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    The final day is upon us all! One final effort is all that remains! This is where our world ends, and the great journey begins! Welcome, all, to the final ForgeHub News Feed before our great journey into Forge!

    With this news feed, we will be covering everything you could've missed for the Winter Update, along with crucial points on the Forge Q&A that were talked about. Without further a do, let's jump in!

    Quick News

    Before we actually start off, we know you guys have been eager to see what the first contest would be and what we will be doing with the discord/site from here on. For starters, we have been on two podcasts recently discussing that and some other Forge topics as well you can view those |Here| and for the last one, check out Podtacular tonight!

    Some bullet points for you guys, we're planning to announce a contest the week of the 21st of November and will correlate that with the launch of our new site. Also you're currently able to see our new logo on our Twitter and discord, that will also be the new logo here on the site soon!

    Ok, news time!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But my mind is not at rest, for questions linger on

    This week we got a huge blog detailing everything that was a main topic/asking point of Forge from Community Members. This blog is pretty extensive, so we will be running down the basics that we're able to do to summarize it for you, otherwise, you can catch that blog here:

    Halo Infinite | Forge Beta FAQ | Halo - Official Site (en) (

    Many of the questions have been around future features to the Forge tool, most of which revolve around objects we can place, but also a few features that would allow custom imports of terrain, textures, or items. This has been squashed as there is a huge moderation issue that could come up with that, along with the other reason 343i gave for this being canned. However, we did get confirmation on a lot of stuff that's being worked on. The stuff being worked on is as follows:

    • Campaign A.I being placable and usable in Forge.
    • Covenant/Banished and Flood Textures
    • Node graph being able to save/make custom game types
    • HCS and Matchmaking additions of Forge Maps (With time, similar to Halo 5 this will take time)
    • Editing on Dev Maps
    • Water being placeable/added

    These additions above will be coming in later, of course, but even with just those, we have a lot to look forward to with future Forge Updates; that's not even including any new canvases.

    Some things mentioned, however, definitely do stick out as questionable things. We won't be able to Forge on Dev maps for a while it seems; maybe there were weird crashes or something else, but for now, it looks like we will have to wait a bit to Forge on dev maps. There was also confirmation within the Q&A that Co-Forge will be present with up to 8 players; however, due to a bug found in Cert Testing last minute, you will not be permitted to Join in progress once a session has begun. custom powerups were another function discussed, of which the custom powerup was explained as something we can create ourselves with the power of Nodegraph and custom equipment!

    The final part I'll speak on from this article is something just to set expectations; in the article, it is explicitly said that this build of Forge, the "Beta" build, will contain bugs that the team knows of and are actively working on, these bugs will be squashed with time, so don't expect a bug-free experience on launch.

    The Custom Games browser was also re-mentioned to be coming out in Season 3, targeting March 7th

    Content Content Content

    We also got a look into the battle pass and other content coming with the Winter Update starting with the battle pass.


    This is the entire battle pass that will be present on the launch of the Winter Update. Quite the amount of pretty content for our Spartans to wear! With this look into the battle pass we also got our first look at Match XP and how it will function, main take-aways is that it will be based off performance and if you win or lose in the match, but it will not be the only way to unlock XP for progression, it will work alongside the current challenge system. The challenge system has also got updated recently, which is now more player friendly. These changes are as followed.

    Challenges are universal and can be completed anywhere in matchmaking rather than in 1 playlist.
    Challenges are more streamlined, and less of the annoying ones are present
    The weekly Ultimate challenges required have been reduced from 20 to 10

    These changes should allow everyone to enjoy their Halo Infinite experience a lot more than they currently are as they aren't being told how to play the game for rewards anymore. We will also be getting the addition of Local Region Matchmaking from Halo 5 and improved CSR and other ranked rulings. Alongside all this, in the update, we will also be getting the release of the Co-Op Campaign, which comes along with 4 player Co-Op and more achievements! Overall this update is pretty packed and will hopefully be able to hold us over until March, especially with the Winter Contingency and Joint Fire Events planned to occur throughout the Seasonal Update.

    As the last bit here, the sandbox is also getting some adjustments to the weaponry, which goes as follows:
    • Plasma Pistol
    - Damage Increase
    - Increased Tracking Angle
    - Increased Velocity of Charged shot

    • Pulse Carbine
    - Increased Velocity
    - Decreased tracking angle
    - Increased Target Leading
    - Increased margin of error radius for projectiles

    • VK78 Commando
    -Increased Aim Assist
    - Increased Bullet Magnetism to Had
    - Increased general Bullet Magnetism
    - Decreased error angle for projectiles

    • BR75
    - Headshot prioritization reduced
    - Bullet Magnetism reduced overall
    - Falloff range reduced (I think this is bullet travel?)

    • Disruptor
    - Increased Mag size from 10 to 12

    Snap Sliding has also been removed; frag grenades have been given a longer detonation time.

    The "Red Reticle" will also be returning alongside some desync fixes in the future. And that's just about everything for the Winter Update; now, onto our next section!

    Searching for something?


    The new Content Browser has been fully shown off for Halo Waypoint; this will be there on November 8th with Forge and will allow you to bookmark Maps and Gamemodes just like we could with the old Waypoint and the old Bungie site as well. This will also allow you to share your content here on the site, so be sure to save those links into your map files here on ForgeHub!

    End Transmission

    Quite the long article today, right? There was one point I forgot to mention above, and that was Halo 4's 10th anniversary; with this anniversary came a small update to MCC which is the message of the day detailing that Campaign and Spartan Ops theater support will be coming soon for the game. Even if it wasn't one of your favorites in the series, this is still great to see all of the MCC additions we're receiving post-launch! Happy Birthday, Halo 4!

    As we start our Forge Journeys on Tuesday, I hope to see all of your great creations soon!
    Kinda fitting that the day before Forge comes out is 117 day (11/7 or 01/17 works for this) so as the chief said all the way back in CE, "No, I think we're just getting started".

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