ForgeHub Newsfeed: 4/22/2022 [Forge Beta Release Date]

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    Forge (Beta) Release date and Season 2 News!

    Hey everybody, today's article is going to be very sparse. Tonight we received the article we've all been waiting for, the Roadmap. This roadmap showed all of what Season 2 has currently planned for it's lifecycle. Sadly it seems we're in for another 6 month season, I know a lot of you don't want to hear that but we can get through this as Forge is set to release in Open Beta in September, which will allow everyone to create their maps finally in Halo Infinite!

    According to 343i and our very own Staff member and Forge Councilor Ducain 23, the beta will persist forward so our maps and modes will transfer once Forge is released. The best thing I could summarize from this is more than likely the beta version will be put into the main title instead of flighted but that's from context clues and word of mouth, if there is more concrete answers on that I'll update this thread to make sure everyone is fully updated on the site!

    Video Discussing everything:

    Without further ado here is the roadmap!


    On top of the conventional roadmap drops there will also be "Drop Pods" That will drop QOL improvements and possibly content, let's hope for an Infection Drop Pod in October for the Forge Beta!

    Thank you, everyone, for tuning into this newsfeed, as I stated earlier this one is a little sparse on content for new stuff, however here is some stuff in case you missed it!

    Season 2 map flythroughs of Catalyst and Breaker:

    Blog link to in detail description of new modes and other features such as cross core customization:


    Outcomes report/Cross-Core: Season 1 Outcomes Report – Live | Halo - Official Site (en) (

    Flooded past


    On another note! MCC recently got a new update adding flood firefight, Custom game browser support to all games, and various other bug fixes! We've been using the custom game browser to set up lobbies on dedicated servers for our ForgeHub Game nights so if you're ever wondering on how to get in now you can either message me or just look for our "ForgeHub Saturdays" post on the custom game browser (When it's MCC)
    Saturdays at 7pm EST]

    Final Thoughts

    Everyone is undoubtedly disappointed to hear that we're in for another 6-month long season, with that being said though we all have to keep each other held up and make our own fun through this time of waiting, Forge is practically right around the corner, with that we'll finally be able to release our creative thoughts into a new Halo game and hopefully give the game more life throughout the 6 month season, that's right, you've been drafted to forge some maps!!! Haha, just messing around, for real though we need to all be ready to crank some maps out and get ready to playtest, as we can help keep the community afloat in the downtime with that, who knows, maybe we'll create a very popular Battle Royal mode or even a new minigame everyone want to play, only time will tell. Till then, I bid everyone a good day/night
    Till next time my friends
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by I Crush All, Apr 22, 2022.

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