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By Foge on Jun 28, 2021 at 8:25 PM
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    As a final send off to Halo 5 we have partnered with Podtacular to throw a fiesta before the highly Coveted Halo: Infinite drops this holiday season. This will be a two part endeavor consisting of a Forge contest and a tournament hosted by our friends over at Podtacular. We couldn't pass up on the great opportunity to host this combo with a grand total of $4000 at stake. I think it'd be hard to not enter for one last hurrah in Halo 5.​

    This will be a map building contest for Halo 5: Forge in which you will be designing maps for the Super Fiesta Game variants found below. Maps will be judged and the top maps will have a chance of being included in the Podtacular Fiesta Frenzy tournament that will follow after judging has been completed, In addition to winning some nice cash/prizes as well.​


    Below are the gamemodes and any differences from that of traditional variants. In addition you may be asking why are there no links to the gamemodes? Well due to a very interesting bug with waypoint and Halo 5 the gamemodes will not show up on waypoint so you will have to download them manually from within Halo 5. All gametypes can be found in the file browser by searching for Godzilla T or Foge in the file browser under gametypes and you should be able to find them accordingly.

    Pod Fiesta Slayer

    Pod Fiesta Oddball
    Carrier shield Percentage 120%

    Pod Fiesta Strongholds
    Scoring frequency 5 seconds
    Score to win 75

    Pod Fiesta 3 Flag
    Carrier shield Percentage 120%

    Pod Fiesta 5 Flag
    Carrier shield Percentage 120%

    Podtacular Super Fiesta Game Modes are meant for 4v4, so please build accordingly!

    Maps must be set up for all Podtacular gamemodes, however you will be able to choose the maps two preferred gamemodes which we will be judging the maps on. If judging decisions become difficult in the end, those 2 gametypes will be explored further into your non preferred ones so plan accordingly!

    Maps must be made within Halo 5 Forge on either PC or xbox

    3 Map submissions per contestant. (More can be submitted, however we will only be including the first 3 unless you specify otherwise)

    Maps can not have been released or made prior to June 29th, 2021. So only New fresh made maps will be allowed

    You will have seven weeks to finish and submit your map. When the submission period ends the judging begins and will end when we review all of the maps.

    Start Date: June 29th, 2021

    End Date: August 17th, 2021 11:59:59 PM PST

    Judging Period: Roughly a month and a half

    Judges include:
    Dust Storm from Podtacular
    Godzilla T from Podtacular
    Sir Iron Wolf from Forgehub
    Foge From Forgehub
    There are some great prizes up for grabs this time around and just entering the contest means that your map may be considered for matchmaking!


    1st - $1,000 and a ForgeHub t-shirt and socks from FH, t-shirt and lanyard from Podtacular

    2nd - $700 and a t-shirt from FH and Podtacular

    3rd - $300 and a t-shirt from FH and Podtacular

    Submit Here

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Foge, Jun 28, 2021.

    1. Connie
      How nice of ForgeHub to voluntarily pay my rent one last time for Halo 5:heart:
    2. Hairy Mcclairy
      Hairy Mcclairy
      LETS GOOOOOO one last time
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    3. Dust Storm
      Dust Storm
      Looking forward to the cool maps we'll get to see!
    4. lNeedMoreBleach
      "Maps can not have been released or made prior to June 29th, 2021,,
      for clarification sake an unpublished/already WIP map is valid or invalid for entry.
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    5. Talon Wolfy
      Talon Wolfy
      So excited we're having a Halo 5 contest! Halo 3 wasn't really my strong suit last time. Gonna be a lot of fun to see what crazy maps people make: we're all gonna be designing maps from the ground up for fiesta modes. This is gonna be insane!
      SIR IRON WOLF likes this.
    6. The Grim Dealer
    7. Connie
      Back when I was involved with these things, anything that was in an early, unplayable state and unpublished was valid for entry so long as it was majorly worked on past the entry date. Idk if that’s still the same rule but it’s what I’d assume for now.
    8. Blaze
      Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries! See all of you there!
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    9. Hairy Mcclairy
      Hairy Mcclairy
      probably gonna sneak a husky raid map in if I have extra time, not gonna lie lmao
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      If the file date is sooner than the start of the contest or it is verified to of been made before then it will be disqualified.
    11. Kawaii_Koneko
      So I’m guessing no Olive helmet as a reward?
    12. Connie
      I’ve been out of the scene for awhile and can’t for the life of me figure out how to set up 3 or 5 flag. Anybody got a tutorial or brief explanation?
    13. Hairy Mcclairy
      Hairy Mcclairy
      I thought it was just place the flag spawns and then the game mode does it for you?
    14. Nobodhi
      If only it was that simple. I'm gonna second Connie's request. I've messed around with it and have been as of yet unsuccessful. Short of a tutorial on how, even just a a stripped map with the objectives properly set up would be quite helpful.
    15. munk07
      I thought 3 Flag was just 3 points to win and 5 flag was 5 points to win. Am I wrong?
    16. Hairy Mcclairy
      Hairy Mcclairy
      Yeah nah its 3 points to win and 5 points to win, we did it in the test lobby 2 days ago. I didn't make any modification to the flag spawns and returns
      munk07 likes this.
    17. I Pod Mini2
      I Pod Mini2
      What is the trick with 3 and 5 flag? I have tried to teat out 5 flag even on submitted maps and its just 1 flag per team 3 captures to win
    18. Nobodhi
      Oooooooh, derp. Thought it was a completely new gametype I was unfamiliar with. Thanks for the clarification.
    19. Hairy Mcclairy
      Hairy Mcclairy
      I manually adjusted score limit when testing with ironwolf and the other contestants last friday - the general consensus was that it was a score value difference between 3 flag and 5 flag and we played it without complaints.

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