Forgers Favorites Winners - October

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    FIRST PLACE - 3 Votes

    Keep Up is a 1v1 map from @xzamplez and @CertifiedChamp. They've packed a lot of gameplay within the close quarters of these walls. Reminiscent of classic PC FPS maps, Keep Up encourages players to be constantly cycling through the map. The players must drop down to obtain some pickups, and rise back up to get others. While maneuvering around, you must watch your step though, because while there are many places with no ceilings, there are nearly as many with no floors.

    Keep Up is a unique offering in Halo 5. It feels like a map out of time, meant for another era of games and players. To its credit, it feels fresh rather than stale. There's literally nothing like it that I've seen in this game. It's worthy of your attention.

    SECOND PLACE - 2 Votes

    Hoodlum by @CertifiedChamp is a fantastic 4v4 map. Though I've heard it compared to Turf, it reminds me more of another Halo 2 map, which goes by the name of Terminal. Regardless of WHICH map it reminds a person of, the fact that setting virtual foot on it reminds someone of Halo maps from the past speaks volumes. If you're looking for a classic 4v4 Halo experience, Hoodlum is a map you need to have.

    SECOND PLACE - 2 Votes

    Pioneer from @Squally DaBeanz rounds out the winning batch of core maps this month that are each like a blast from the past. In Pioneer, Squally has constructed perhaps the best 8v8 map we've seen in years. It has everything that BTB'ers love. Both attacking and defending are tremendous fun. Don't miss out on this gem of a map.


    Thanks to all who participated this month. Please visit the map threads - Download, Like, Comment, Play, and Review the maps.

    Forgers Favorites will be back again in early December. Any maps posted since the beginning of May will continue to be eligible, so take some time to check out the work of your fellow forgers, and be prepared to share your favorites.
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