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By Connie on Jun 25, 2018 at 3:51 PM
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    Long have you waited for highly coveted news regarding the Halo 2 Anniversary: ForgeTacular, my children. You've had faith that soon, from the whispering dark, you may see an update, perhaps an announcement of sorts. See how this faith has been rewarded! We all knew the drill: 40+ maps enter, ten exit, and only three of those ten will make it to their cars safely and drive home to their loving families, us. On that bizarre analogy, it's my privilege to introduce the top 10 finalists for the H2A ForgeTacular!


    Obi Wai Kenobi

    A pleasantly varied asymmetrical map, Underwood was immediately a top contender with it's quick-to-learn layout and above average routing.



    What new could be said about this H2A classic? For stellar 1-sided objective matches, Lacuna is an easy pick.


    Space Junk
    Soldat DuChrist

    This layout was immediately intriguing to us, and we found that the map did offer fair balance to power positions while maintaining good pathing and encounters below.


    Kell of Scots

    Heatstroke delivers on fast paced vehicular gameplay with a well designed circuit. For infantry, classic push-pull style routes highlight the vehicle track nicely.


    Squally DaBeanz

    Another memorable map from the days of H2A, Inheritor encourages excellent flanking maneuvers due to it's well-defined paths and large rooms.


    a Chunk

    Pulse was instantly recognizable as a solid design with both great vantage points as well as flanking and lower paths.



    Tried and true, Blockus is king among asymmetrical vehicular warfare. Taking a page from maps like Relic, Blockus hits hard and never lets up.


    SecretSchnitzel & runNOKYARDrun
    Harkening back to the days of Halo: Reach, Select still stands tall with it's classic take on the Narrows push-pull style.


    Minister Muffin

    A solid arena map, Diamond has much to offer in competitive play while keeping an easy to learn layout and tons of traversal options.


    a Chunk & Xandrith

    Feelin' sweaty? Epic does asymmetrical arena right in all the ways you could hope. Solid pathing, good balance, tons of routes, it's epic.

    A huge thank you to everyone who submitted to this contest! We discovered a ton of awesome new content and rediscovered a plethora of old classics. From this point on, the top 10 maps above will be playtested in-house by 343 Industries and it's up to the boys in chrome to narrow these beauties down to the cream of the virtual crop. ForgeHub now stands in anticipation with you all as we can't wait to see what will emerge victorious!
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Connie, Jun 25, 2018.

    1. Mr High Hopes
      Mr High Hopes
      Congratulations to all of the finalists!!!
    2. Preacher001
      Looks like a nice group of maps. :yes:

      I wish Halo 2A's Forge was one I liked spending more time in. It's too bad 343 won't go back and add more features and objects to all of the old editors.

      I should have dug out my old map that I remade from Halo 3 in 2A. I don't think I've posted it anywhere before.
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    3. Soldat Du Christ
    4. S0UL FLAME
      S0UL FLAME
      Nice lineup.
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    5. Salty1
      Congrats to the10 finalists
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    6. Blaze
      Great maps everyone! Congrats to all of you who made it this far and good luck with the rest of the contest!
    7. MartianMallCop
    8. D4rkDeath
      Glad to see the community coming through again! Great job everyone!
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    9. MartianMallCop
      @a Chunk

      Why do I see pulse and not Tron? I'm sure Tron could fit 8 players
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    10. I Crush All
      I Crush All
      Congrats to the Finalists!
      All great maps and can't wait to hopefully play them in MM after the contest!
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    11. I MetaBreaker I
      I MetaBreaker I
      Good job you guys

      now for a good long cry
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    12. Alex Parsons
      Alex Parsons
      I was under the impression that the finalists were to be announced on July 1st.
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    13. WaiHo
      Congrats to everyone else that made the top 10!

      Also pretty surprised that Athelon didn’t get into the top 10, thought that it definitely would be in.
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    14. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      That was the deadline for the first phase of judging to be complete, not the exact date of the announcement. Since they completed the testing ahead of schedule, there's really no reason to delay the announcement.

      I'm pretty sure that maps built by staff members were not eligible to win prizing. Since Warholic was a co-forger, the map should have been considered ineligible. Certainly seems realistic to assume that that played a part in determining whether it would be included in the top 10. It would suck to put that in over another map, knowing that it couldn't place in the top 3 anyway.
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    15. The Omicron
      The Omicron
      Athelon is a great map, but sadly the competition was tough to narrow down to begin with and also, like @a Chunk said, the map is authored under a staff member's name. Although Noooooch submitted it, it was not available to download under his name or files
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    16. WaiHo
      Ahh yeah that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying guys :)
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    17. BrianMakesGames
      Congrats everyone! This is a great list!

      I'm curious how come the Trello board wasn't used? I was interested in seeing inside the process a bit more and hopefully being able to glean some feedback out of it to improve my map for the future.
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    18. The Omicron
      The Omicron
      We apologize upfront for not using the Trello board. 343i wanted to schedule their internal playtests for the top 10 maps earlier than we had expected and so we were slightly on crunch time and honestly forgot to update the Trello board until we were almost finished finalizing the top maps. If you would like, the judges can relay map feedback to creators if they ask via DM on ForgeHub or Discord. Sorry again for the lack of transparency throughout the vetting process.
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    19. BrianMakesGames
      It's no worries! Stuff happens, plans change. I'd definitely love the feedback though so I'll be sure to hit the judges up. Thanks!
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