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    Begin Transmission

    Hello Hubbers and welcome to 2015, a year that is shaping up to be big for Halo. Forgehub is breaking radio silence to announce our upcoming contest aimed at you, our faithful community! We have been busy, working behind the scenes to give you a chance to compete for the coveted title of Top Forger.

    Going Loud

    We are putting out bounties on the best 1v1 maps created in Halo 2 Anniversary. In order to be eligible, maps must be forged on one of the blank canvasses such as Awash, Skyward, or Nebula. In the spirit of community collaboration, co-forging with a buddy is allowed but every map must have a primary author, 18 years of age or older, who will be the recipient of any potential contest winnings. Maps must be original designs and works of your own making, plagiarism will be automatically omitted from winning.

    Coming in Hot

    Nothing heats up these cold winter days like the burning desire to take home some of these fantastic prizes!

    1st Place - $500

    2nd Place - Astro A50 Wireless Headset (Halo Edition)

    3rd Place - Gunnar Glasses ($100 Gift Card)

    4th Place - our appreciation

    Rally Point Alpha

    Entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM on March 5th, 2015 so that we have a chance to thoroughly review and test each map. All submissions should be tailored to 1v1 gameplay, both in size and in power weapon placement (generally speaking, smaller maps do not need as many power weapons as larger maps). Judging will commence after the submission deadline and winners will be announced on March 15th at 1pm.

    Maps should be designed around these settings:

    -Slayer gametype only (maps do not need to support objective gametypes)
    -Battle Rifle primary weapon
    -no secondary weapon
    -2 Frag grenades given upon spawning
    -110% player movement speed
    -radar disabled

    Judgement Day

    Eligible map submissions will be judged based on:

    Game-type Support
    • Does the map function for the game-type(s) as necessary? Are all required objects and systems in place to successfully play a game?
    • Is the map fun to play on? Is the spaces fun to navigate through? Do the weapons, spawn and layout promote a positive game experience? Is the map balanced and fair for the given game-type?
    • Does the map suffer from any negative visual or performance issues?
    Originality / Creativity

    Rally Point Bravo

    The goal of this contest is two-fold. First, we want to find great maps...then we want to play on great maps! Yes, you heard right. The winning maps chosen from this contest will be played on during an upcoming tournament (so don't tell anyone about the hidden Rocket Launcher that only you know about).

    There you have it folks. If you didn't have a reason to forge before, you sure do now. Get out there and make us proud Hubbers. To arrange community test sessions, or to find someone to critique your map, please see this thread (thread link).

    The Smackdown

    To submit your map, simply create an account at, visit the "Maps" page and click on the "Submit Your Map" icon. Eligible submissions must contain at least 7 images per map. Youtube video gameplay or walkthroughs are heavily encouraged as well. For our convenience, please label "smackdown" in the 'search tag' section (this is not to be placed in the title of your map). This way we can find all of the contest entrants with one click of a button.

    End Transmission...
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WAR, Jan 24, 2015.

    1. WAR
      Having trouble deciding how often your weapons and power-ups should spawn on a 1v1 map? Here are some suggested weapon spawn times for you to start:

      1v1 Weapon Timers

      The best spawn time for your map may vary from the one listed here, so experiment!
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    2. Buddy Jumps
      Buddy Jumps
      That sounds awesome!! I am going to participate for sure....
    3. Doju
      1 v 1 Halo has seen some great maps that deserved to be in the competitive spotlight more. Hopefully the maps get the recognition from this contest.

      I'd like to see maps which focus on verticality, quick spawning/low ammo count items and asym.
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    4. Korlash
      As long as there's no enhanced radar then this contest sounds great!
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    5. theSpinCycle
      Haha, definitely no more enhanced radar. :)

      Psyched to see what the community comes up with!
    6. Zerk
      I better get started! :)
    7. purely fat
      purely fat
      I think the settings are 4x plasmas, infinite ammo are, enhanced radar, and fuel rod is the only weapon on the map.:tedium:
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    8. TaK
      90s is a long time for a camo...

      and no way does speed boost justify a 60s timer either(it only lasts for 15s iirc)

      Also why aren't BRs or frags allowed on the map?
    9. Doju
      Ive edited that part out for now. I agree with all your points. No need to have a standardised weapon set.
    10. purely fat
      purely fat
      The settings were just the settings I have been using since Reach. The lack of br's and frags is to help promote movement and to create tougher decision making when it comes to dropping the br for a power weapon. I believe War wants to have a standardized weapon set. I was going to have lower timers for both camo and speed boost but, I wanted to see the reaction it got.

      It got the right reaction.
    11. WAR
      What would you recommend for camo spawn time? Camo lasts for 48 seconds when in use so a 90 second timer would leave 42 seconds for respawn after expenditure, theoretically. We could drop this down a bit but I would really like to get these settings standardized so when we move to the tournament portion, players will be focusing on learning the maps and not different weapon timers for each one.
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    12. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Maps that are chosen for the tournament that's planned to follow this contest may have changes made to the weapon setup. For example, it's highly likely that all of the power weapons will be put on static timers for tournament play.

      Having said that, following predetermined spawn times for weapons is not a requirement for submitting a map. Everyone should setup their weapons in the way that they think works best for their map (keeping in mind the predetermined settings listed in the first post).
    13. Dax
      Updraft 2.
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    14. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      So to be clear,
      can we enter multiple maps?
      what weapons can we place on the map?
    15. Doju
      As many maps as you want.

      Any weapons you want, but be smart about it.
    16. WaiHo
      As many maps as I'd like huh.. Would prefer one per person though, I assume that one cannot win each of the top 3 prizes then even though his maps would be the best.

      Also US only or can I submit maps as well? I.e. No country restrictions for this contest?
    17. WAR
      If you live in a different country we can find a way to distribute prizing. If Astros won't ship to your area we can monetarily compensate you equal to the prize value. Just have a Paypal account handy when the time comes.
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    18. Dax
      I suppose I have a question. How lenient are we going to be on "original designs." For instance, my map Updraft from FH's last 1v1 contest - I've had a re-design of the map that I've been wanting to forge. The inverse corkscrew idea will essentially remain the same, but the outside connections are quite different from the original. I want to do this. Can I do this?
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    19. WAR
      If the design is based on your own previous work and not that of others then we will judge it with the same level of original authorship. If you submit "Carbonite" or other 'remakes', although they may be a fantastic designs, you would fail in the "original" department and lower your chances of winning prizing.
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