Contest ForgeHub 1v1 Map Contest Results: 2nd Place Winner!

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By a Chunk on Mar 22, 2015 at 12:55 AM
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    ForgeHub has a long history of perceived staff corruption. I've felt an obligation to uphold and continue that tradition, so it is with a heavy heart that I confess to you all that I have failed in this endeavor. The 2nd place winning map in the ForgeHub 1v1 Map Contest has not arrived in this position as a result of any backroom shenanigans, under the table offerings, or personal bias. It has earned its spot Fair and Square.

    PRIZE: Astro A50 Wireless Headset (Halo Edition)

    One of the most obvious things you'll notice initially after loading up Fair and Square is how cleanly forged it is. Not only is every block, window, crate, and weapon expertly placed, the textures are unfailingly perfect and consistent. All of the color stripes, cement, dark textures, and trim are put together by Cpt X Craphead in a way that results in a decidedly un-forgelike atmosphere.

    Fair and Square has the same design attributes of some of the great Halo maps. At its core, the layout is simple and easily understandable. The map consists of a square shaped center atrium, with paths winding around it at 90 degree angles. Within this simple design however, there is much depth. Whether it's through a teleporter, a lift, a ledge, a crate, or a window, there are numerous movement options to be had. Creativity is often more necessary and more obvious when working within strict parameters. The simplicity of Fair and Square strongly favors the player who utilizes creative movement tactics.

    Check out this video by TheHaloForgeEpidemic to get a first hand look at the map (don't forget to Subscribe if you haven't already):

    To download Fair and Square, add ForgeHub LIVE as a friend on Xbox Live. The ForgeHub LIVE fileshare can be accessed through the leaderboards. Campaign Timing - Halo CE - Pillar of Autumn - Easy (Time = 9:25).

    Congratulations to Sgt Slaphead!

    Be sure to visit ForgeHub and THFE tomorrow, as we'll be revealing your Grand Prize Winner!
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by a Chunk, Mar 22, 2015.

    1. Behemoth
      Congrats on 2nd man! I won't do the joke...
      I've been meaing to play this and now I have no excuse. :)
      Great job!
      Btw, First.
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    2. WaiHo
      Somehow I missed this map from all the submitted maps, first time I believe that I've seen this map. I can see why this map got second place, the routes provide great movement options to the player. Map knowledge is key here to win, I also like the OS placement on the map.

      Congrats to Cpt. Craphead!
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    3. Psychoduck
      Both winners so far are HaloCustoms staff members. The staff corruption has expanded beyond one site! The infection is spreading! Blarg!

      I am a big fan of this map. I really had a blast baiting the OS and using the magnums. Cpt Craphead really is the man!

      Astute members may notice two things about the map from the video. First, there is a bunch of z-fighting. That is actually Warh0lic's fault for saving the file from temporary history. The map is actually just as pretty as the OP suggests. Second, the version of the map used in this contest is not the newest version of the map and that is intentional. The newest version of the map "fixed" some of the trolliness of the Overshield room. While this certainly makes the map more accessible to new players, it comes at the cost of a lot of really deep meta game surrounding the OS.

      Anyway, congrats on second place, Slap! It's very well-deserved. Now I must once again retreat into my video editing cave to make the first place video. Be back in three years!
      Yeah, we tested both versions of the map and I was really drawn to his initial design decisions. Making adjustments in effort to render a more conservative approach sometimes makes the gameplay experience too flat. The two versions are entirely different experiences and Crapheads first version really provided for some exciting moments. Congrats!

      While testing multiple versions, we didn't actually change any of the weapon set ups or timers on 'Fair and Square'. This was one of the only maps we left untouched in that regard. During the judging process we viewed each map as an autonomous structural shell and regarded all items placed on map as suggestive. This examination process made gameplay slightly malleable allowing us to fine tune our experience on the go. Seeking to truly find the most competitive and enjoyable maps for the upcoming Smackdown tournament.
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    5. ForgeHub
      @Sgt Slaphead - please report to the comm room and deliver us your coordinates, drop package tentatively scheduled upon receipt of your location.
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    6. SgtSlaphead
      Oh I just saw that you preferred the first version? I thought the later version was a massive improvement but maybe it is for the best that I made two versions. Regardless of which version was best thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take part in this fantastic contest and win second place!
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    7. Auburn

      Congrats, Slap!
    8. SgtSlaphead
      Thanks fellow corrupt staffer!
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    9. Erk
      Can I become president of HaloCustoms immediately in order to procure some funding from the good people of Forgehub? I promise it will all go to a good place and not be put directly into my pocket.
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    10. SgtSlaphead
      I feel like I now should aim to make a version that combines the refinements of the updated version while bringing back the second drop-down to OS. I can now see why you guys found the original OS room more exciting.
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    11. Psychoduck
      Make sure that the old-new crossover version also includes the dual magnums and the power cores!
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    12. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Oddly enough, we didn't intentionally test both versions. We didn't even realize there were 2 different versions in circulation until War and I started a match on it and he was isn't the right map, lol. Great job on the map Slaphead!
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    13. purely fat
      purely fat
      I still don't think people know where I sit on this map. All they know it is near the camo. The thing I liked most about this map was the that it was linear and that the cover was good enough on the bottom that you could manipulate the player up top because of the commitment you have to make on this map.

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