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    Welcome to the finish-line, folks. A month ago we asked you to take a pioneering step out into the world beyond our monitors. We were excited to see everyone's aesthetic creativity flourish without the shackles of gameplay. With a nice chunk of users submitting their photo-recreations, it was definitely anyone's game by the time voting came around. This time, you chose the winners; we just sat back and watched.
    Your votes have been tallied and the planets are aligned. Let's see how your favorites fared!

    Notre Dame by LargerFiend

    Petrain, Jordan by CaptainDireWolf

    Though not technically placing, we wanted to highlight the tug-of-war that took place between these two stunning entries for 4th place.

    3_R_ThePeggysCovelighthouseNoveScotia.jpg 3_F_TimeDipper.jpg
    Peggy Cove Lighthouse by TimeDipper

    2_R_TheAlamoRiverwalk.jpg 2_F_Awsomeness4688.jpg
    The Alamo Riverwalk by BobbyElite

    1_R_SeattleSpaceNeedlefromChihulyGardens.jpg 1_F_CommanderColson.jpg
    Seattle Space Needle by CommanderColson

    With so many fantastic entries, it was hard for us to watch some of our favorites narrowed down to these final 4. All of our entries are deserving of praise, but as always, some stand unmatched. A huge thank you to all of our entrants, and now we'd like to hear from you. Did you enjoy this more laid-back approach to a contest? Have any ideas of your own for future ventures? Let us know down below!

    This has been another thrilling milestone in ForgeHub's decade-long history book. We'll see you next time for some more creative forays into the Halo franchise.​

    Signing Off One Last Time,
    Former ForgeHub Community Coordinator
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Connie, Jun 22, 2020.

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