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Gametype Feature: FURY

Discussion in 'Features' started by AlexVan123, Dec 21, 2016.

By AlexVan123 on Dec 21, 2016 at 1:19 PM
  1. AlexVan123

    AlexVan123 Halo Customs

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    Ever since Halo 3, warming up has been a bit lack luster. A few members from the community have Octagon gametypes, but the gametypes have missed the mark with so many players. It's easy to simply spawn-trap your opponents, but what does that accomplish? Players have also tried aiming arenas, but those often fail to properly work, unless done properly. How can players train in a way that definitively works?

    Nitro, along with the other members of the Creative Force team, are back. This time, they're releasing a new gametype built for warming up called Fury. Put simply, Fury is a multi-round scenario based game, intended for the players who want a quick 10 min plus warmup game. Fury uses a unique script set up called a Multi-Round Sequencer to change the scenario each time the round ends. For instance, on one of the maps Creative Force built for the mode, Titan (link below), one round players will be battling it out CQC style with shotguns and Battle Rifles. However, once the next round begins, players may be working to snipe their opponents in a long range mini-map.


    Titan features Breakout aesthetics and mini-maps that feature some similar experiences like that of what players expect from the Official Breakout playlist in matchmaking. Typical Breakout weapons are included, like Splinter grenades, Shotguns, and more.

    The experience on Titan is extremely unique. Players start the match in an Octagon, which is meant to train aiming skills. Once the round ends, players are sent to a CQC room, with BRs on the sides and a shotgun dominating in the middle. More rooms exist beyond that too, such as a long range sniper level, an indoor midrange map, and more.


    I got the chance to sit down with Nitro, here's what he had to say about Fury.

    Alex: Hey Nitro!

    Nitro: Hey Alex!

    Alex: What inspired Fury? What is it that made you want to make this?

    Nitro: So Fury is the Gametype that I conceived back in Halo Reach and never executed correctly. I was young in the ways of forge and had BIG dreams. I developed a multi-level warmup level based on the same concept you're viewing here today. With Reach, we weren't blessed with the robust scripting system that we have today. Back then, I created 3 different arenas that filled that void that Octagon could never fill with me. Octagon, in my opinion is a terrible way to warm-up your aim and movement abilities. I used drop-spawn timers and teleporters to change the player's based on time. It worked flawlessly, but my forge skills were still reaching beginner levels.

    Fast forward to the present, Creative Force and I worked on the concept that was based on my concept from Halo: Reach. We learned some nifty scripting skills that would allow us to block spawns with invisible blockers, which paved the way for Titan. Titan wasn't our first map to play with Fury, we originally had another which we quickly learned that piece count was going to be our enemy. Thus, we moved on created Titan and I must say that I couldn't have done it without the Creative Force team.


    Alex: Is each level meant to train a specific skill?

    Nitro: Each level is actually to engage to players warmup various levels of skill. With octagon, it's purely aim. As the rounds progress, you're challenged with different weapon sets, different rules of engagement, and various choices to make to place your team on the top. Say for instance, you and your teammates are the best with close quarter combat engagements but you're terrible with sniper. You know that you must win in the rounds that favor your play style, if that isn't the case, you're looking into loss my friend.

    Alex: Did any inspiration from Breakout come into play at all with this mode?

    Nitro: Even though Fury wasn't inspired by Breakout, I do feel that Fury was meant to engage players to different level of intensity in a shorter amount of time. It's round based similar to Breakout, but the point to rounds in Fury were meant for pure competition. Let's remember how Octagon is played, its a single round octagon level that could last anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes, depending on the gametype setup. After playing an match, you felt exhausted with Octagon, it stimulated one level of engagement and never explored the fact players were wanting some more.

    So the great thing about Fury is let's say you lost the Octagon level on Titan, when the round ended you know that beating could be reversed in round 2 because you play better with a SMG and BR vs using only the Magnum. This can continue on until someone reaches 5 rounds won. I recently watched @Naded play Fury and his match lasted over 30 minutes because he and his opponent kept ending each round in a tie due to the level of competitiveness they were creating.


    Alex: How can other content creators make maps for this mode?

    Nitro: Simple, I would suggest that you use a minimum of 3 maps. Any less would defeat the purpose of what you're trying to achieve with Fury. We actually had another map prior to Titan but we quickly learned even with a 1600 object limit, piece usage can run out fast. So we started over with Titan using nothing but Breakout pieces. So you'll notice that some of the levels still instilled the breakout pieces fully, like the Sniper level. We wanted to see how many maps that we could create into one, with the least amount of piece usage. Even with the Breakout pieces, we wanted to make the levels come alive on Titan.

    Now with object limit out of the way, it was really complex actually prior to Monitors Bounty update. Prior I created a script that would check two different power states and would despawn an invisible blocker when those conditions of power states were met and it received it's message on another channel. Reason why this was so complex, the work around we were was using took nearly 155 scripts on the map. Now, with the Monitor's Bounty update, we no longer need to use invisible blockers to block spawns and we are now using 8 scripts total. It's insane how much effort is reduced with one update. Here's the prefab of the Script Brains that make Fury work - https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/...=&gamertag=Ray+Benefield&lastmodifiedfilter=0

    There are a few caveats to the prefab setup, you'll need to set the amount of rounds in round manager (Titan has 7) as well as setting the correct spawn order to spawns beginning with 1. So Round 1 spawns equal to spawn order number 1, not zero.

    I know this isn't a tutorial per say, but if you need help setting up your own, please feel free to contact me. I will gladly help!


    Alex: Do you expect eSports players to pick up on this mode with their teammates to help them train?

    Nitro: I sure hope so. My background in the competitive forge community and designing levels based for MLG and HCS, I felt compelled back in Halo: Reach to provide something to the Pro Players as my gift to them. With my inability to fully create something to show them back then, over the years I've worked on refining my skills in level design and in hopes that one day I could create something special.

    Titan was a labor of love from the Creative Force team and I could never thank the entire team enough, who whole heartedly that supported the idea from day 1. It's been a long 6 months since we created the first Multi-Level squencer to what we presented to the public a few weeks ago as Titan (Map) and Fury (Gametype). It's been a wild ride and I am stoked to finally see my idea from Halo Reach finally come to life with the help from the Creative Force team and fellow members of the Halo Forge community.

    Alex: Thanks for sitting down with me.

    Nitro: Sure thing! Thank you for taking the time to feature this!

    I personally want to take this time here to thank the ForgeHub staff and community with this project. This project has taken countless hours of forging, testing, refining, and more testing and more forging. In the future, I hope that more maps will pop up and support Fury. It's clearly one of my favorite things to do in Halo right now and I'm not saying this because it's something that I created, it's something that the community has inspired me to create since 2010 and now finally have the chance to play it.

    I hope you guys get the chance to play Titan. I do believe there's a good chance that you'll want to rematch your opponent, because it's something that hasn't been done before and clearly is here now for everyone to enjoy.

    Thanks again, see you all on the battlefield! -Nitro

    You can find the map post for Titan, the pilot map for Fury, here.
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Discussion in 'Features' started by AlexVan123, Dec 21, 2016.

    1. Duke of Mearl
    2. Nitro
    3. AlexVan123
      Thanks man!
    4. Katanga
      Really well deserved feature. Titan is technically very impressive, both in its build efficiency and scripting, and offers so many different encounters. Fury as a game mode oozes potential from every pore, and already it's making fantastic use of it.
    5. Nitro
      I meant to give you thanks on the review that you left for Titan. We really do appreciate it. As of right now, the map is at 499 Bookmarks. Wow. Making something that was new, unique and gaining this many bookmarks makes me want to believe we did something right. There were a few days when I felt exhausted over Titan, but I am happy that we pushed through with it.

      On another note, I know that a few people are already creating their own Fury maps. Asking me for help with setting up the spawning and such. So hopefully in the near future, we get to play more than just Titan and maybe even 4v4 setup? So who knows! Thanks again man, truly appreciate it.
    6. GreyMuffinBass
      I made a new gametype called "Acquisition", it is like RISK in Halo 5 :)
      If you wanna check that out, here's the link.

      Your mode "Fury" is amazing. Changing weapon starts is definitely something new and crazy :D
      10/10 Muffins :3
      Nitro likes this.
    7. MythicFritz
      I love seeing this pop up in the custom game browser, joining, and getting totally schooled.

      Joined one last night that added snipers as a secondary and played 4v4. It was, not bad.
      Nitro likes this.
    8. Nitro
      That sounds amazingly fun. Furious, would coin the term for this madness. :)

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