Contest ForgeHub 1v1 Map Contest Results: 3rd Place Winner!

Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by a Chunk, Mar 21, 2015.

By a Chunk on Mar 21, 2015 at 2:12 PM
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    When we set the process in motion for the ForgeHub 1v1 Map Contest, we had high hopes. Still, we were impressed and astonished by the number of maps submitted. When it was all said and done, there were a grand total of 80 submissions! Our original plan was to test and announce the top 3 maps within a week. That proved impossible, but after a short extension our task is complete. The ForgeHub staff extends our sincere thanks to you, the ForgeHub community, for the outpouring of interest and activity, and for the time and effort put into your submissions. We've thoroughly enjoyed playing your maps throughout these last weeks.

    The time has come to reveal your 3rd place map, which will net its forger a $100 Gunnar Glasses Gift Card.


    Full disclosure...Sycamore was actually not high on our list after the initial playtests. Slowly, steadily, it climbed the ranks. I guess you could say it grew on a tree.

    Sycamore is a demanding map. You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Whether it's from the treacherous death pits or the precisely placed Fusion Coils, any laziness or inattention WILL result in a swift punishment. Gameplay is generally circular, with the static spawning power weapons (Brute Shot 90sec/Sniper 60sec) and powerup (Speed Boost 60sec) requiring constant movement to get/keep the upper hand on your opponent. The teleporters are well placed, and offer alternate movement options that counteract the maps natural flow.

    We're happy to announce that TheHaloForgeEpidemic is simultaneously announcing the winners on their YouTube Channel. Be sure to Subscribe for regular forge content.

    To download Sycamore, add ForgeHub LIVE as a friend on Xbox Live. The ForgeHub LIVE fileshare can be accessed through the leaderboards. Campaign Timing - Halo CE - Pillar of Autumn - Easy (Time = 9:25).

    Congratulations to Auburn!

    Check back to ForgeHub and THFE tomorrow, when we'll reveal the 2nd place winner.
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by a Chunk, Mar 21, 2015.

    1. Behemoth
      First! Congrats Aubs. :)
      Outstanding job on this gem, I gotta play it very soon.
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      Sycamore is located in the ForgeHub LIVE account and ready for you guys to download. We had a lot of late nights testing these 1v1 maps and its the most halo I've played since I've bought the game. Loved every bit of it - thanks for making this such a great experience on our end. Loved the maps, wasn't expecting the judging process to be this difficult! The following Smackdown tournament will have a great map pool thanks to all your hard work.
    3. Psychoduck
      I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Auburn on creating this wonderful map. The third place slot is very well-deserved! I would also like to personally thank the judges and the entire staff team here for putting the time into making this contest a reality. I know from experience that these contests are a lot of work. They're hard to fully appreciate unless you've judged one yourself. I particularly want to thank War, Chunk, and Purely for all of the dedication and all of the late nights they put in. The maps that they finally settled on for the top three are truly incredible, but the quality of the maps created for this contest overall was truly impressive too. I am really honored to be in the company of such talented designers and to have the pleasure of helping to announce and spotlight that talent to the wider community.

      Can't wait to see what you guys think of second place tomorrow!
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    4. Blaze
      Definitely worthy. Congrats on 3rd!
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    5. Zombievillan
      Great video, lol at warholic getting smashed though. Poor guy should have let me play him, he would have had a chance.

      Anyway, if this made 3rd then I know I'm out already, I can't compete with that so the next 2 maps being higher ranked than this pretty much puts me in my place, lol. Good job Aub... Not Auburn.
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    6. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      On Sycamore, I fell to my death more times than I care to admit, though it was always my own fault. I took my fair share of Sniper bullets to the face (and maybe dished out 1 or 2 to myself). I thoroughly enjoyed the pace of play. As Psychoduck stated in the video, Sycamore really rewards awareness and map knowledge. There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that you've outmaneuvered your opponent. I've had a lot of fun playing Sycamore, and I hope I'll have the opportunity to play on it many more times, even though our testing period is done.

      Kudos and Congrats Auburn!
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    7. Auburn

      First and foremost, I would like to extend my thanks the people that organized this contest! The forge community has been on the decline recently, but this event kicked the gears back into action even if just a little. I'm not just referring to the influx of solid content either. The idea of members breaking out of their little groups and interacting as a community, supporting the same strangers they're competing against... I hadn't seen much of that since the good 'ol Reach days. Frankly, the forge community is mostly to blame for its own steady downfall, but I digress. Major kudos, guys!

      Yep, yep. I'm very fond of predictability being a strong factor in 1v1s, so my designs tend to have strict flow patterns. Sycamore is most definitely not an exception to that idea. Its design rewards map knowledge in the sense that players that can effectively use the breaks in the intended flow will have the advantage.

      Now the real question: What are these "Gunnar Glasses" you speak of?
    8. purely fat
      purely fat
      I win every time I play this map and every time I play it I am the AR/OS/SB king.

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