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Forgehub Presents: 4v4 Evolved Tournament

Discussion in 'Articles' started by qrrby, Jul 17, 2018.

By qrrby on Jul 17, 2018 at 2:01 PM
  1. qrrby

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    Welcome (back) to Forgehub, your place for all things forge-related. We're proud to announce that with the help of Battlepro and a few passionate forgers, our 4v4 Evolved Tournament is finally kicking off!

    I'll start with an introduction to these 'new' settings, and the goals behind them from our very own S0UL FLAME:

    Previous Halo titles have had issues where the vanilla individual doesn't have enough potential to effectively pull off significant plays. After Halo CE, the player’s utility weapon soon became weaker and weaker against anyone with a more well-equipped arsenal. Editing the overall health of a Spartan makes it so the utility weapon of Halo 5, the Magnum, now requires one less headshot to kill an opponent. To explain this further, standard shields break when you fire four consecutive Magnum shots into an enemy, followed by an additional three body shots to knock out their health. In Evolved, the shot count has been flipped; three shots to the shields will break them, and four additional body shots will complete the kill. In order for this to work, we had to increase the player’s health to 150% to accommodate for the decreased shield percentage which is now at 70%. With this change, the “PKT” (Perfect Kill Time) of the Magnum becomes a speedy 0.9 seconds instead of a somewhat weighty 1.2 seconds. The “AKT” (Average Kill Time) remains the same clocking in at around 1.8 seconds, thus enforcing the idea that you should always aim for the perfect kill. With this change, individual power increases by a large margin. As soon as you spawn, your ability to create and carry out scenarios becomes way more apparent given your skill set. To put it simply, if you're an experienced player with good aim you may never have to worry about being extremely stacked.

    Evolved has edited the base movement speed to 110% along with amping the strafe and forward acceleration to 130%. Your Spartan can duck and weave like a madman all while combating your opponent. Not only that, but the jump height and gravity of the player has been altered to 120% and 110% respectively. Combine this with your speedy movement and flexible strafe, and you’ll have yourself some solid classic mobility. No Spartan Abilities required!

    All the old methods of strafing have been juiced; Ghandi Hopping, Crouch Strafing, Lazy Strafe, Stop & Go, Zig Zag, the Figure 8 and more. Jumps that would require a Clamber in default can now be smoothly executed with a hop, allowing you to fire your weapon in any given direction. The level of control is more open to the player, and with that all of the forced animations of Halo 5 are gone. You can once again achieve maximum movement and combat potential at the exact same time.

    This is the easy to learn, yet hard to master type of movement that Halo has come to be known for. If you're a sweaty fan of the original trilogy, nostalgia should kick right in!

    Evolved has cut out the extra bells and whistles in regards to Halo 5’s current melee system. Melee now solely functions as you’ve come to expect. Two straight punches, or a simple three shot melee combo. Oh, and don't forget that your ability to perform a satisfying old school ninja just came back as well.

    Frags and Stickies have had many blast radius increases over the years, especially when talking base Halo 5. Since players no longer have the ability to Thrust or Sprint in order to evade them, the power needs to be accounted for. A modest 70% explosive radius recreates the grenades of Halo 2 and 3. However, the speed and strafe of Evolved allows players to avoid them much more efficiently.

    Throwing a grenade or lunging for a melee now requires a bit more forethought. The power of the Magnum’s 4-shot capabilities can keep these in check as much as the other tools in the sandbox. As such, grenades and melee become a whole lot more situational, allowing the gunplay to truly shine.

    In the olden days of classic arena shooters, you had a utility weapon, a shotgun, a beam-like rifle of sorts, a sniper, some alternate explosive weapon, and a rocket launcher that nobody could live without. In addition, there were health power-ups that boosted your maximum numerical intake and armor that reduces incoming damage.

    In CE, the arena-like weaponry aspect was changed. The utility was split into a powerful but difficult pistol, along with a spammy yet inaccurate assault rifle. The alternate explosives became grenades, the beam-like rifle became the Plasma Rifle that stunned your momentum, so on and so forth. All of it was changed and back then people loved it.
    Evolved has sought out to recreate a mix of both weapon sandbox concepts. Six weapons that imitate the aspects of arena shooters, along with power-ups that give three times your shield capacity or make you invisible. We like to go by the less is more mentality. No weapons within Evolved’s sandbox crush each other's toes, and each weapon is perfectly able to be used effectively.

    Timing weapons has also become more streamlined. All power weapons now spawn statically, which lessons the randomized factor of players focusing on controlling the weapon’s newest spawn. Along with this, all pick-ups keep a consistent spawn time and ammo count in between maps.


    Now to the meat and potatoes of the tournament, our Forgers and their custom-tailored maps.

    Each map has gone under at least two months of rigorous (and admittedly not so rigorous) testing. Among these testers were experienced forgers alike, highly skilled players, and the general public of the Customs Browser. All of this feedback was used to tune each map into its specific role linked to our various gametypes.

    All the maps included in this contest are locked in, but we are always looking for more! If you have any maps you believe are clean, of good quality, and fit the aforementioned settings and design -- feel free to send them our way. Should these maps meet the same standard or better than the current selection, they could make it into future tournaments!










    Ever since early to mid 2016, I've been trying find a way to produce and play a more classic
    take on Halo 5. Old School Settings had inspired me to push for something higher that could be enjoyed at a more competitive level. I did not create Evolved, I merely inherited it. That honor goes to SMARTAN 427 and S0UL FLAME for paving the way to where we are now.

    I wanted to soft reboot what seemed to be another dying attempt at such an endeavour. I loved playing Old School, and I loved playing early Evolved. I was and still am the kind of person who envelops himself with competitively focused gametypes (MLG, Gold Pro, etc.), so I already had a plan for how i’d do things my way. I favor simplicity and balance, forcing complex ideas is the last thing I want to do. This tournament marks the beginning of “Evolved v1”, which means we're only just getting started. I hope to gather a substantial amount of feedback from both Forgers and players alike, because in a way we're building these settings together. Share your opinion and be harsh, all feedback is good feedback. Things such as traits, rules, weapons, and maps are all tunable factors that can be or are already subject to change. Me and everyone else working on this project have big plans for v2, and I think that I can speak for all of us in that we welcome your support and passion to play some well-made classic competitive Halo.

    v2 will be the amalgamation of both heavy testing and shiny polish. There's a lot planned and I'd rather not spoil it, but I will say it's not going to be easy. If you are interested in submitting maps and or testing other people's maps, helping develop Evolved, or just want to play some solid customs, please by all means message me on whatever. In order for this to be the best it can
    be, we need a dedicated group of testers.

    This tournament represents the hope that I have for not only just sites such as Forgehub or Team Beyond, but also whatever remains of the Halo 5 community. Without this, we would never be able to round up enough motivation to test settings and make custom tailored maps. I'd just like to thank the staff, as well as the Forgers who dedicated their time to play and create for this event (as well as Evolved in general). If it wasn’t for Qrrby’s interest and Warholic’s generosity, this tournament would have never happened.

    Here's to the upcoming matches and the future of Evolved!
    -HeX Reapers​

    More details regarding the prize pools and scheduling for the tournament can be found on BattlePro.com!​
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by qrrby, Jul 17, 2018.

    1. Kell Of Scots
      Kell Of Scots
      Extended magazine magnum or riot.
    2. eLantern
      Pretty neat stuff and an excellent post. As someone who enjoyed Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2 during their primary life-cycles more than what Halo 3 and Reach offered I find some interest in giving this a try, but as someone who's become a huge fan of the direction of Halo thanks to what Halo 5 has provided us I'm not sure this is something I can see myself playing all that much. Nevertheless, I'm greatly intrigued by the custom maps (they look absolutely fantastic) and the concept behind some of the decisions such as buffing the damage of the utility weapon and featuring those specific power weapons/power-ups also generates some mild interest too. I'll keep an eye out on the custom games browser for any lobbies that have less than 8 players.
    3. Mags
      Is there a prize or is this just for the title, with possible prizes for future tournaments
      Soldat Du Christ likes this.
    4. Max Extra
      Max Extra
      Tournament information and specifics can be found on the battlepro page for the tournament.
    5. S0UL FLAME
      S0UL FLAME
      Max too fast
    6. Mags
      Thanks yeah kind of figured that out immediately after asking
    7. MartianMallCop
      If I get some time I may spend some time to design a map for this game type. Could be fun
      HeX Reapers and qrrby like this.
    8. MartianMallCop
    9. CertifiedChamp
    10. qrrby
      After seeing many projects fail due to releasing early/incomplete, I'm happy with your response haha
      CertifiedChamp and HeX Reapers like this.
    11. Blaze
      Love this! the gametype seems like something we absolutely need right now! I hope that lots of people play this.
      This may make me touch up a couple designs and maybe even get some new in the works! Great job everyone involved!

      Side note, so glad to see the additional prizes. That should be fun to see and encourage people to take some clips.
    12. SgtSlaphead
      Evolved straight up made me want to make and finish maps again! It's so nice to have smooth refined game play that isn't frustrating to design around.
    13. Soldat Du Christ
      Soldat Du Christ
      Nice layouts slaphead, what software did you use to make those?
      SgtSlaphead likes this.
    14. SgtSlaphead
      Thanks I appreciate it! I went around the maps taking dimensions and drew them out on Adobe Illustrator.
      Soldat Du Christ likes this.
    15. Blaze
      I haven't played it yet but it's getting me excited for sure.

      Wonderful job on the top downs by the way!
      SgtSlaphead likes this.
    16. SgtSlaphead
      Blaze likes this.
      Looking for a team. Anyone?
      suso and SgtSlaphead like this.
    18. Portaleer
      This looks and sounds epic!
      qrrby and SgtSlaphead like this.
    19. SgtSlaphead
      If I wasn't busy I'd be down to sweat!

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