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ForgeHub Super Collab: 35 Person Co-Forge!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ascend Hyperion, Mar 15, 2017.

By Ascend Hyperion on Mar 15, 2017 at 7:17 PM
  1. Ascend Hyperion

    Ascend Hyperion Speaker for The Dead
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    Have you ever wanted to be a part of the iconic story of Frankenstein? Have you ever wanted to take a ton of smaller parts, and stitch them together to form one hideously monstrous whole!? Have you ever wanted to lose countless hours of sleep contemplating the consequences of your decisions?!

    Well do I have news for you!

    Announcing the ForgeHub Super Collab. With your help, we're going to construct a map using parts from 35 unique forgers!

    Ascend, are you crazy? How are you gonna do that?

    Thanks for asking! Each forger that participates will create a prefab section of the map within a 64x64 area. They will have a 40 item constraint and will design their section to fit in with the map as a whole just like a puzzle piece.

    Ascend, why are you yelling so much? And how can we..



    Alrighty, here's the low down. We're going to create a BTB map using assets from 35 different forgers. In order to make this simple and easy, each participant will have a 40 item limit for their section of the map and each section will measure 64x64. There are also four styles of section each player can decide to make. The four styles resemble puzzle pieces and this is to ensure that sections of the map can be brought together cleanly. Forgers that want to participate will submit their sections by submitting in this thread as well as tagging their prefabbed section, "4chub Collab". Once all the submissions are received I will assemble the beast live on stream and we will play on it right after.

    The goal of this project is to have a little fun and promote some interaction here in our community. We're building this monster together after-all!


    What Do I Make?

    Like mentioned before, you must create a section of the map that measures 64x64, uses at most 40 pieces and that follows one of the four patterns below. Other than that, you have complete creative freedom in terms of theme and such.

    There is no overarching theme so do whatever you want!

    The section styles are these:​

    (4-Way, 2-way, Corner, Ramp)
    4-Way: This is any section that allows players to freely move in the four cardinal directions.

    2-Way: These will force players to move in a straight line.

    Corner: These sections force players to make a turn. Corners do not need to be right-angles.

    Ramps: Any piece that allows for vertical movement to another tier. The ramp does not need to be identical to the example shown here.

    While the directions must be clear, you are allowed to fill out the space how you see fit. This allows you to add verticality and obstructions to the spaces.

    Want to design your piece to mesh with a friends? No problem! Be sure to include the info of who's section you would like to be merged to in the final build.


    How Do I Submit?

    To enter your piece into the collab, simply follow the format below:

    Section Name (Section Type)
    Link to Prefab
    *Be sure to tag your file with the tag, "4chub Collab"
    Gamertag of Merge Preference (If Applicable)
    Their Section Name (Their Section Type)


    When Is The Deadline?

    It's soon! The deadline is Thursday, March 23rd by 5:00 PM CST. Given that this is not a huge project as an individual, this should be plenty of time to hammer this out.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Don't be shy! Let's build this monster together.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ascend Hyperion, Mar 15, 2017.

    1. ArturBloodshot
      Nice! I'm in. Gonna update this post once ny entry is done
      The Omicron and Ascend Hyperion like this.
    2. InvokingTexan
      When the submissions have been made, the prefabs bookmarked, the live stream set up, and the forge session loaded, this little community "collaboration" will end in fiery ruin. And when the dust has settled, the people who bore witness to the construction of your monstrosity, Hyperion, will ask one simple question... "what have you done, you mad man?"

    3. SaltyKoala
    4. MultiLockOn
    5. Rex Journey
      Rex Journey
      Is there no height limit?
      That being the case, one could theoretically make a 4 story piece that wouldn't likely get used, where as having a height limit would give more of an idea as to the vertical scaling to the said map.​
      Is the 64x64 size intended for the edges of the walls or the edges of the pieces?
      Some forgers may use the larger objects to stick out with some detail inside the map which may bleed into other sections of the map.​
      Would it be possible to create background elements for the map that are bigger then the 64x64 but still maintain the 40 piece limit?
      I can very easily seeing myself creatin mountains or skyscrapers just so there could be a bit of a skybox on the map itself.​
      Would we be able to create multiple levels to a section or semi unique pieces?
      For example we could make something similar to a tower with multiple cross sections within.​

      These are just a few opinions I had upon looking at this

      Ascend Hyperion likes this.
    6. Agatio
      This is really cool. I'll do something. So the theme can be anything :) hehheh
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    7. CaptainDireWolf
      I'm equally fearful and intrigued. Whaaaaaaaat. Don't know if I'll be able to make the deadline, but I'll see what I can do.
    8. Agent Zero85
      Agent Zero85
      it cannot go outside the 64x64 space.
      It would be a waste to make your plot a skybox/dead space.
      You can do what you want, but you may be hated for having multi level.
      --- Double Post Merged, Mar 16, 2017 ---
      Gamertag- Agent Zero85
      Section- 4 way
      Link to Prefab- Will edit.
      Merge Preference- Center of map
    9. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      You are technically correct, there is no height limit. This is to allow for the potential of several tiers. Ramp pieces could be in abundance and other pieces that incorporate verticality will need to be able to interact with others. A height constraint may have become too limiting on some designs.

      64x64 is the boundry marker for the sections. If you wanna see it in action, spawn a 64x64 block and build inside that as your guide.

      Considering that most of these pieces are gonna have different themes, there will be much bleeding lol. I'm gonna do my best to fit pieces together in a way that isn't too jarring. I did think about skybox elements at first, but I wanted to give the greatest number of forgers the most reasonable amount of pieces to work on with their section. 35 people, with 40 a piece was my conclusion. Allowing for a skybox element section would have taken away from this.

      Your example of a tower that functions as a four-way is a great idea. That would be just fine. The constraint is that the sections need to fit into the section categories. That doesn't mean their limited to being flat.
      --- Double Post Merged, Mar 16, 2017 ---
      The center of the map is placed by me as the start point. Would you like to be merged to the center piece?
      Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
    10. straymorais
      yo can i help.
      --- Double Post Merged, Mar 16, 2017 ---
      yo can BAUER help?
      and can my chick Tiffany help?

      Attached Files:

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    11. Agent Zero85
      Agent Zero85
      Yes, my turret will be waiting.
      Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
      Sounds fun. And kinda weird, but I'll play:)

      Maybe I've missed this but on what canvas are you going to build? So that we can adjust lighting and such to that particular canvas.
    13. Drakua
      Ascend Hyperion likes this.
    14. Dunco
      This is gonna be a cluster****.

      It might be cool if the criteria was each person make a prefab building structure with their 40 pieces and then put them together to make a forge city, "The Hub"
      PharmaGangsta1 likes this.
    15. Max Extra
      Max Extra
      Sounds like you want to make a city sewer system to me
    16. Unfound
      Ascend Hyperion likes this.
    17. WARHOLIC
      Hmmm...I can barely co-forge. Not going to work for me.
    18. Sludgeworth
      I mean... what could possibly go wrong?
    19. TimeDipper
      "4-Way: This is any section that allows players to freely move in the four cardinal directions."

      Can I make the 4-Way have a hole in the ground so players can move in 5 directions?

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