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    "Finish the Fight", this is the phrase we all know and love as it brings us back to those great memories and to a time when many of our forge careers started. With the launch of Halo 3 on PC and with the new items introduced into forge we once again get to relive the spark that started it all.

    In a collaborative effort with 343 Industries, we are announcing the Halo 3: Forge the Fight contest to give you, the community, an opportunity to have your submitted maps considered for matchmaking as well as a chance to win $1,000 from ForgeHub.

    The Halo 3: Forge the Fight contest is a map building contest in which we will be revisiting our original roots of forge, but this time with the added bonus of new objects and more advanced forge controls. (We can phase objects by default now!). Lets go over the basics of the contest.
    • 4v4 Core Maps (Judges will be using BR starts for all gametypes)
    • Maps must be set up for at least one of the these core modes: Slayer, CTF, or KOTH
    • Maps can only be made using MCC Halo 3 forge
    • 3 map submission limit per contestant
    • No time restrictions on building. This means that if you have a map that you already started building or finished, you can work on it and submit it up until the end date.

    You will have one month to finish and submit your map. When the submission period ends the judging begins and will end when we review all of the maps.

    Start Date: August 19th, 2020
    End Date: September 19th, 2020 at 11:59PM PST
    Judging Period: Roughly a month and a half


    Guest Judges for the Top 10 Maps:
    Whos Blaze
    The main Judges will narrow the maps down to the top 10 maps which we will then bring in our guest judges to help determine the winners. Judging will primarily focus on gameplay and how well the maps fit the modes they are built for. We will also be looking at the technical aspect of the maps as well as art. With the new tools and objects introduced we expect to see maps utilize these new features.

    Judging will also be done on the Xbox version of MCC.

    There are some great prizes up for grabs this time around and just entering the contest means that your map may be considered for matchmaking!

    1st - $1,000 and a ForgeHub t-shirt from FH + 12 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code from 343
    2nd - $700 and a ForgeHub t-shirt from FH+ 12 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code from 343
    3rd - $300 and a ForgeHub t-shirt from FH + 12 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code from 343

    *Placing in the top three does not guarantee you map will make it into matchmaking.

    Important tip from Blaze to get the most out of Forge with the budget.

    "The items on the default canvases will count toward the hard object limitations of your overall piece budget. This is not conveyed in the UI and this happens even after they are deleted. They will act as a 'reserve' object. So the best practice is to reuse the existing pieces on the map toward your own. On Sandbox this will give you an additional 300+ pieces before hitting that object limit."

    Organized canvases with default map objects organized can be found from @Faulk Smash. To download these canvases, use the "Find Player" option on your profile and type in "Faulk Smash" the canvases are called
    Sandbox+ GBlock, Avalanche+, Foundry+
    Sandbox also has the Gaurdians blocked off so forging can be done in the surroundings of Sandbox.


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    1. SinixSlays
      @Sam Malone @SIR IRON WOLF

      Found a relatively easy workaround for the issue with weapons glitching into the floor. If you hold the 'pick up weapon' button while meleeing ("beating down") the glitched weapon, you can grab it. Definitely takes a bit of finessing to get good at, but looks very doable.

      May even be worth leaving weapons glitched in the affected areas, for added dramatic sequences during live games ... ;)
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    2. TheElderAcorn
      yeah i have the same question as i could make a couple fixes like that for my map as well
      Top 10 maps are being announced today. We wont be giving them a time period to adjust their maps as this time. If maps are selected for matchmaking then they will most likely get the time they need to make adjustments.
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