
    -Placed powerups
    -Placed weapons
    -Placed vehicles
    -Vehicle set
    -Weapon set


    -Respawn time
    -Suicide penalty time
    -Betrayal penalty time
    -Suppress follow camera control (enabled/disabled)
    -Visibility check (enabled/disabled)

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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by PA1NTS, Mar 2, 2016.

    1. Verses Fatum
      Verses Fatum
      Is this confirmed stuff for the Infection gametype coming to Halo 5 soon?
    2. fame28
      Trait zone that would be able to send a message for spawning / de-spawning of spawns and objects and a random weapon pad generator (with selectable random options as to which weapons spawn via the forge menu option). Trait zones that could send action scripting would be great for opening doors, requiring certain steps to be done to access a new area, turning lights on and off aside from just from the amount of fun other mini-games that would result from it.
    3. Max Extra
      Max Extra
      The ability to score negative points for killing or dying... they have taken away that ability and it has frustrated me for so long. example: Killing a Human grants so many points while killing a Zombie may decrease points puts focus on running away and only fighting when you have to

      Ability to gain negative points for time alive, or while in a zone such as a strong hold or safe haven. reasons inverse kinda focus on moving. you remain safe while in the zone but you lose points and should stay long
    4. WAR
    5. ThisIsNotTheNSA
      Some feedback.

      Being able to set a number or a % would be nice.

      Instead of just enabled/disabled, how about points per 10 seconds (so 10 would be 1 point per second).
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    6. Mr Pokephile
      Mr Pokephile
      Awesome list. Infection is technically a FFA based game mode. As such, chat channels are treated that way. I really hope that we have separate chat channels for both the infected and the humans. It was that was in Halo 3 and it worked out much better. You could formulate strategies on both sides.

      It was also terrifying hearing a human calling for help, then have them cut off midway through a sentence as they are killed.

      Also, we really need an option to make initial infected a percentage in addition to a specific number. Choosing 25% or something works for when you are playing with different lobby sizes and don't want to constantly adjust that. Again, this was in Halo 3 and it worked well.
    7. purely fat
      purely fat
      loadout/class system would be cool for infection as well as just the game in general.
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    8. PA1NTS
      This is all cool stuff but doesn't fit into gametype settings. These things would have to be added to forge.
    9. PA1NTS
      Good call. Added % option to initial infected and initial alpha infected. Also changed the way haven scoring and survival time should work.
      --- Double Post Merged, Mar 3, 2016 ---
      Added voice chat channel options to general settings. % of infected has been added too.
    10. PA1NTS
      Epidemic mode (included in this list) allows for three different infected classes. This was in H2A but the problem was that you couldn't change the names of the classes so they weren't used very much. Epidemic traits would have to have an option to change the name of classes and perhaps change if the classes are selected evenly, randomly, numerically or percentage based. I'll work this into the list so it's more clearcut.
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    11. purely fat
      purely fat
      I just want a load out system that can be applied to all game modes. This would create variety for a lot of game types not just infection.
    12. WAR
      I'd like the ability to combine gametypes like ball + infection or strongholds + infection. This way we could create a more dynamic and objective experience for the survivors.
    13. Scootiee
      I didn't see it in here but however maybe I missed it but one HUGE thing I would like to see is enabling/disabling hijacking. I saw enable/disable vehicle use but hijacking is a whole other animal and it would be nice to see that return. Also the ability to be permanently camouflaged regardless of your move speed would be incredibly nice.

      Also think it would be cool if there was some sort of strongholds or something link with the game. So you could have a gametype where the humans have to make it to a certain point on the map where they then would be able to score a point or something causing the round to end as a victory for the humans.
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    14. Rex Journey
      Rex Journey
      I would like to some sort of VIP type infection where the alpha zombie is the only infector while the regular zombies are bullet sponges. For humans they would need to ensure thier VIP stays alive or reaches the end.

      Something way to ambitious, but I'm going to suggest anyways, is that there are respawn closets for l4d style games. This could be random or trigger zone based (once we get those).
    15. Soldat Du Christ
      Soldat Du Christ
      Currency system, wall buys, upggrades
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    16. Sn1p3r C
      Sn1p3r C
      A zombie channel that receives a message every time a player is infected... Maybe the "z" channel? More of a forge change than a gametype setting, but here we are.
    17. Verses Fatum
      Verses Fatum
      One other addition I'd like added, have it where the zombies can have smart link turned off since the energy sword has such a huge lunge range, I have a couple maps that are for close range combat more or less
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    18. buddhacrane
      Similar to what was mentioned by Pokephile; although Zombies is "technically" FFA, it would be better if they were treated as Attackers and Defenders by the Scripting (like they are when setting up spawn points). This would allow us to make use of the team-specific Scripting Switch functionality; then we would have the ability to create switches which can only be operated by either humans or zombies.
    19. PA1NTS
      Added smart scope player trait option to wishlist.

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