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    Long have you waited for highly coveted news regarding the Halo 2 Anniversary: ForgeTacular, my children. You've had faith that soon, from the whispering dark, you may see an update, perhaps an announcement of sorts. See how this faith has been rewarded! We all knew the drill: 40+ maps enter, ten exit, and only three of those ten will make it to their cars safely and drive home to their loving families, us. On that bizarre analogy, it's my privilege to introduce the top 10 finalists for the H2A ForgeTacular!


    Obi Wai Kenobi

    A pleasantly varied asymmetrical map, Underwood was immediately a top contender with it's quick-to-learn layout and above average routing.



    What new could be said about this H2A classic? For stellar 1-sided objective matches, Lacuna is an easy pick.


    Space Junk
    Soldat DuChrist

    This layout was immediately intriguing to us, and we found that the map did offer fair balance to power positions while maintaining good pathing and encounters below.


    Kell of Scots

    Heatstroke delivers on fast paced vehicular gameplay with a well designed circuit. For infantry, classic push-pull style routes highlight the vehicle track nicely.


    Squally DaBeanz

    Another memorable map from the days of H2A, Inheritor encourages excellent flanking maneuvers due to it's well-defined paths and large rooms.


    a Chunk

    Pulse was instantly recognizable as a solid design with both great vantage points as well as flanking and lower paths.



    Tried and true, Blockus is king among asymmetrical vehicular warfare. Taking a page from maps like Relic, Blockus hits hard and never lets up.


    SecretSchnitzel & runNOKYARDrun
    Harkening back to the days of Halo: Reach, Select still stands tall with it's classic take on the Narrows push-pull style.


    Minister Muffin

    A solid arena map, Diamond has much to offer in competitive play while keeping an easy to learn layout and tons of traversal options.


    a Chunk & Xandrith

    Feelin' sweaty? Epic does asymmetrical arena right in all the ways you could hope. Solid pathing, good balance, tons of routes, it's epic.

    A huge thank you to everyone who submitted to this contest! We discovered a ton of awesome new content and rediscovered a plethora of old classics. From this point on, the top 10 maps above will be playtested in-house by 343 Industries and it's up to the boys in chrome to narrow these beauties down to the cream of the virtual crop. ForgeHub now stands in anticipation with you all as we can't wait to see what will emerge victorious!
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Connie, Jun 25, 2018.

    1. Connie
      There must be a misunderstanding. ForgeHub doesn't "produce" maps. The community does. Attempting to rally a very dead community to regress backwards in time to an older variation of forge to create a map that is part of a game that's very problematic in it's own right is not something one simply does "right". We received a total of 41 maps, two of which were pulled by the authors for unknown reasons. Your argument comparing the number of MCC Insider members is drastically flawed. When I was invited to the program, I clicked two buttons in 15 seconds and I was in. Designing a level takes weeks. To somehow blame ForgeHub for not meeting your expectations in terms of number of contestants is certainly an incomprehensible point. Once again, I reiterate. We are only offering breakdowns privately out of respect of privacy to the authors requesting them. If they want to then publicly post it, that is up to them. Likewise if they'd like us to post it publicly we will with their consent. If that is what you'd like us to do for your map so you may further critique our critiques, you may request that we do so.
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    2. Max Extra
    3. CommanderColson
      wait we were able to get feedback is we had asked
    4. Connie
      Still available! Just shoot a DM to me or Omi or both and we’ll compile our thoughts.
    5. Alex Parsons
      Alex Parsons
      How many H2A 4v4 maps were there in Forgehub at the time of the submission deadline? How many maps didn't get entered into this contest? How many people thought the chance of winning one of the prizes weren't worth the effort of entering a map they've already made?
      My point remains valid. You didn't get 50 submissions because you can't get 50 submissions. Every contest I've seen on this site gets fewer submissions than the one before it.
      We 're Halo players, we know how to figure out when we're going to lose. Nobody wants to enter a contest when they think they can't win.think
      that is why I still think you should release all breakdowns to the community. If individual contestants don't want to learn from their mistakes, that's their business. But, should the rest of the community be denied the chance to increase their ability to produce the best quality maps possible?

      and to be fair, I forgot the MAC insider thing was a no purchase deal. But even still, you couldn't get even 1% of those people to submit even a single map for this contest.
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    6. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Alex, I know it seems like I'm disagreeing with everything you post. I do it because you seem like an analytical person that can recognize legitimate counter points.

      You're overlooking one of THE major factors in the quantity of maps submitted to this contest. A LOT (in fact, most) of the forgers that submitted H2A forge maps to Forgehub when H2A was the primary game are no longer active on Forgehub, or even active within the forging community.

      It's also not really fair to suggest that forgers are being 'denied the chance to increase their ability to produce the best quality maps' when the judges have stated very clearly that they will provide feedback to EVERYONE who submitted a map. They've said that they'll do so either publicly or privately, depending upon what the particular forger prefers. There's nothing unfair about this at all. In fact, I can't think of any way of approaching feedback that could be more respectful of forgers.
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    7. Kenjamin1 MI
      Kenjamin1 MI
      Excellent entries from some talented Forge artists! Well Done! Congrats to the winners.
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