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    Evening all, we are proud to release the first version of the H2A Gold Pro settings! Feedback was taken from the various pre launch tournaments played before the seamless launch of MCC.

    The Team

    Secret Schnitzel

    The team consists of multiple vets of the scene, all bringing their own unique opinions on top level play.

    Goal of V1

    The goal of Gold Pro version 1 was to have a quickened pace of play, with fast spawning weapons/power ups, whilst trying to keep the gameplay as close to default as possible. Version 2 will begin to experiment abit more with various things that we will cover in the post. Below are the changes.

    Weapon spawning

    Static weapons spawns implemented across the board thanks to some superb work here http://www.forgehub.com/threads/how-to-make-static-weapon-timers-in-h2a.147983/#post-1605631 These will now spawn every x seconds.

    Quicker timers across the board. The BR has a much better range than previous iterations and alot more reliable up close, which allows for quicker timers....

    Camo will spawn at 60s
    Snipe (reduced to 1 clip for less ammo and more contention) at 90s.
    Rockets are at 120s.
    Brute/shotty is at 90s (though this may change across maps).
    Overshield is too useless to be used currently.
    Currently searching for a role for the sentinel beam.
    Added a carbine loadout. The gun has excellent range, could be a niche pick for some players.
    Nades are set to spawn at 45s, rather than 30s, hopefully reducing their use. Not spawning in 4s too.

    Movement Speed

    110 speed for all gametypes. This is changed in mind with the quicker pace, and helps improve difficulty of aiming.


    Hill - 200 pts (down from 250 to stop the regular 15 min grinds). Hill time is 2 minutes, rather than 1.
    Bomb - 5s arm/5s plant, 60s reset.
    CTF - Touch return removed for 3s return. 3 flag the same.
    Ball - Same as other halos.
    1HK with the objective is gone.
    Carrier speed for all objectives is 90.


    Sanc - Classic version used. 60s Camo for TS only to help promote movement. Rockets for objective. Waterfalls gone.

    Lockout - Fusion coils dont respawn. The ice rocks are gone. Camo for TS only, spawning on a delayed spawn at bottom green tunnel. Hills adjusted.

    Warlord - The brute shot replaces the sentinel beam bottom mid.

    Ascension - Will be looked at further for v2, needs more testing. Current ideas including adding camo, placing the switch at banshee, and even forging a 3rd tower there.

    All maps are set up for all suitable gametypes. As v2 comes around we will narrow down to a "tournament 11"

    Yes, we know the fileshare options are limited at the moment, but for now, use the GT SitriStahl

    Version 2 visions

    Implement the HCE spawn system using switches
    Forge map candidates
    Possibly zanzibar
    Exploring Terr. as a gametype
    Using switches for gametypes Map refinements.
    Damage settings

    As always, leave your feedback, ask questions etc. These are designed to help improve HCS.
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by Doju, Nov 25, 2014.

    1. A Haunted Army
    2. WaiHo
      Awesome stuff guys! Am really interested in seeing how a Third tower on Ascension would play out. Hope to see some gameplay if that gets pushed through.
    3. the_suicide_fox
      FYI, your static spawn system is doing the 10, 9, 8 seconds thing because as far as I have discovered, the game can only spawn so many objects at once. It seems like 4-8 is the limit depending on the object. Same goes for despawning too.
    4. theSpinCycle
      Cool stuff. Interested to see how Zenith will work out. Heard Stonetown has FPS problems so that might be difficult to do.

      Also hoping OS gets buffed from 1x to 2x like it did in h4 so it's useful again.
    5. SecretSchnitzel
      Correct, but the point is that it's 100% consistent.
    6. cluckinho
      Not sure about brute shot on warlord. Grenades on that map are annoying enough IMO.
    7. the_suicide_fox
      I understand that. I would only suggest to have a few objects spawn per interval as possible just to ensure even better consistency.
    8. SecretSchnitzel
      How does that improve consistency? It's 100% consistent as is. If anything, we could move to offset the item delay spawn by pinpointing at which point in the chain it occurs, but it's not really an issue considering the timers are consistent.
    9. the_suicide_fox
      Well you would have to remember the offsets for each weapon which is where it is inconsistent. Rather than knowing just A B and C spawn at 90 seconds, you have to know A is offset by 1 second, and B by 2.

      Also offsetting the delay might not fix it because it has to do with the way the game spawns/despawns objects not the time itself.
    10. SecretSchnitzel
      The length of the chain of timers causes items to spawn further down the succession, the timing difference is consistent so simply offsetting it where it occurs would bring the deviants back in line with spawning on the 10s differential mark. It's actually simple.
    11. unoverrated
      "Menotyou135"... that name makes me cringe.

      as for the game types, I'm all for some of it. Like 50% of the time all the time.
      theSpinCycle and SecretSchnitzel like this.
    12. ThrowinDemBows
      Not a fan of 90 second spawn timers on power weapons. The weapons that you need to control on the map should be 1min,2min or 3 mins imo. Main reason for this is when timing weapons spawns in game it can get messy. Picking it up at 8:52 would make it drop again at 7:22. If it were 2 mins instead, it would go 6:52, then 4:52 and so on. Its much easier to keep up with spawn times in game this way.
    13. A Haunted Army
      A Haunted Army
      they're using scripted timers to spawn in the weapons for static spawning so you don't need to keep track of what time a weapon was grabbed or the person holding it died, you just keep track of the fixed time intervals, so 90secs would got 15 - 13:30 - 11 - 9:30 - 8 - 6:30 and so on.

      personally i like having a power-up every 60s, medium power weapon every 90 and a very powerful power weapon ever 2mins, this way you can shift focus around the map, requires more control over the map and makes it less of a constant BRfest which is pretty dull.
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    14. SecretSchnitzel
      90's allows for having multiple power weapons spawning at different times with minimal overlap amongst the whole lot. Also, as Haunted pointed out, we're using static timers. Not drop-spawn timers, but pure static that can't be altered by players.
    15. purely fat
      purely fat
      The way I am trying to use sentinel beam right now is if the map is to small for two snipes. I will use two sentinel beams instead. I still see os being useful in a smaller role on maps. It is more of a sub power up. Also, you could try stacking it with a speed boost.
    16. Zombievillan
      Interesting, I might actually start making maps for this when I get the xbone. I always strayed from MLG & the likes but with the new forge, new console, maybe I'll try something new. I have time to study it until Christmas. (I'm letting my wife give me the xbone as a Christmas gift, so I have to wait lol)

      Also, whaddup Bows?' Long time no see/chat/game
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    17. SecretSchnitzel
      It's really not too different from default settings tbh... Faster movement speed and static weapon spawn timers is the big difference.

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