Halo 3: Forge The Fight Top 10 Finalists

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    Hello everyone and welcome! Today we will be announcing the top 10 finalists in the Halo 3: Forge The Fight forge contest! Before we jump into the results, all the judges would like to thank the creators of all 142 maps entered! Yeah it was that many! Over the course of the past 2 weeks we have been narrowing down from the top 24 submissions to finally give you all the top 10 submissions from the contest!

    Just a general reminder that if your map is not in the final 10 to please refrain from flaming others that are in the final 10. There's a reason their map is and your is not. Lets keep it civil here folks.
    Carnival by DeeDorr

    [​IMG] Mainstage by Sam Malone xbl

    Awry by Tiiiiiiim 7

    Genesis by Zombievillan

    Traumatica by Danger Tanner

    Athlon by ArturBloodshot

    Mirage by EvadeR

    Gauntlet by Sir Veyza and The Grim Dealer

    Serpent by Kabe

    Basilisk by DeeDorr

    With the Top 10 maps now being announced, the real question is who will win those coveted top 3 spots? This Friday, guest judges Naded, Unyshek, and Blaze will be brought in to judge these final 10 maps. Adittionally all maps above can be downloaded for anyone to play regardless of your platform on PC/Xbox from the "Forgehub Live" Fileshare.

    A final general reminder for anyone seeking feedback on their maps, judges will not be giving feedback on maps that have been eliminated from the contest until after the contest wraps up and the winners have been announced.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Foge, Oct 28, 2020.

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