ForgeHub 1v1 Map Contest Results: 1st Place Winner!

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By a Chunk on Mar 22, 2015 at 2:56 AM
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    The Forge 1v1 Map Contest was officially announced on January 25th, 2015. In the 2 months that have passed since that day, our beloved forge community has spent countless hours designing, building, and testing their creations. Subsequently, ForgeHub staff members have taken more hours than we care to admit hunting down your maps, then testing them repeatedly. The goal was clear on both ends; you set out to create the best 1v1 map, and we set out to find it.

    PRIZE: $500

    Welkin - "Refers to the sky, the upper air, the firmament, the heavens or the Celestial sphere. Especially the highest celestial sphere."

    When all was said and done, Welkin lived up to it's lofty name. There were disagreements on each of the top maps when it came time to declare the top 3. The one exception was Welkin. It was unanimously chosen as the top map. Behemoth has constructed something truly unique, which showcases his great creativity both aesthetically and structurally.

    When trying to describe the experience of playing Welkin, the first word that comes to mind is 'fun', and the second word is 'fresh'. Welkin doesn't require power weapons or powerups to force movement. It flows naturally, without having the movement be too predictable or the battles be too repetitive. Of the many matches played on this map, the experience was fresh each time. Even the initial battles varied greatly in how they played out. There are so many different approaches that work on this map, which is why it was universally enjoyed, despite the great differences in play-style amongst the testers. You owe it to yourself to play on Welkin, and not just one time, but many, many times. It's a true gem, and we're proud to name it as the winner.

    Watch this video by TheHaloForgeEpidemic to see Welkin in action:

    To download Welkin, add ForgeHub LIVE as a friend on Xbox Live. The ForgeHub LIVE fileshare can be accessed through the leaderboards. Campaign Timing - Halo CE - Pillar of Autumn - Easy (Time = 9:25).

    Congratulations to Behemoth!

    Stay tuned to ForgeHub. We're working out the details of a 1v1 competition that will use your top 3 maps (Welkin, Fair and Square, and Sycamore), along with additional maps that were submitted to the 1v1 Map Contest. Announcements will be forthcoming.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by a Chunk, Mar 22, 2015.

    1. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Great map Behemoth! Congratulations!
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    2. Auburn
      Congratulations, Behe! You really broke out of your comfort zone with this one and it paid off. Welkin is burtiful.
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    3. purely fat
      purely fat
      The first time I saw this my reaction was "damn this is cool who made it?" Then Salty tells me behemoth and I said "Shut the **** up, no way". After convincing me of this I was totally impressed and once again had hope that forgers can get better at designing and not just forging.
      Congrats. Had a ton of fun testing.
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    4. Behemoth
      Oh man oh man, you guys are great. This contest has been brutal; so many amazing maps came out of it. All of you guys stepped up to the challenge, and so many have improved greatly, and that is awesome. I was biting my nails clean off because of all of the top quality maps.
      I had so much fun testing with you guys and seeing the new creations everybody made. Thanks for all of the positivity everyone, it never goes unappreciated. :)
    5. SgtSlaphead
      But he isn't HC staff. How is this win possible?
      Seriously though, I remember seeing this map for the first time a while back, it left a great impression then and it still does. I almost knew it had won 1st when it didn't come 2nd or 3rd. This is a very unique map. Well done!
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    6. Blaze
      Map is poop. Tesla should've won. ;)

      On a realistic note. Welkin is great. I'm happy to say I helped out with my 'pimp yo forge' sessions on this map, saw that it was a winner then and feel its well deserved coming out as number one. Good job man!
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    7. Lyle the Forger
      Lyle the Forger
      Dang.. was hoping something I made would win. Let me know when a new contest is happening? And not 5 days before it ends please ^_^
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    8. Minister Muffin
      Minister Muffin
      I saw the picture and thought to myself, Behemoth must be silently weeping joyfully. I remember when we were both looking at all the submissions and he was losing hope, but it seems everything has a way of working out. This 1v1 always keeps me on my feet wherever I go and constantly keeps me entertained, so I think it's fair to say it deserves an exotic haiku:

      Welkin has some trees
      God, how did I get up here?
      BEAUTY. Enough said.
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    9. Skyward Shoe
      Skyward Shoe
      Amazing job Behemoose! This map absolutely deserves the win. Super unique gameplay and design all around!
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    10. Zombievillan
      I thought so too. When I 1st saw this in the map section I knew I stood no chance. I didn't look at half the maps but I knew this one would at least be top ranked. Really is a sweet map.
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    11. Behemoth
      DUDE. My co-worker and I wrote SO MANY haikus last night. He loved the one you did for Cache way back. :b
      "Sh*t, it's Jackbasket"

      Thanks everyone. :)
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    12. LowGi
      This map has too much sweg and swag, that's why it won. Nice job :)
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    13. Psychoduck
      Yay! Congratulations Flushed Poophemoth. This was very well-deserved indeed.
      Now give me some o' dat money.

      I'll have you know that I passed up a bribe from MultiLockOn for this. He was gonna let me borrow his girlfriend for a week and I passed on that because I like this map too much.
      So you should definitely give me some o' dat money.

      It wasn't my call anyway, he should have bribed the judges.

      After taking a much-needed break from video editing, I intend to start featuring some of he other exciting contest submissions which didn't quite make the top three.
      Yes I will take bribes, particularly if Behemoth gives me some o' dat money.
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    14. iParanormal
      Wow... this map looks really good! I'm about to download it and give it a whirl. Congrats Behemoth on 1st place it looks well desirved
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    15. Stevo
      Congrats Behemoth :y:
    16. WarlordWossman
      Good stuff. Can we now have a 1v1 tournament that is best of 3 with the top 3 maps played each round? :p Would be awesome in my opinion!
    17. A Haunted Army
      A Haunted Army
      our next announcement will be announcing the date for our announcement of #soon
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    18. PRS
      Out of all the great submissions for the contest, this map was truly my favorite; glad to see it get the recognition it deserves. Wonderful job Behemoth, and congratulations on winning first place.
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    19. Elliot
      Well done Behemoth! It was a great experience seeing this map evolve over a couple of sessions. I know it was a cracker from the few games I played on it!

      When the forger of his own map says "woah, how did you end up there so fast!?" You know you've got a very tactile map in your hands.

      Very well deserved. Enjoy the prize!
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