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    Halo 5 is somewhat around the corner and I wanted to make sure some communication was given to really hammer things in for some minor forge improvements. I emailed "The Human Forge", literally what they call Forge's Design Director working on this project with some last minute suggestions last week. I thought I would share them with you guys here as well. I was building up a Halo 5 forge wish list and improvements compendium but decided that bringing 1 issue to :hot: CA instead of 100 would be more practical and meaningful. My selection process was based on prioritization - as identifying the most important issue and solving it will allow us to build a better future for forge.


    The forgers fear for producing frame rate latency has been plaguing us for multiple titles. This is by far our community’s largest creative drawback.

    When building out our spaces, we tend to only show one side of our object whether that be a wall, floor, ramp or ceiling. This is because we are not able to customize color or texture of objects the way we want so we use pieces that have them, even if they are not performance friendly. For example, this H2A map uses teleporter frames, a decorative object, for its flooring:

    - Flat Structural Set
    - Color / Texture Selection


    If our building habits only use one surface of an object, why not provide us with an object consisting of single plane? A flat sheet version of every structural block should be included in our pallet. Pieces consisting of a single polygon and are paper thin, much like ‘grass plane’ object included in H2A.
    Flat Structural Pieces:



    The ability to select color allows us to create awareness, contrast and depth within our spaces. Increased visual customization of our objects will enhance performance because the behavior of using complex objects to produce desired colors or texture will be eliminated. Each block would have a “Primary” and “Secondary” color. The primary color will cover the entire object while the secondary would control decorative trim.
    Providing both light and dark versions of each color is very important for wider range of use case scenarios. Something similar to armor color selection would suit this perfectly:

    ‘RED’ color selection (Boardwalk):
    ‘BLUE’ and ‘GREY’ color selection example:

    ‘BLACK’ and ‘WHITE’ color selection example:
    ‘SECONDARY’ color selection:
    I wish you the best of luck in completing what I think will be Halo’s most definitive forge tool set to date. I hope the above suggestions are considered as I believe the community response will more than justify the time and effort required to include them. I’m sure you will have a significantly positive response from our community with what you are building, this is merely to create something truly sensational in terms of community awareness and how we would like to build.

    Do you have ideas to share to help make forge a better experience? Whats your number 1?
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by WAR, May 25, 2015.

    1. WAR
      I wasn't able to relay any suggestions to Certain Affinity as Scott Maclean left over 2 months ago, however I didn't stop there. I was able to contact Josh Holmes, he accepted a direct message invitation via twitter and I pointed him to this thread yesterday. Hopefully he takes these suggestions into consideration as I think they will be valuable adjustments to our tool set.

      Since he might be reading comments here...perhaps you could inadvertently make some suggestions yourself;)

      I see many improvements to forge in Halo 5 being made however there were some concerning issues spotted as well. The H5 beta wasn't for forge feedback so I guess we should just remain hopeful that :343: fixes the impostering, sun glare and frame rate issues by release.
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    2. a Chunk
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      After the performance issues, the next priority for me would be fileshare accessibility. Forge and Custom games thrived during Halo 3 and Reach for a variety of reasons. One of the most important was the ability to easily access and share custom content.

      Online file sharing was initially not available when Halo 4 released. It eventually became available, but not until after the population had dropped significantly. Online file sharing could have helped sustain the population somewhat. The fact that it wasn't there actually contributed to some people (who primarily engaged in creating and playing community content) leaving the game behind.

      The Master Chief Collection marked the second consecutive Halo game that launched without online filesharing. Worse yet, there was no way to search for a players fileshare in-game (thank goodness this capability has finally been implemented) which meant that the only way to access a fileshare is to have a person on your friends list, and showing online in your roster. There is an additional option of accessing a fileshare through the Leaderboards, but there is no easy way to know where to look for a particular person, and the Leaderboards are buggy, with players occasionally appearing and disappearing.

      Long story short, we NEED Halo 5 to launch with a filesharing system that is simple, intuitive, and easily accessible. This means having the capability of searching for a players fileshare both in-game AND online. Additionally, the limit on the number of custom map variants that can be saved NEEDS to be higher than it is in The Master Chief Collection (50 total). The limit should be no lower than 100.
    3. Psychoduck
      The local file limit in Reach was 1,000 and the limit in H4 was unknown, possibly infinite. In other words, we can hold 5% of the files in MCC (a game on a newer system which comes with a larger hard drive) that we could hold in Halo: Reach five years ago. That is absurd. All of the so-called "local" files in MCC are actually stored in the cloud which also means that it is impossible to save a forge map without a connection to Xbox Live. The cloud storage is nice, but it by no means replaces local file storage.
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    4. WAR
      Good news people. Josh Holmes delivered this message to their forge team on the 10th! Hopefully :343: is still at a point where they can implement the above. If not, then perhaps include it in a future DLC / update.
    5. cookies4you
      What? Really?

      Holy ****, THEY NOTICED US!?
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