Halo 3: Forge The Fight Contest Results

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    The Halo 3: Forge The Fight contest has officially come to an end, and what a tough decision it was to pick the top five maps. From the testing lobbies to the final judging lobbies with our guest judges of Unyshek, Blaze, and Naded, this contest was one of the largest we've had in recent years, with over 142 submissions! So from everyone on the Forgehub team we would like to thank all of yall for coming out in full force to compete in this contest! There were so many amazing submissions from all who submitted. We are happy to announce the final placings from third to first place as well as the two runners up as honorable mentions that made the final call on placings a very tough decision for each judge. First up the runner ups as honorable mentions!

    Basilisk by DeeDorr
    ForgeHub t-shirt from Forgehub

    Traumatica by Danger Tanner
    ForgeHub t-shirt from Forgehub

    3rd Place: Mainstage by Sam Malone xbl
    $300 and a ForgeHub t-shirt from FH + 12 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code from 343

    2nd Place: Gauntlet by Sir Veyza and The Grim Dealer
    $700 and a ForgeHub t-shirt from FH+ 12 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code from 343

    1st Place: Carnival by DeeDorr
    $1,000 and a ForgeHub t-shirt from FH + 12 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code from 343

    Yes, we have gotten your messages about getting feedback on your maps. For this contest we are going to be handling things a bit differently than we have in the past. Starting next week the judges will be streaming feedback sessions on Thursday starting at 7:30 PM PST. These will be operated on a first come first serve basis.

    Thankyou all once again for everyone that competed in the Halo 3: Forge The Fight contest! The judges had a great time teaming up with the guest judges at the end to make the final decision and enjoyed playing on (mostly) everyone's maps that were submitted! We also look forward to hopefully seeing some of these maps find their way into matchmaking in the near future! (Just a reminder that any maps entered can be considered, not just those that won) Forgehub Admins will be reaching out to each of the winners and honorable mentions in the next couple days to distribute the prizing for the contest. If you have not been contacted please reach out to an admin here or on discord.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Foge, Nov 6, 2020.

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