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  1. K a n t a l o p e

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    How would that work exactly? Would that also cut the poly's that're outside of the map's playable space as well as the merged polys? How would the Engine determine playable space?

    My idea is to let forgers place volumes over geometry that cuts into said geometry, simplifying the poly count and allowing forger control over what's cut. Of course this wouldn't replace the idea of merged polys being cut, but this could help cut tunnels through larger pieces for additional options for each object. Say that you just want the top of a decorative object: set the cut out channel separate from all other objects and set a volume with the same channel. Versatile and effective.
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  2. no god anywhere

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    Lots of good stuff in this thread. I wish I had time to give detailed feedback of my own but I just dont.

    I just wanted to give a conflicting opinion on one point that was made which is adding the monitor sounds. Yeah it sucks to get surprised by the monitor death but I'd rather not listen to the constant humming when I'm listening to music, watching something or multitasking. I'd rather the monitor be invincible or just don't add monitor sounds because id still like to have normal game sounds on for many reasons.

    Please don't add monitor sounds back.


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    Thanks guys for all your points. Saves me a lot of time.

    Carry on.
  4. GrayishPoppy210

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    P1-listen to this thread:
    So many good points have been brought up so don't ignore them. It's great to know your listening and thus thread has been set up but please don't just end up ignoring everything here.

    P2-dont remove anything:
    As with every forge creating a new version always seems to remove some of the great glitches and abilities from previous modes. An example if this that's likely to get removed but you should keep is the weapon pad glitch. Also bring back dedicated invasion and race modes.

    P3-scripting and more game mode options
    Scripting is great but could still be refined and there could be many useful changes and bug fixes. I'd love things like
    -dedicated objective points/capture points with conditions like, when captured, and adjustable capture times.
    -team scoring in minigame
    -ability to edit much more in custom game settings.
    -programmable AI (maybe a bit to far)

    P4- extra pieces I'd like to see:
    -water/lava extra
    -more textures and terrain varients (colour wheel)
    -All the primitive simple sizes (unless you go with scaling)

    And finally here are my thoughts on object scaling:
    -may lead to over or underscaled maps at first but in the long run would be a great addition. Would be awesome with fx to. You would have to make very clear to people how much they're scaling a piece by and how large it is though and the system would take some getting used to and perhaps be not as easy for some.

    Will add more if I think of stuff
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  5. CHa0s

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    I plan to come back to this later and read it all in detail, give feedback, but straight off the bat let me say it would be really useful if we could somehow vote on these points! There are already so many great ideas in here where I'm like "YES!", and if we had the opportunity to thumbs up the best ones, like the feedback sites, it would truly show which ones are priority 1 for those forgers who are active in this thread. /myinput I'll be back...
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  6. Soldat Du Christ

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    All the passive aggressive jabs in the OP lol
  7. RPG3000

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    BEING ABLE TO LINK MAPS TOGETHER! For example reaching a certain score, going through a teleport, or even triggering a power channel would move the game to another map but still keep the score and statistics from the original map. Would be useful for large puzzle maps, campaign maps, infection and much more.
    Project spark had this function
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  8. CertifiedChamp

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    P2- Better Canvases


    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but i'd like to see canvases with better lighting, that feel more polished. The natural lighting on many of the free update canvases feels very flat, and bland, like on tidal, or on some maps, even the artificial lighting feels very messy, like on barrens. Many of the canvases make player created lighting feel really bright, or flat, like on parallax. My personal favorite canvases are alpine and glacier due to the fact that they feel polished, both the natural and artificial lighting is great, and it never feels like there is anything out of my control in terms of lights, with each skybox on both canvases offering consistently polished and clean options for natural and player lights, whereas tidal, for instance, has the nighttime skybox which is pretty much unusable, and stormy which really mutes artificial lighting.


    This is a pretty quick point, but the ceiling on alpine is way too short, i would rather not see a repeat of this in the next game.

    Better Water:

    I would love to see water overhauled in the next forge. The water in Halo 5's forge was a bit of a let down, since it doesn't actually function like water, as opposed to a texture over a giant deathpit. When someone falls into the water from a height, the water should create a splash and sound as a result. I would also like to see water take up lighting, so if there was a bright orange light (from fire for instance), the water would reflect that color. It would also be cool to see water react to weather overlays, so that if you used the rain effect, the water would ripple as the rain made contact with the water's surface. Overall the water should feel more lively and dynamic. It would be a nice bonus to see bodies float in the water like in H3. Spartans wouldn't float in water in real life, obviously but it was fun back in Halo 3 seeing a corpse bobbing in a river.
  9. CertifiedChamp

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    P1-New Forge, New maps

    With a new and improved forge, there come new maps and creators, so i would really hate to see the ability to bring back maps from Halo 5 into the next forge. The most enjoyable part of a new forge mode is the scramble to create a map that nobody else has remade or created yet, there are a slew of new ideas (hit or miss) in terms of map design depending on the game's mechanics and there are a vast abundance of interesting ideas. By allowing people to bring their Halo 5 maps into the next game, it would completely kill that initial scramble, not to mention the fact that it would really intimidate new creators. A new forge is like a clean slate, a reset for everyone, and allows the new players the chance to jump in without being scared off by popular, established maps created in Halo 5. I want the new forge to be different enough that this isn't even a possibility, but i bring it up since i've had conversations with people who would like to bring their H5 maps into H6, which as i have already stated, would really segment the new creators from the older guys.
  10. Blueice6

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    P1. Items on map. I propose a main menu item, that contains a list of every object placed on the map. I would order it so the newer added objects are placed at the top. You could see which objects are locked vs unlocked. You could make the list tabbed for items grouped. Have the option of selecting objects, duplicate objects, hold to delete objects, go to where object is located in menu selection (to view objects from similar items as the one selected), and possibly more. It would also be nice if objects that would be rendered or onscreen from the current view could be highlighted by a background color or bold type within the menu. When you place an object but it glitches and goes off the map or somewhere unselectable, but is still part of the object count you could still select it and move/delete it. It would also be nice if you could possibly copy attributes of objects within this menu but not necessary as group selection is possible.

    P2. Contribution level. With the said menu keeping track of items placed it could also in the background keep track of the user that placed the object. Moving the object after placing it doesn't change the contribution level of the object. Editing traits of the object will change the contribution by no more than 50% for that object. Spawning in and placing a prefab would give 25% of the contribution levels for each object in the prefab to the user that inserted the prefab. Editing those object's traits would then increase contribution level for those object's to 50%. Any user that contributed to more than 25% of total objects within map/prefab would then be listed as a Major contributor and list the overall percentage. Anyone with less than 25% contribution list as a minor contributor not showing percentage. This would be something out of the players control and would then prevent users from stealing others work and claiming as their own. They could upload it under a different name in their own saves but the contribution would follow showing who actually did the work.

    P3. Undo. Within the items on map menu you could show a list of activities done up to the last object placed. Allowing us to revert anywhere back to that point. Once a new object is placed it does a temporary save in a sense and all prior changes are then removed from the undo option. Could also make a 50 undo limit that after 50 changes it is also removed from the undo list.

    P4. Player traits editable with scripting. It could be done using volumes that could be triggered on or off. The main trait that I want to be able to affect is which team a player is on. So if a player passes through a volume it is then forced to a specific team. It would make minigames crazy with possibility. Puzzle maps would love it. We could make our own variant of zombies/infection. Other traits like speed, shields, etc..would also be nice for this feature.

    P5. Scoring scriptable. Simply put make scoring adjustable through scripting, and make scripting objects based off scoring.
    Edit*(technically I would make everything that makes up a game mode scriptable and able to affect scripts. Then give us the ability to unlock certain aspects of those scripts to be editable by players. Which would then give us all game modes day one. It would also link the game mode planned for the map with the map as that's how scoring and play would be managed. Players could still tweak base traits and any unlocked scripting to make it there own in custom games or go into forge and change it more. It would mean adding scripts along the lines of killed by, killing..., Pick up object then, place object, return if dropped, all of those beautiful keys to the kingdom. It would be a major overhaul I'm sure but done right could make many game mode concerns/wants achieved with slight learning curve. Think script brain, but instead scoring brain.)

    P5. Equilateral triangles. I often like to forge things on a hexagonal grid. The addition of these with proper magnets would make filling certain hole and aligning things much easier. Pyramid versions would be cool as well but mostly a flat equilateral triangle with varying sizes and thickness.
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  11. purely fat

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    Don't know if it has been said in the many walls of text here.


    I want complete control over lighting. I want to be able to put main light source for the map where ever I please. I want to be able to choose between static and dynamic lighting. Not just on a canvas level but on an area to area level.

    Rather than giving us different effects for the map to alter lighting. I want rgb, contrast, brightness, and etc. sliders that allow the person to have real control over the lighting and tone of their maps. This way people can put their individual touch on it much more easily.
  12. ryan LFC 92

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    It would be amazing If 343 could make a function like that with one click of a button. There are some issues though. Textures cant really be cut down. It can be erased and made invisible but maps would still load in that whole texture space. Even if part of a texture is deleted, the UV is still holding space (memory) for that texture. The best option would probably be to give us some objects with one sided textures only. Your idea would be cool for cutting down polygons though. To make the idea a bit more usable, we should be able to select all the faces on an object we dont want then delete.
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  13. xXBarthXx

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    P1- New Forge Bugs With Each Update

    I don’t know if this is entirely on the Forge side or not, but seemed like every Halo 5 update that came out broke something or changed how something worked in Forge and Custom Games. Some bugs were so severe that dedicated forgers from over the years stopped forging as much as they did in the past or straight up quit. It was extremely frustrating to be like “Oh sweet, a new update! What’s going to break this time?”.

    Possible Solution- Really all I can think of is more testing. I know it’s hard to check every possible option and ability in Forge since there’s so much going on, and I’m sure there will only be more features coming in the future (which I am entirely excited for!), but if these things aren’t looked at more closely you’re only going to lose more forgers, and less awesome and creative content will be produced.

    P2- Framerate Issues

    Framerate has always been an issue with Forge, and continued to be a big issue in Halo 5's Forge. Forgers would create these highly detailed, incredible looking maps, but guess what? All that detail you added kills the framerate and makes the map unplayable by matchmaking and HCS standards. The last update fixed framerate a bit, but this needs to be a priority to fix for the next Halo game.

    Possible Solution- Look into fixing framerate issues without requiring Forgers to simplify their maps.

    P3- Offline Forging

    As we all know, you can only Forge if you are connected to Xbox Live (unless you use CheatEngine to Forge offline in H5 Forge, but even then you can’t save), which can be a big problem in several ways. One being if you don’t have a connection to the internet you’re SOL (which sucks for casual forgers who don’t have Xbox Live and those who are dealing with power outages, internet issues, etc.). Another problem is if you are in the middle of a Forge session and your internet cuts out. Yes, they added the ability to resume the most recent session you were forging on, but just having the ability to not get kicked out if you lose a connection would be helpful.

    Possible Solution- Add offline Forging lol? If I recall correctly, I think Tom French said they are looking into it for the future, so fingers crossed!

    P3- Better Looking Textures

    Halo 5 added the ability to choose from several different textures and overlays, which was incredible! But most of the time they just look… off. You can tell it’s still a forge object and can look out of place.

    Possible Solution- Add better looking textures. I’m sure this is being looked at for the next Halo game, but just thought it should be said.

    P3- Add Undo Button

    This has been asked for since Halo 3 and it’s time it becomes a reality. We need an undo button to fix accidental mistakes that break or remove things from our maps.

    Possible Solution- Ummm, add a Undo Button?

    P4- Texture Sounds

    Currently if you change an object’s texture to let’s say wood, if you shoot it then it will still make a metalish sound and will leave metal looking bullet holes. This removes the realistic feel to it.

    Possible Solution- Add different sounds and bullet holes for each texture.

    P4- Restart Round Option

    This option was in all previous Halo Forge's, minus Halo 5's. Yes, they added the ability to reset objects, scripts, etc., but Restart Round needs to return.

    Possible Solution- Add back Restart Round ability.

    P5- Mirror Object/Group of Objects

    This may be hard to pull off, and isn't really needed, but it would be cool if we could mirror an object/group of objects. It would make it easier to build symmetrical maps/structures.

    Possible Solution- Add ability to mirror objects? Idk I'm not a programmer lol.

    I’ll edit this post if I think of anything else to add. Looking forward to the next Halo’s Forge Mode though!
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  14. CHa0s

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    First, some positive feedback:
    I've truly enjoyed forging in Halo 5. The addition of detailed pieces, effects, and scripting are amazing. The scripting especially was a lovely surprise. The new textures have been fun, and the ability to make pieces glow is awesome! All of these things have encouraged me to spend a great many hours creating in Halo 5 Forge.

    P1 - We need land pieces that help blend landscapes more easily.
    * We need a land shape that can be used to fill in when two land pieces are set edge to edge at an angle. Perhaps they could be log-shaped and the cross cut is an egg-like shape.
    * Take the existing bowl/hill, cut off the "rim", and give us that, and a half and quarter of that. I almost just fell off my chair thinking of the possibilities for this.
    * Take the bowl/hill, again cut off the "rim", and cut off two ends so it can be used as a channel.​

    P1 - Bring back asymmetrical, round based gametypes such as 1-Flag and 1 Bomb Assault so we can have gametypes that work with our asymmetrical maps.

    P1 - Water. It can even be just standing water. Pieces similar to the land pieces would work. It would be good to have some sort of animation when one moves through it, even if only very slight.

    P1 - Color wheel. Even if it's only a limited number of colors. I can't stress the importance of cutting down hours wasted for an active forger, toggling through colors using the current system.

    P1 - Forge lighting that acts like it does in real life. Countless hours spent trying to make everything blend in regards to light and pieces glitching.

    P2 - Copy-paste scripting. Whether developer created basics, or a sharing system like we can share our pre-fab forge pieces, Pre-Fab Scripting would be awesome.

    P2 - An undo option! Even if it's only one step back.

    P2 - Make existing developer-created forge space boundaries either hard-walled, or consistently soft kill zones. Fix them so there is no chance forgers will have pieces they are holding onto get ripped out of their hold and flung outside the barrier, whilst killing their forgeball with a loud bang. With existing glitches, pieces can become irretrievable outside of the forge area if they are grouped and out of reach. The sudden death and loud bang interrupts the forger's creative reverie, hence their creative process, and makes it time consuming to work near these areas in fear of the occurence.

    P2 - Fix welding so when you script a welded group it behaves as if it's one unit.

    P2 - "Skins" instead of separate pieces. For example all the trees, land pieces and rocks being in the same menu and simply toggling through to change the color scheme.

    P2 - Organize forge pieces differently. I'd venture to say that the vast majority of pieces used in forge are not as intended by category and name. While I understand that the object may have been to organize forge pieces in a way that would make it easier for beginner forgers to create, the existing system feel similar to what I'd imagine it would feel like if someone took all my colored pens, markers, pencils, watercolors, pastels and organized them by color. Forgers use pieces by shapes and sizes, not whether they are roads or ceiling accents. It would be cool to have pieces organized in more of a shapes and sizes order, because it would be easier to find pieces and remember where they are.

    P2 - Fix it so all pieces of the same color are the same shade of that color. This is most obvious when merging simple to detailed pieces, and clearly shows where one ends and the other begins, breaking the illusion that they are the same piece. It's unattractive to look at, and looks poorly made, lowering the visual quality of a map. Specifically, I'm thinking of one of the browns, and bridge pieces vs simple pieces vs the Promethean pillars. The simple pieces and bridge pieces are quite a saturated warm brown, and the detailed pieces are a much cooler, less saturated brown. It's a significant clash that has to be seen to recognize the importance of a fix.

    P2 - Have forge lighting default to light burn off. I turn it off for every single piece unless that piece's light is misbehaving and having it on stops the glitch. (Or fix it)

    P3 - Include the ability to toggle through your forge groups, with a visible indication of what group you are toggled on. Perhaps they are simply numbered in the order they were grouped. The visual can be similar to what we see when choosing the parent of a group: a colored outline.

    P4 - Decals include the alphabet.

    P4 - It would be incredible to be able to have some sort of visual representation for each forge piece as we move through the menus. One of those near/far 3-D scrolling circles would be absolutely sublime. It's very difficult to remember what many of the pieces are simply by their name.

    P5 - Clean up redundant pieces. The more pieces there are to search through, the more difficult it is to search for unique pieces. It's time-consuming to try and see all of your options, and confusing and overwhelming for new forgers when the same pieces are seen in several different menus.

    P5 - It would be so cool if we could soup up vehicles with decals!
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  15. JA50N 0

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    I would like to start with I Love Forge and appriciate all the time and hard work that went into it. That being said, it's frustrating to even try playing customs with the freezes and crashes. This has been the norm with every update : (

    Forge wishlist:
    P1. No updates (plz put out a finished product game/forge)
    P1. Terrain editor (see game "Far cry" editor) while still have terrain blocks.
    P1. More skins/textures for blocks
    P2. Multiple skyboxes accessible in all canvases.
    P1. Scripting and welding to work as intended (I know the community will push these boundaries, I'm not speaking on that) moving a block from one point to another is not smooth or even just rotating it and may still break if a player joins/leaves.
    P1. More team specific options with objectives, weapons, vehicles, and telepoters. ( ex. Red team pickup/access only)
    P1. If possible to transfer our files : )

    Would love to see a combination of Halo forge with Far Cry terrain editor and the ability to script a.i. like in the latest DOOM : )
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  16. TurbTastic

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    Haven’t forged for a long time now but I can think of at least a few of things:

    P2: Player Trait Zones/Volumes, these were extremely useful
    P3: Team-specific teleporters, for example, should be able to make a teleporter that only works for players on the red team
    P3: more scripting channels, H2A had numbered channels 0-63 which was really nice (if I remember), and going down to 26 was rough for some concepts, I know there are probably workarounds considering how advanced the scripting is nowadays but more channels would definitely be welcome
    P3: some way to highlight/emphasize/list objects that have scripts on them

    A year or so ago I could probably come up with a lot more things but I’m pretty rusty at this point.
  17. TheLunarRaptor

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    I am giving this my all, I have wanted to speak to 343 and express my ideas and issues since forge has been here! It is more of a wishlist than anything else but I want to get this all off my mind. I am sure I will forget some things.

    Scripts need to work as intended at all times, there needs to be some sort of meter that isn't just a number, but something that tells us how strenuous scripts are on the map. You can use the max amount of scripts in halo 5, but if you combine this with high item counts or the scripts themselves are very complex it WILL overload the map, and from then on scripts will always be bug ridden, and in many cases can cause gamemodes to not work as intended in Halo 5. This should never happen, the average user should not have to spend hours creating workarounds for when scripts get ignored, any issue should 100% be the players fault, there should be a true budget of what the engine can handle. I built a working elevator with a call button and the map can't even have working message and recieve scripts, round start scripts do not work, next to nothing works and I had to abondon one of my favorite projects. Consider adding scripting number channels and labels as well instead of army codes so it is easier to manage scripts.

    P1-Budgets that are dynamic along with a performance meter, currently you can not use 1600 objects, players can not join your map and it often has extreme frame rate issues even if you use minimal detail. From a users persepective this is not a good thing, there are many cases in the customs browser where I fail to join simply because someone used all their budget. Either budgets need to warn the player about something pottentially not working, or the budget needs to be locked to a point where nothing can break at all. A much more accurate budget is what I am trying to say.

    P2- Better file browser, let us package maps with a gamemode or even multiple gamemodes, and give us a public and private file share, or even a shared private file share you can share with co-forgers. It feels ridiculous digging for the map and gamemode and the way this file share handles items is a mess, the fact it automatically takes a map you edited and turns it private is beyond ridiculous. and if you have an alternate gamemode for a map sometimes it needs a new map, let us be able to package this into one file so when someone chooses a different gamemode it picks that cooresponding map variant.....AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, let us overwrite it with a copy (have a backup to prevent accidents), say we want to edit the map but not take it off public view, let us take the fixed copy we made and replace the old one so we keep the bookmarks and whatnot instead of a new file or having to replicate all those changes again.

    P1-A better lighting system and a truely blank canvas, a completely blank canvas that allows us to choose a lighting source and choose various elements is a must for the next generation of forge, nothing is more frustrating than trying to make a snow theme work on a desert map because it has better lighting, this is beyond silly, give us the option to choose a floor (Lava,water,etc) with hue and color sliders,and maybe an object pallete specifically for skybox centerpieces like a sun. Let us choose a skybox from a giant list with adjustable gradients and whatnot. Something like picking a lightsource and where it comes from would open up so many possibilities

    Good lighting and the perfect enviorment is by far the most important thing when creating a map, let us truely shine by letting us create the skybox and canvas ourselves. This does NOT mean you should get rid of classic style canvases!

    P1-Adjustable fx and filters, this includes dynamic weather. Give us the options to change or create our own filters!

    P1-Noclip forging and no deaths as a forgeball. If we want to be morons and forge on the outside of an arena map regardless of nice lighting, let us! Let us go where we want and forge where we want! It sounds overwhelmingly bad when you talk about forge and say "I died in edit mode", this is high up because we have a limitless forge yet we are constricted by death barriers and can die as an oracle, at least give us the option to toggle oracle health for those who like to screw around in forge.

    P1-More ways to activate scripts and apply labels to players, options like "on weapon pickup/drop" or the ability to asign a script to a specific player would help so much for creating innovative gamemodes

    P1- Overlays for all objects and more textures, overlays on trees and rocks would be superb, it is currently hard to create a believable winter theme because there are no convincing ways we can add snow to rocks.

    P1-Lots and lots of gamemode options, this was by far the biggest cripple to customs in Halo 5, the lack of options AND gamemodes absolutely killed our ability to innovate. No traitzones, no custom powerups outside of the very limited minigame mode was bad, we should have all options for all gamemodes period, a great forge without great gamemode options to compliment it is the worst thing you guys could do for Halo 6 forge customs.

    P2-Movement scripts and roatation scripts need to be smooth, consider adding something user friendly like a line you can guide or draw in the 3d space, the result would be the parent object or the object following the line you drew.

    P2-Color and hue options for all objects, and by this I mean everything, even terrain, and FX as well!! This would eliminate tons of the natural item issues as people could color the leaves and bark of a tree whatever color they wish, want black rocks? Take a rock with the texture you like and make it black, this would also be easier on developers as they do not have to create tons similar rocks with different colors.

    P2- More simple blocks and smaller primitives, whether you choose an input based system that generates a block, or a scaling system, any way you can add small blocks and a more diverse pallete of simple blocks would be very helpful.

    P2- Real round objects and spheres, look at the best attempts at covenant maps, they all suffer the same issue, it has the bubble effect (this just means you can see multiple flat pieces together to attempt round geometry). Domes, spheres, and various round shapes are quite important if you want us to have no limits for forge.

    P2- Low intensity foliage, foliage is extremely important when it comes to creating immersive enviorments, one issue I have is how items like grass are 3d rendered instead of a simple sprite, as a result this kills framerate. A catagory dedicated to sprites and imposter models of foliage and nature would be so helpful.

    P2- Volumes for water and various liquids (like lava) and water that does not kill you! This could be used via object boundaries or it could be its own thing! This would truely make our ideas limitless, as water and rivers can not be done on every map. Another dream killer is how deadly water is, even if its knee deep you will die if you crouch in it, this causes rivers to looks really shallow on btb maps and overall is just downright silly.

    P2- A way to derender parts of an object, since it is not realistic to automatically make a system that removes geometry, give use a simple volume to use, all the volume does is erase that part of the object so the game does not render it, sure you might not be able to create an automated system, but give us the power to delete whole unseen halfs of a map is enough, It is very important you make these volumes weldable and able to be microsized so we can have amazing furniture creation pottential.

    P2- More objects for the natural section, this could include waterfalls and whatnot. Autumn and various seasonal variations, combine this with a hue and color slider and bam. have bare trees and autumn leaves overlay for terrain.

    P2- The ability to use custom games options IN FORGE, this allows us to test the maps within the editor so it is much less stressful on creators, options that allow us to change this in game would be even better.

    P2- Ability to turn off nametags, it may seem trivial and strange to make this a p2, but this hurts horror and infection quite a bit, this also ruins clue in Halo (yes that was a thing).

    P3- Extreme vehicle customization, imagine having the option to change stats of a vehicle like speed and friction, the racing community for this game would refuse to die.

    P3- More sounds with options!! We have a lot now, but adding the ability to change the radius or who can hear the sounds would be so helpful for creating those immersive environments.

    P3- Urban Objects like signs, etc.. Urban is one of the most common themes, I won't go on too much about objects id like because this list would be endless, but id have to say urban objects are very important.

    P3- Ability to scale and change the color(s) of decals

    P3- ABC order for objects in the menu's

    P3- The ability to adjust the speed of animations (fx) as well as the ability to script intervals for when it speeds up. For instance say a map has a waterfall and it is in an ancient temple, the waterfall is fairly slow and calm, then for example you take the sacred object, you could send a message to those waterfalls to speed up. Maybe you could have some lava or water geyser fx's that you could change the speeds of. I just think having options to speed up or change fx would be very beneficial to creators.

    P3- Custom text and waypoints, it is so funny how we can't say what we want but we can build what we want, why can't I lable a house as "dirty old mans house" if I want to. The ability to apply custom text onto the screen directly campaign style would bring linear infection to a new level, allowing for more complex objectives.

    P4- Weapon glitch returns as a feature, this allowed for so many wacky gamemodes, if you gave us the option to do truely change the traits of a weapon, this would help core map creators and customs creators a lot by giving us lots of unique power weapons to explore with. If you do bring it back though, please, please allow us to detach it from the weapon pad and place it on it's own.

    P4- Weapon welding, this could include invisible options as well, giving a spartan a fire hydrant hammer would be hysterical, or perhaps something more serious like a makeshift laser sight or flashlight for a horror game?

    P4- Blank vehicles with no hitboxes, imagine something like a seat, with this seat you can choose the type of vehicle physics (car,tank,plane/jet,vtol,etc.) after this you can weld blocks and objects to it, these blocks and items will become your hitbox if you so choose, you could trigger different things to happen at certain damage values or pick weakspots and select what gun you want your vehicle to have.

    P4- Automated Halo 4 style scriptable turrets....Please, pretty please?

    P4- dynamic water, water that shows water droplets, water that has waves and interacts with items more, obviously not essential but it has always been somthing I wanted to see.

    P4- An even more precise version of movement in editing, a more slow version of z-fight fixer!

    P5- .01 options and whatnot for creating boundaries, so far we can only create lasers that are extremely thick and cumbersome.

    P5- Togglable grid

    P5- More custom doors and items with predone unique animations, (think of the strongholds terminal but with more options)

    P6-......Custom armor in forge, this is trivial at best but I want to go into forge and show off armor.

    Id love to create an item wishlist with the community if that is the type of information they would like as well. I probrobly forgot about a few ideas but I think I covered everything, but instead of just rambling to random people, I am rambling to a 343 member!! Hope you find this information of use! Overall consistency and reliablity is my biggest issue with H5 forge, at the very least if it consitently works as intended it will be a massive step forward.

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  18. FrostPhoenix0

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    Not exactly a prolific Forger, but here are my thoughts.
    P1 - Cut Down On Primitive Usage
    What I mean by this is that we need either a VAST array of more primitive objects, or some way to be able to edit length/width/height of primitives. This is covering what others have said before, but too often we have to use 2-3 objects where 1 SHOULD suffice. In isolation, this is fine and a natural part of using Forge, but with abnormal geometries this can increase the piece usage of maps for no real reason.

    P1 - Optimisation
    There is nothing more saddening than when you first notice frame drops on a map. Optimisation should be key for the next iteration of Forge.

    P1 - Return of Previous Tools
    Return of magnets, duplication, scripting, lighting, weather effects, terrain editing, prefabs etc. All these things have become an integral and well received part of the Forge experience. Could these things be done better? Yes. Weather should be able to be occluded in set areas (e.g. in buildings), terrain could blend slightly better still, scripting should be made smoother. But these things should all return in AT LEAST their current capacity.

    P3 - Things to Help Custom Games
    It is my belief that custom games are the lifeblood of Halo, and one of the reasons people keep playing it. The game offers a very wide variety of experiences for a single game. Anything that can be done to improve this is welcome. For example, vehicle welding, while faulty, is still a cool addition.

    P5 - Control Remapping
    I think the new controls were a vast improvement, and I'd recommend to anybody who is put of because of them to just practice for a couple of hours. That being said, I think that being able to change button mapping could be quite useful

    In general, I agree with most things that other people have said, and I don't want to rehash a lot of things. I have definitely enjoyed my time Forging in Halo 5. I would rather that the monitor sounds DO NOT RETURN (though I don't see why this couldn't be toggleable).

    Here are a couple of potentially highly flawed ideas I have for this sort of idea to work.

    First: Have render/polygon "lights". Only the polygons of objects touched by the lights will be rendered/loaded/(whatever the appropriate term is). Any objects not touched by the lights would be loaded as normal. This may be potentially an object intensive approach, and may be quite prone to mistakes.

    Second: Have an entire gamemode which is an optimisation mode. Get players on the map. Play some matches. All polygons which are seen by any player at any time will remain on the map. All others will be marked as not to be loaded/rendered.
  19. ryan LFC 92

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    A lot of stuff seems to be covered so I don't have much to add.

    P1 Come up with a way to optimise prefabs so they can be used to their full potential.

    P1 Give forge access to many of the campaign assets.
  20. Joe Subbiani

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    P3 - Free For All Forge Mode

    Sometimes machinimas work best in forge or a machinima creator wants to use a forge ball as a character e.g Epsilon in Red vs Blue being able to use your spartan colours would be cool

    P4 - Increased Budget

    I know it was taken from 1200 to 1600 but forging laege scale good looking maps can still be difficult, I know its a stretch but would be amazing to see

    P5 - Smooth Scripting

    At the moment movement scripting is quite jumpy.

    P1 - Disable Damage to Monitors

    Forging near far can be hard

    P5 - More Simple Primitive Pieces

    Sometimes using detailed pieces can ruin a maps aesthetic but the creator has no other choice due to the limited number of simple primitives

    Cannot wait for Halo 6!

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