Halo 3 PC: New Features Tutorial

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    Hey there, forgers!
    So guess who was given early access to Halo 3 on PC. This guy! Decided to put it to good use and create a easy breakdown of the new tools and features that have been added to Halo 3 on PC (as well as hit a little bit on old ones)

    This video should give you the know-how to start forging on Halo 3 PC like a pro! Check it out!

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    Might be worth mentioning in a future video that the default items on a map will count toward the hard object limitations not conveyed in the UI. This happens even after they are deleted they act as a 'reserve' object. So the best practice is to reuse the existing pieces on the map toward yours, even if that means moving them across the map as on Sandbox this will net you an additional 300+ pieces before hitting that object limit.

    Another note maybe worth talking about is... If your object are not lining up after using the coordinates match, Maybe try rotating or flipping your object as some of the origin points are not located directedly in the center of one of the objects faces.
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