Grand Prix Judging Stream! Maps #1 - #15

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By Connie on Feb 26, 2018 at 5:20 PM
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    What is going on, guys, its your boy Ascend Hyperion coming at you- wait. No. That isn't right.
    What's up, you fast forging fiends?! It's Shooty Person here still recovering from yesterday's judging stream. We were lucky enough to get through 15 of your fantastic race entries in one sitting! That's half of the maps completed! We are making record time here and you should all expect to hear from us regarding our next streaming date shortly!
    But hey, in the meantime, why not check out our first stream featuring the smooth and relaxing texture of Ducain's face. The link to the recorded stream is below, as well as the link to our updated Trello board! Any map featured in any section other than "Submissions" in the Trello have been played during the stream, so if your map is to the right, you'll be up all night... sifting through the hours of that stream, genuinely contemplating pulling your map out of the contest as you hear the countless references to fast food hierarchies and Ducain's forehead.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Connie, Feb 26, 2018.

    1. agony ZENITH
      agony ZENITH
      The stream was awesome, though few hours of sleep before work but man it was worth it!

      Looking forward to the next stream.
      So many awesome forgers!

      Again with with the forehead haha.
      Got this feeling he will make a distrack pretty soon. #loveducainsforehead
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      Yeah my map should've been smoother but for the most part it is all intentional. I just didn't wanted to make a race where you go 3 laps full throttle with no risks so this one has some of a learning curve with 4 or 5 places where you need to think of your speed and/or path you take.

      Unfortunately the physics engine screws up more then I've planned. Anyway it was fun seeing it played twice.
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    3. Kenjamin1 MI
      Kenjamin1 MI
      So glad you were having FUN on "EIGHT". BaconMedia found the 'don't hit me' path to victory.
      These are ALL fun maps, It's nice to hear the different feedback from the judges points of view.
      ...(It's got a good beat, and it's easy to dance to). When is part 2?
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    4. Nitro
      I think they said this weekend some time. @SIR IRON WOLF @BaconMedia @Shooty Person @Le Hefe @ducain23 should be the ones to know for certain. They will try to keep everyone up to date when the next 15 will be judged ahead of time. So follow Twitter, Discord, Shoutbox, this thread, etc.
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      Yes, we are shooting at starting at about the same time we did for the first set of maps (12:30 PST/3:30 EST). Unsure if it will be Saturday or Sunday but we are aiming for Saturday so we don't have to feel rushed for finishing the stream before some of us have to go in order to get sleep for work.
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    6. Kenjamin1 MI
      Kenjamin1 MI
      The live streams were fun to watch. Will you be doing any "Race Nights" or community parties???
      Awesome Maps everybody! Thanks ForgeHUB.
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    7. agony ZENITH
      agony ZENITH
      I vote up for that!
      Race nights sounds a lot of fun :hot:
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    8. Kenjamin1 MI
      Kenjamin1 MI
      Cool! AGZ and I will be available for Racing! I may be able to drive tonight (Fri.Mar.9) Msg me if you see me on.
    9. Kenjamin1 MI
      Kenjamin1 MI
      Because only the contest map authors are paying attention to this contest...
      Here are the remaining maps #16 - #30 from the Judges live stream Part 2.

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