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    Hello everyone! Here we are again. We stand at the start of yet another amazing ForgeHub contest. That's right, just when you thought we had finally done it all, we jump right back in. This time around, we embrace one of the oldest and most honored traditions in First Person Shooter history. Nope, it's not the coveted Tea-Bag. It with great honor we announce the Official ForgeHub 1v1 Forge Contest!

    This contest is 100% community inspired and driven, coming deep from the depths of ForgeHub's most popular thread, What Are You Working On?. When we say this contest is community driven, we mean it. The judging panel for this contest is made of four community members selected by their peers. Their dedication to providing a reliable, experienced and transparent judging process is bound to reflect on the quality of the contest as a whole! What's more, no contest would be complete without a prize pool! For the 1v1 contest, there is $1000 in prize money on the line here to be split between our top 3 contestants! Alright Ascend, you mentioned the money, they're hooked, what's next? What's next is the tournament you fool! That's right, the top maps from this contest will create the map pool for the ForgeHub 1v1 Smackdown Tournament that follows there after. This is something unique that has not been done in a ForgeHub contest in the past!(I think)

    $1000 Total Prize Pool

    1st Place: $600
    2nd Place: $300
    3rd Place: $100

    Contestants will have eight weeks to fully build and properly submit their entry into the contest.


    Maps made before the date of this announcement are eligible to win if never posted on ForgeHub

    Do not submit a map that you did not design yourself. Any form of plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.

    Maps should be original, do not base your map from an existing design. Remake maps will be disqualified.

    Do not create prefabs of other people's work without their permission. Prefabs may only be used that are publicly listed on the file browser by its original author.

    Maps featured on HaloWaypoint or a well known youtube channel before the date of this announcement are not eligible to win

    There is no limit to the number of maps a Forger can submit however only one entry will be eligible for prizing

    You may co-forge with as many people as you like

    Maps must be submitted before Monday, October 16th, 2017. Maps submitted after this deadline will be disqualified. Participants must post their map to ForgeHub's map database.


    Co-Forgers (If Applicable)
    Map Name
    Link To Download
    ForgeHub Map Page Link
    Screenshot of the Map

    Maps should be designed to be played with slightly modified HCS settings. This ensures that players will be familiar with the settings when maps are being used for tournament play after the contest is complete.

    HCS Modifications:
    - Radar is disabled
    - Assault Rifle removed as starting weapon

    Please note that the assault rifle is not entirely banned and can be used as a pickup weapon on your map.


    (Layout, Creativity, Theme)

    (Lighting, Aesthetics, Atmosphere)

    (Balance, Spawns, Fun Encounters)

    All three categories are rated on a scale from 1 - 5
    1 (Broken), 2 (Poor), 3 (Acceptable), 4 (Great), 5 (Outstanding)


    Phase 1
    The judges will play each map 2 times and give a rating. Each map will have a totaled rating from each judge. The averages of all the judges' scores for the first wave will be calculated and maps below a rating of 9 will be eliminated.

    Phase 2
    Maps will be played 3-5 times once again. Averages will then be calculated again. Maps that receive a rating below 12 will then be eliminated

    Phase 3
    Finalists will consist of only 12-15 ratings. At this stage judges will use critical thinking and more stress testing to determine the three winners

    Phases will not be completed until all judges have given ratings to each map.


    no god anywhere
    Soldat Du Christ

    Planning on participating in the contest and want to know how your map is doing during the judging process? We've created an online management board for the judges to use thanks to an incredible tool called Trello. You can view and bookmark the board here: ForgeHub 1v1 Forge Contest. This is an area where all of the judges will organize their thoughts collectively while providing written feedback on all of the maps. This will be very helpful to forgers because if their map falls short for any reason, they will be provided with objective feedback that they can take away and learn from. In addition to this, you can listen in on each judging session as they will be streaming games throughout this process. Stay tuned to ForgeHub's twitter feed for announcing live streams (provided we are given advanced notice). ForgeHub has been providing this level of transparency for most of its recent contests and we were happy to hear that the judges were confident enough to share their thoughts on the maps with you!

    Remember to submit your entry both correctly and on time. Much of what you need to know is listed above but if you have any questions whatsoever do not be afraid to contact any of the judges for more information. Remember, if you are looking for advice, feedback and assistance with your build, ForgeHub is home to several dedicated testing lobbies. Be sure to make full use of their services for the duration of this contest. On behalf of the judges and ForgeHub team, I wish you the best of luck.


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