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    We're going to kick off 2017 by hosting an official customs lobby called 'ForgeHub Fridays' to celebrate the incredible work made by our community! Can you guess when our fist lobby will be hosted? If you said Friday, then you are one sharp dude! You don't have to be a forger to jump in these custom games, anyone and everyone is welcome to join. If space runs out, then you can always just catch the event on our stream. We'll provide that info below for you.

    The lobby will be played on a first come first serve basis and we will rotate people in and out to give everyone a chance to play. If there is a high demand in one particular lobby, we will try to accommodate the group influx and make an extra lobby. Make sure to add my gamertag Black Picture and message me letting me know it's for ForgeHub Friday to join the custom game. You could also mention me in ForgeHub's Discord server in the #custom-lobbies channel.

    Also feel free to comment with your gamertag and what you are wanting to play so that we can add players to the Lobby when someone drops out or when it grows. More than likely, we will start off as an 8 player lobby then let it grow into a 16 player lobby as the night goes on.

    LOBBY 1

    Black Picture


    6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST​


    Elixir by @Sikamikanico
    Vessel by @Chronmeister
    High Citadel by @no god anywhere
    Dont Breathe @leviatan094
    Prop Hunt by @JoeAct20
    Installation 04b by @xXBarthXx
    Seclusion by @Given To Fly
    Echoes by the Grim Dealer

    more TBD


    TheSpartacat - Ultimate Halo (Link TBA)​

    We are open to suggestions! Feel free to link the map/game mode in the comments below! Also, I will keep updating this post with new streamers and lobbies if they get added. Thanks for reading and see you on Friday!
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Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by black picture, Dec 12, 2016.

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