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    "In these trying times..." "With the current state of the world..." "In our new normal..." If you're like me, you're sick of these openings. Remember that Chinese take-out place you ordered from once over 6 years ago? Well they've just sent you an email assuring you that they are taking necessary precautions. Remember places? Remember trees and roads and people? Remember the world? Theres a whole world out there full of jaw-dropping landmarks, natural beauty, and astonishing architectural wonders. Though it may be out of reach, it's still your world. We at ForgeHub want to try something new, we want to encourage everyone to capture your world, to Forge Your World.

    This is a new venture for us as a community, and with it will come lots of questions. We aim to answer any and all inquiries here in this announcement, but feel free to drop your questions down below.

    Forge Your World is a purely aesthetic movement that encourages our community to recreate a real-world location, landmark, etc. in Forge! This is a contest of photo-recreation. This means your submission will have only two screenshots-
    1. The real-world picture
    2. Your forge screenshot rendition
    Arch Photo 16_9.png Main-2.jpg
    'Old Cathedral' by SexyMasterChief
    Real world photo by Earth Trekkers

    Rather than making these maps public or function for any gameplay, this is a contest solely judging your screenshot of your recreation. For your real-world model, you may download a photo online or take one yourself in person! We only ask that you practice safe social-distancing etiquette and do not find yourself in danger or in public in the name of ForgeHub. If you want to recreate a local landmark, Google Maps Street View can be a helpful tool!

    Of course, judging someone's hard work based solely off of a picture is a fruitless effort. We couldn't accurately choose a winner for something like this, which begs the ever-loving question; Who Will Judge?

    You Will!

    Forge Your World is an event held and hosted by the community, we want the community to decide who's creation will reign supreme. Therefore, Forge Your World's winners will be decided wholeheartedly by a public poll available for a minimum of 1 week for all to vote in! In order to ensure voter fraud is squashed, the typical anonymous poll system won't be utilized. Instead, we are leaning for an open thread which users will vote ONCE for their top 3 favorite submissions. We really want to hand over this transparency to the community to ensure there is no mistake made, no room for fraud to be had, the winner is the community's to decide. Have any suggestions for this system? Drop them below and we'll take the feedback into consideration before the voting goes live!

    • Limit 3 entries per person.
    • Limit 1 vote per person for top 3 favorites in order.
    • You may vote for your own submission.
    • Format for entry is simply Gamertag, Real World Image, Forge Screenshot
    • NO outside editing can be done to your forge screenshot whatsoever (ie. no photoshop, no instagram filters, no added text etc.)
    • You may use Forge from ANY official Halo Game for your submission.
    Submissions Are Open at the time of this article's posting! Meaning you can submit your screenshots beginning right this second! Click the link below to access the submission thread. Submissions posted in this announcement thread will not qualify for judging unless moved to the correct thread.

    • The submission thread will be open until 11:59 PM, PST on June 7th, 2020
    • Submissions will not be accepted after this time.
    • The Community Judging will begin on June 8th, 2020
    • After the closing date, your entry is FINAL.

    Prizing info is listed below, and after you see this, you might wanna have a tight grip on your helmets; because you'll be blasting off to your couch to load up your xbox.

    1st Place: $500, ForgeHub Tee Shirt and a ForgeHub Feature
    2nd Place: $350, ForgeHub Tee Shirt and a ForgeHub Feature
    3rd Place: $150, ForgeHub Tee Shirt and a ForgeHub Feature.

    With E3 and many other live gaming events cancelled this year, a wrench was certainly thrown in all our plans, ForgeHub included. We are now, more than ever, searching for new ways to actively engage a community of content creators. We hope this low-stress alternative to our typical contest format can help distract from any real-world troubles you may be facing. Have fun in there, and please, for the love of everything, stay 6 feet away.

    That's an Order, Romeo:heart:
    ForgeHub Community Coordinator​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Connie, Apr 28, 2020.

    1. Mags
      putting my money down on @Ryley making Mt Rushmore
      Or Petra.
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    3. SaltyKoala
      A contest where nobody has to playtest the maps! Sick, this is perfect for forgehub!
    4. purely fat
      purely fat
      I know right.
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    5. TheLunarRaptor
      "Forge Your World's winners will be decided wholeheartedly by a public poll available for a minimum of 1 week for all to vote in!"

      This means that in order to win you need to find a picture of a Star Wars replica or something popular lol.

      This contest sounds kind of fun though.
      Last edited: May 9, 2020
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    6. Connie
      Star Wars? Do people still like that?:tedium:
    7. CommanderColson
      ironically enough I live 20 minutes from Galaxys edge at Disneyland. interesting
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    8. Hairy Mcclairy
      Hairy Mcclairy
      So just to clarify, does this have to be real-life or can it be for example something from another game or something from a movie so long as there is a picture to compare it to?

      Edit: Just re-read the opening of the post, looks to be real-world location only
      Last edited: May 9, 2020
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      It should be fun to delve into my archives to forge something I shot myself but I haven't forged in what seems a year so we'll see.
    10. Mags
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    11. Connie
      Just something that exists in real life! However, this means if you can find photos of a movie-set that exists in the real world (without special effects) then you can recreate that in a behind-the-scenes-esque way!
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    12. NOKYARD
      Here's some tips for builders.

      Tip 1: Place a Neutral Static Cam as your PoV and use Tools/Cinematics/Preview to view it at any time. You can also use this to capture your final screen shot. Remember you can change the FoV on the camera if needed.

      Tip 2: Plug your comp and xbox into the same monitor. Use your 'real' photo as your computer's Windows background pic. Use the monitor's input button to go back and forth between the cinematics preview and the Windows background.

      Tip 3: Use the canvas's Map/FX/Fog options to match your photo.

      Tip 4: Try to match the shadow angles for that extra bit of realism.

      Tip 5: Don't forget Lighting FX.
    13. Hairy Mcclairy
      Hairy Mcclairy
      Dammit, these are all the trump cards I was hoping to use to get an advantage!
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    14. Mags
      @Connie @WARHOLIC Since this is community voting and there are no judges is FH Staff eligible to compete?
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    15. Madeomoney
      Im modeling a F-15 for mine, pretty tricky
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    16. Connie
      Yep! There’s no rules barring staff members from competing in this specific contest.
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    17. HAYDN est1999
      HAYDN est1999
      5 days/60 hours/3600 minutes/216000 seconds of forging later and my submission is ready. I love forge but daaaaaamn!
    18. Madeomoney
      Does minor cropping (not rotating the image or zooming) count as outside editing?

      Last edited: May 26, 2020
    19. Connie
      I asked around and under the contest creators' specifications, they classify cropping as editing. So in short, they will not allow cropped images to be entered.

      EDIT: If you're trying to trim the aspect ratio to be vertical, a vertical image can be taken raw in forge by turning an intro camera and previewing it! Lots of technical tricks within forge can be substituted for traditional photo editing.

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