Halo 5 Hosting Pains

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    The purpose of this video is to bring attention to some missing features that were very useful for custom game lobby hosts in previous Halo games. Many of these features are only appreciated by those who host custom game lobbies, but it's important to remember how it also impacts the large number of players who like to join lobbies. At this point with Halo 5 and the updates so far it seems unlikely that these particular features will return unless we show 343 how bad we want them to return. A full file browser has been confirmed for future updates otherwise I would have included that as well. Have one of these missing features negatively impacted your custom games experience? Please comment below. #H5HostingPains

    #1 Maximum Player Count
    #2 DIsable Team Changing
    #3 Boot Player Mid-game
    #4 Open Privacy
    #5 Game Chat in the Menu

    Video Topic by TurbTastic
    Video Editing by Buddy Jumps
    Commentary by TurbTastic
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    It's annoying to have to switch to Party Chat after the end of each game back from game chat. But since there's no game chat in lobbies it has to be done.
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    343 pls
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    I'm not a custom host, only a guest sometimes and I can imagine how extremely annoying some of these things are for the host in H5. I have no twitter so can someone tweet twice?:)
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    This is another mandatory post for everyone in forgehub to like! Like the video too, and tweet to the 343 multiplayer designer that's mentioned at the end of the video if ya can. I'm not involved in the lobby process, but I can see how this would really help the Forge community, especially those who want their maps in the playlist. The pretend punishment for not supporting this is having to read ten of my posts in a row. o_O
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