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    Hello and welcome to another update on Forgotten Fort, a custom games map coming to Halo 5. As previously stated this map is heavily influenced by the gears of war franchise and you maybe able to find a few nice easter eggs and nods towards the franchise and its characters.

    Although Forgotten Fort is inspired by Gears its gameplay isn't, the map will be focused on classic gameplay however the standard Halo 5 gameplay is also a option.

    In the coming months I will require some volunteers to play test my map before its released. Currently I've not decided on what modes will be supported, however the following will be at launch.

    .Capture the Flag

    To perhaps persuade you to help me play test here is a short trailer I have made to give you a general outlook on what the map will look like.

    If you would like to volunteer to play test you can message me on Xbox, Twitter or here on forgehub. Just include your gamertag.

    As a playtester you will also be included in the upcoming gameplay trailer as well as being on a "special thanks" list that will list anyone who helped me launch the map. (Unless you would prefer to opt-out)

    Here is the link to my Twitter, where you'll find all and any updates on current and future projects.
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