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By I Crush All on Jun 12, 2022 at 2:47 PM
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    Hey everybody and welcome back to ForgeHub! It's been a while since we've done one of these newsfeeds so it's quite refreshing; for anyone who hasn't seen one of these before this pretty much summarizes all the recent Halo news that's come out over the course of a few weeks, however, in this case, it'll be a few months and any news to come out of today's showcase!
    Recap, what you may have missed!

    Roadmap for Infinite!

    Back in May at the start of Season 2 343i Launched the roadmap for Season 2, showing that a lot of features would be coming in soon, including Forge in September! This is huge news as now Forge will launch in Season 2 (In Beta) rather than us getting our hands on it in Season 3 (November)!

    There will also be Co-Op (Network), Sandbox items, and other content still to be announced and seen




    June Drop Pod
    This Month's drop pod is focusing on fixes for Quality of Life improvements for UI and other elements of overall player ease of access., Menu load times, and Ranked improvements.

    Some highlights are:

    - Ranked now tries to match you with people as close to your CSR as possible

    - Vehicle Health increases across the board

    - General stability improvements for all versions of the game on Xbox One


    Now for all the new news from the Xbox Showcase today!


    Flight Simulator Pelican! Flight Simulator Pelican! Flight Simulator Pelican!
    Haha in all seriousness though, you will soon be able to take to the skies, and space in your favorite Human Transport Ship from the Halo franchise, and it'll also bring space as a new place you can fly! With all that info it looks like we will have to wait a little bit longer for any new news of the rumored content we've been hearing about for some time. Hopefully that'll come sooner rather than later so we can all have more content to play around with!


    Final Thoughts
    Some final stuff before we go, the Fracture event, Entrenched, returns this upcoming week for Halo Infinite, and will now allow us to get to tier 20 (If you got to tier 10 in the prior week), so be sure to grind out those challenges for more free cosmetics! These news feeds are going to more than likely start pretty sparse as time goes on, as news is limited other than drop pods and anything newsworthy that demands an article/summary. Hope everyone enjoyed this newsfeed, please leave us feedback below so we can better improve your reading experience here!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by I Crush All, Jun 12, 2022.

    1. Preacher001
      Let's be honest the only update we want from 343 at this point is a full Infinite Forge editor demo. I can't believe that neither showcase even gave us a teaser for the new Forge with a date for an upcoming breakdown. It's atrocious that we are going on 2 years from the date originally scheduled for the Forge showcase let alone that it's releasing almost a full year after launch.

      Also how about some footage of co-op in action. The feature obviously is up and running and even if it isn't perfect surely stringing 30-60 seconds of the best footage wouldn't be a stretch and fans would eat it up.

      343 just don't seem to understand the importance of showing their work when making people wait far beyond what is acceptable.
    2. I Crush All
      I Crush All

      We were never told Forge was going to get shown at any point prior to Infinite Launching and definitely not at the showcase, Forge has always been shown off closer to its launch (look at Halo 5's for example).
    3. Preacher001
      @I Crush All

      It wasn't at the main showcase it was upcoming in August which they cancelled a couple weeks prior to the showcase since 343 suddenly announced they were pushing launch back.

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