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By Max Extra on Feb 18, 2019 at 4:43 PM
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    We are finally here after a tumultuous journey, the final 8 maps for the 4v4 contest! Saturday, February 23rd at 10 p.m. EST we are doing the final judging. We would love to have our community come out and help us play through these final 8 maps to pick our top 3 and our honorable mentions. Listed below in no particular order are the maps going into our final round. Maps can be found by clicking on their name.

    Pit Drop by Box Rippin
    Fullmetal by Xdemption
    Casinaire by Ryilz noble 7
    Transit by INeedMoreBleach
    Endless Shore by Mr Deliciousman
    Stigma by Squally DaBeanz
    Veto by Kell of Scots
    Ironhall by Buddy Jumps

    Please come out to support the content creators and wrap up the 4v4 contest! We will be streaming this on Forgehub's Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer channels. Thanks again to all of those who submitted maps for the contest!
    Congratulations to El Dunco for the 9th Place map Bestpool
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Max Extra, Feb 18, 2019.

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    1. S0UL FLAME
      S0UL FLAME
      Fullmetal, Transit, Veto.

      Stigma? No.
    2. HeX Reapers
    3. ZombieDyer
    4. purely fat
    5. eLantern
      I'd love to see a new Community playlist that includes all of these maps.
    6. SgtSlaphead
      Don't talk **** about people's maps *****.
    7. ManRayX
      these maps are old
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    8. purely fat
      purely fat
      go uninstall Halo 5... oh wait... nvm
    9. SgtSlaphead
      Installing 1%.
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    10. purely fat
      purely fat
      That is what I call results
    11. MartianMallCop
      I thought they specifically didn't allow maps that were already in matchmaking? That's how Tourist Trap got disqualified from the contest (to be fair it wasn't in when I submitted it).

      @Max Extra ?
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    12. Max Extra
      Max Extra
      Any map that was or is in matchmaking should not be a valid map to win the contest you are right.

      To which map are you referring, I thought we removed all of the ones that had been in matchmaking.
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    13. MartianMallCop
      Stigma has been in matchmaking in Halo 4.
    14. Max Extra
      Max Extra
      Judges had a discussion at the start of the contest about this exact issue. Halo 4 matchmaking is quite different from Halo 5 matchmaking, as well as the different variants of the map Stigma being altered between halo games. The mechanical changes to the sandbox and the difference in geometry led us to rule that the map is arguably different while it does share the name and was created by the same person. As a result Stigma was allowed to stay in the contest.
    15. MartianMallCop

      Alright, i don't have much stake in it because it is your contest, however I guess I would say that I believe that contests mainly exist to promote the creation of new community designs and judging them against each other and it seems a bit unfair to allow a map from that long ago that already heavily takes from a popular dev map to get this far. Especially when it already was a runner up to the meet your maker contest and recognized in Halo 4 matchmaking.

      But yet again, not my contest so do as you please. I just don't expect people will be happy if it wins.
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    16. Max Extra
    17. MartianMallCop
    18. Squally DaBeanz
      Squally DaBeanz
      Stigma has never been in matchmaking. It was considered early in Halo 4, but never made it in.

      Also, for what it's worth, I just threw a few maps into this contest for the hell of it. Even let other people decide which ones, and I completely forgot this was even a thing that was happening until now XD
    19. ZombieDyer
      Hmm, I like where this thread is going
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