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By a Chunk on Oct 28, 2014 at 12:10 PM
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    Our first real look at forge in H2A, courtesy of IGN
    See Forge in Halo 2 Anniversary – Halo: The Master Chief Collection – IGN First - IGN

    Out of the new Natural pieces we get access to Terrain, Rock and Foliage categories. Below is the (not so flat) Flat, Large. Expect this piece to replace the more square shaped "Rock 5" from Halo 4.
    Cliff, Large piece shown below. This is part of the new natural terrain pieces and is one of the best showcased so far. It displays functionality and form perfectly with its proper use as a canyon wall while looking very organic with well defined complex structure.
    Simple scripting not only allows us to control some of the dynamic elements on maps like waterfalls on Shrine or the EMP blasts on Bloodline, we get to blow stuff up too. This is very similar to the options given to us with the 'Ricochet' gametype in Halo 4, where users could script vehicles to explode upon scoring. In addition to the fireworks display, a bridge was seen spawning into place when activated by a switch.
    Below was a demonstration where you could create a switch to spawn a bridge piece. For some reason energy bridges were harder to materialize than solid concrete...
    The additional pallet options and pieces for the "Natural" category has increased significantly, however lighting and texture rendering leave us with some very concerning issues. Below is an example where rocks break our sense of 'realism' for environments. Hopefully this gets addressed in the future.
    The lighting for indoor / enclosed maps will look similar to the visual experience below:
    Below shows the available forge map options:
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by a Chunk, Oct 28, 2014.

    1. cluckinho
      Mother of god.


      All the same map.
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    2. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Looks awesome! Water....water everywhere!
      Thanks for the screenshots cluckinho. :)
    3. ChronoTempest
      Really impressive that so many features have returned and/or been built upon. This could easily take me away from the main game just like Reach's Forge did.
    4. WAR
      Overall, really great demo of forge. That said, anyone here see a problem with this? shadow.jpg
    5. A Haunted Army
      A Haunted Army
      can't deny, that's one epic forge island :p
    6. Doju
      Im worried that water is going to look really shitty aesthetically with some maps
    7. Furry x Furry
      Furry x Furry
      I'm not a fan of the super saturated look of everything but I was really impressed by what was shown. It seems like custom games might actually be fun now. I hope they worked just as hard on the gametype options though. I don't know if this will be enough to make me get an Xbox One but I can respect all the effort they have been putting into the MCC.
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    8. WAR
      Yeah looks like water has zero transparency like in Halo 4. I also agree that the color in general is overly saturated - you can see this more clearly in the comparison below. Can't wait to see large scale maps that are not flat anymore. I'm concerned with the 1ft of water...how am I supposed to remake sewers? Overall a large improvement over Forge Island.
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    9. cluckinho
      We still have two more canvases yet to be revealed.
    10. theSpinCycle
      Hoping the newer build fixes the lighting glitches and opaque water. Other than that this is great!! I have high hopes for these terrain pieces.
    11. MrGreenWithAGun
      What I also see is the sea stack.

      But you know if we can forge our own islands then the bar will be raised quite high by forgers pushing the envelope of creativity.
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    12. AlexJ189
      Wait, you're the author of Sewers? I freaking love that map!

      Overall I am incredibly impressed by this new forge. The lighting on those rocks does look concerning, but as long as it's not as bad as Halo 4's lighting, I'm fine with it.
    13. DC

      Jesus mate, I actually will never have to leave my house again.
    14. AnonomissX
      I saw the sea stack. I cried.

      Question: are coordinates available? I didn't see that option in the menus on the video. It could be he wanted to show the new fine tuned manual controls...but a girl needs her coordinates!
    15. a Chunk
      a Chunk
    16. Nutduster
      Some of this looks so promising. Terrain pieces? Yes please! Significantly higher object counts and (presumably) better performance on more complex maps? Don't mind if I do! Switches? THANK YOU GOD.

      On the other hand, the lighting and graphics are pretty weak for new gen. Those dark sea stacks... gross. Trees with no shadows, really? And that opaque water... man, I do NOT understand how Forge World, two games and one console ago, could have looked so much better than this. I do realize that Forge World's water was probably harder to render and led to some framerate problems, but c'mon, this is a much more powerful machine. Give us real-looking water that you can see at least four inches into. That stream on the Battle/Beaver Creek remake looks so terrible - no transparency at all and bright blue even though it should be in shade.

      One significant bummer is that we're still looking at basically the same object palette as we had in Reach, just re-skinned yet again. Would it really take that many man hours to entirely re-think the structure category, or design a dozen new rocks? A lot of these pieces were never that useful for building maps - they're too weird and inflexible, which means you can basically only use them the way they're intended to be used, or not at all. Still waiting on a Forge with a wide assortment of flexible, all-purpose pieces, and very tired of objects that can only be used when rotated particular ways and half-buried outside the playable area of the map. Brace large, I'm lookin' at you, buddy.

      Still: probably buying this day one, and it will be the game that gets me back into both forging and playing Halo. But I'm also worried that I'm going to burn out quickly because 343 still doesn't see the full potential of this mode, or won't devote enough resources to giving it a SERIOUS overhaul.
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    17. oVR
      Reminds me of this:

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    18. purely fat
      purely fat
      I think I might be pissed. Also someone named purely fat is on this site that is not me. I also couldn't get on my account for this site. My account probably was deleted for lack of activity, but whatever. Doesn't change the fact that I am really mad about the objects. It is not because they are the same objects, but rather there are still a bunch noisy ****ing objects. I am going to gorge on some donuts in sadness.

      November Post complete see you guys next month.
    19. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Did you change your username at some point within the last year? Because that would probably explain the problem.
      By the way, we raised your posting quota to 2 per month.

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