ForgeHub 10th Year Anniversary!!!

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    Pop those grunts and listen to the kids cheer, as it is the time for celebration! We have a few bullet points on the agenda for this special occasion that we are sure will make you excited for the weeks to come.

    Firstly, we are doing a month long celebration for the big 'One-Zero', starting with a little bit of history of when ForgeHub came to life. We will then go into some fun facts about ForgeHub and some memorable moments from the past, ending with a spectacular charity live stream. We plan to center this all around you, the community, since we wouldn't be here without you all in the first place!


    The Anniversary:

    As we dug through the old archives of the website to find when the site and community came to be we ended up coming across a few different dates. These different dates is what lead us to make this 10th year into a more special one month celebration. Today the 10th is the anniversary of ForgeHub when the idea and initiative to create ForgeHub spawned, or so we believe. The info we have from that time is from the first anniversary when we found a thread from the staff asking when the anniversary of ForgeHub actually is, to which the original creator replied with October 10th. was registered on November 2nd and shortly after, the first member joined was on November 9th. With that said, ForgeHub has grown over 85,000 members and that means a lot.

    Since the site wouldn't be anything without the life force that is the community, we are making the official anniversary of ForgeHub, November 9th. We believe on that day the community took it's first breath and has grown into what it is today.


    We would like the community to submit their fondest memories from around the forge community. Whether it's your favorite forger (whether the member inspired, helped, or someone who has been your goto lobby warrior), most memorable forged map, or even the craziest of forge creation, share it with us. We want to create a special 10th anniversary ForgeHub montage culminating the years that we all have time that we have spent together. We're the heart of the forge community, so lets take the time to celebrate it right with the ForgeHub community and it's creations!


    Charity Live Stream for Extra Life:
    To finish off the month of celebration and to also help give back, we are going to do a live stream to help raise money for children's hospitals and spend some time with the community we love. The 10th Anniversary/charity stream will most likely be an all-day stream involving the staff and those from the community. We plan on having giveaways as well as fundraiser stretch goals. We have some awesome surprises in store but are still ironing out a few details so expect another article soon with more solidified plans.


    Use the comment section to share those memories with us or PM one of the staff members if you like to surprise the community with your most memorable moment over the past years. For the stream, we would like to hear some ideas for stretch goals as well as other ideas you would like to see happen on the stream.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SIR IRON WOLF, Oct 6, 2017.

    1. Unfound
      Oh and 343 may or may not be joining the livestream. No word yet :surprise:
    2. Faulk Smash
      Faulk Smash
      This site is exactly as I remember it 10 years ago.

      Wish I could say the same about MCC.
      My favorite memory was the 128-team 2v2 Throwdown you had back in Reach partnered with Astro. My buddy and I entered the tournament. It took place over a few months all on custom maps. My team ended up winning, and we had a blast the entire time.
    4. Nitro
      That's awesome @SHADOWSTRIKE1! I remember that tournament as well. But I was a nobody then and sort of kept to myself on ForgeHub. Well, after this Forge contest, a 1v1 tournament will be coming up soon. :)
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    5. Sethiroth
      We did it everyone. 10 years Baby WooWooooooo
    6. Ryouji Gunblade
      Ryouji Gunblade
      I remember some of the old days, particularly the Reach ones. But I was only a lurker back then.
    7. thesilencebroken
      My favorite memory is loading up Halo 3 customs with the friends I made on here every day, and flashing forward 10 years and still playing (any game) with those same people. I've even driven to and met some of them in person and I think that's the coolest thing ever.

      Runner-up memory: Shad0w Viper, chrstphrbrnnn and I participating in Bungie vs. the World. We played for 20 hours straight, and I caved and went to sleep. During the last four hours, they matched up and got Recon, and I was the only one who missed out. Haha
    8. Nitro
      Thanks for sharing man! I've seen you name around for some time and like you, I talk to some of the people from here outside of forge because I truly call them my friends. It's crazy that this passion group can house some of the coolest people!
    9. Pegasi
      Lots of fond memories. When I posted my first map and people were really encouraging and helpful, particularly Draw The Line who helped me improve it. Staying up all night to finish the list of MLG maps, before we had a subforum for them. Working on the 2v2 tournament with the other staff. Far Cry Hub, ultimately a failed venture but we all thought it would be huge. Way too many days spending hours on the forums when I should have been working.
    10. KeeLoker
      Although I'm relatively new to forgehub still and haven't been involved too much recently, I will say that looking back:
      "Reach was good to me"
      Although I'm a little biased being a Reach kid myself, I remember being first introduced to the game and becoming an instant fan. What really got me going though was the old Halo channel that used to be the most popular: TheHaloForgeEpidemic (THFE). I remember looking forward to seeing a new map feature come out and create custom lobbies with my friends to try out the maps that were featured. I also remember that they got me into forging and my goal was to get featured by them one day. Although that never happened, I'm forever thankful for that channel and the people behind it which inspired me to keep going at it. It was sad to see them go but they provided a lot to the community so I guess this is my thank you to them as well as me reminiscing.

      And to just to diversify things, I'll provide a pretty recent memory of mine.
      For those who are regulars in the testing lobbies, you should be familiar with my linear infection map called "Chimera Labs." Of course it didn't start that way and I remember first submitting "The Labs" to Max's testing lobby and people enjoying it. It motivated me to keep going but I guess it was a little too motivational because I spent almost a full year to finish that map thanks to Max's and Ascend's lobbies for dealing with it for so long. Even though it may seem very small and not as meaningful since it's still pretty recent, there were some very funny and memorable times spent making, playing, and watching others test my map for almost a year.
    11. Auburn
      As ridiculous as this forum can be, it will always have a special place in my heart.

      <3 you FH
    12. AceOfSpades
      Been here for basically 9 of those 10 years. Can't really believe I'm still here lol. I never expected forging and level design to be such an ongoing passion of mine, and I would not be nearly as good as I like to think I am without a few different forging sites, mainly Forgehub. The Halo 3 and Reach days were easily the pinnacle of activity for me, and I will always remember the people and the maps from those times.
    13. xzamplez
      My favorite moment was my first feature.

      One of my favorite forge maps is still Xyience. Well ahead of its time.

      I've met people from here and MLGpro that I don't think I'll ever remove from my list. Level design appeals to a certain kind of person, and that commonality brings us together.
    14. Sikamikanico
      I was 23 when Halo 3 (and Forge) released. I used to work nightshifts and played doubles a LOT with my then Forging partner, Kingbartlett. I don't think the magic and nostalgia of Halo 3 will ever be beaten for me.

      My favourite memory was creating the very first Forge map to go into matchmaking - Bart's Manor (and the MM variant, Infected Manor) - I still get messages to this day asking for it in my fileshare, which is crazy. I will forever love Forge for the relaxation, the limitations and the fun of it. <3
      And the crazy thing is that Forge Hub will only grow and grow! The heavy presence of forge maps in multiplayer is definitely a contributing factor. Whether you agree or not 343's decision to make BTB and other rotational playlists purely community created has brought confidence and shone light on the community.

      Some say the best part of halo 5 is the custom games, maps and game modes we all create. We stood up where 343 fell.

      Well done everyone.
    16. purely fat
      purely fat
      I always have to take breaks from this site but I always come back.
      Forgehub was the place I found to share my maps on a way more fun and user friendly way than asking for feedback on waypoint. I never forged before H5 so I'm brand new.
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    18. Preacher001
      Forgehub was the very first Forum I ever joined. As a matter of fact it's the very first online community I ever sent a message in. This is years after working at an ISP where we hosted a local irc which I skipped over because who wants to speak to randoms on the internet? I mean, what's the point in using your phone line to just type to people?

      Forgehub was this accidental find about 9 years ago when I was trying to look up all of the maps that Halo (Bungie) had put out after getting frustrated at the difficulty of trying to find maps that I liked in the fileshare. It was awesome to finally get to see all the cool forged Halo 3 maps people were making. I lurked for almost 2 years while I dared myself to create an account to display the one Halo 3 map I created and the few stock maps I "amped" up.

      Finally the day came where I created an account so I could post my Halo Reach maps. I immediately gave up. The combination of my lack of experience posting pictures and my lazy personality took over the moment I created a post. This would finally change months later when I posted the only completed maps that I would ever post to Forgehub regardless of what I actually made.

      I've lingered around FH for many years and though I may not have contributed as much as I would have liked, I appreciate all those that have made even the smallest of contribution of their own.

      Thankyou Forgehub team and members new and old. I hope to be able to lurk you for years to come.
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    19. Nitro
      As for me ForgeHub has been a place that has always been a home for forgers to come back to. I for one, left during the H2A era and returned for Halo 5. So I missed a ton of drama and amazing designs during that time. I've made some friends over the years here on ForgeHub, that I would consider true friends. Despite the drama that lives within the Halo community, I thoroughly believe the Forge community is the true heart of the Halo community. I know this is little biased, but we all are very passionate members and we create some of best maps in modern FPS level designs. When it comes down to it, most of us are very supportive of each other and that makes me happy to be around this community.

      As for favorite maps (I am horrible with names) that one in Reach that was grey and had long halls. In Halo 4, the one that had two lifts built on Ravine. Actually there way too many to list.

      As for favorite Forgers, I've always been a fan of Solo, Nexn, Salot, Chunk, Schnitzel (dare I say ;) ), Given, Multi, Goat, War, Sethiroth, Wyvern, Randy355, Black Picture, MythicFritz, and oh geez this list could go on.

      Even though forge has been rough over the years, Halo 5 Forge has proven to be my favorite time period with forge creations. Here's to Halo 6, can't wait to see what's in store for us!

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