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    I'm sure you are all loving the new tool set but if you happen to stumble across bugs or have complaint issues please post them here. Remember to be respectful when posting your comments, the team at 343 that will be addressing your concerns in future updates. Lets help them help us;)

    - Take screenshots of what you are referring to when you can
    - Submit video links / DVR as much as possible so they can confirm bugs faster.

    Note to all:
    Do not delete the initial spawn points on your canvas. Set them aside or move them when you are ready. 343 is aware of issues that occur when these spawn points are deleted. They will resolve this in the future, in the meantime just keep them on your map.
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by WAR, Dec 16, 2015.

    1. Halodude117
      Here are some issues/needed features I've noticed whilst building my latest two levels:

      -Stuck at "Retrieving Data" in forge lobby.
      -Welded objects become uneditable/ungrabbable but still appear in game and function as normal.
      -Fotus armor on my player while in forge (cool but still a bug I'm pretty sure).
      -Steam FX objects do not render in player view or in custom games only while in editor mode.
      -Sometimes when duplicating objects, they end up being duplicated underneath the map so you'd have to delete then redupe them or change the physics to phased then back again.
      -Not really sure how to recreate this bug but it happened about three times yesterday: when switching from editor to player mode, you would lose all your weapons and HUD and start running forward unable to turn, jump or use the thruster pack and switching to editor mode doesn't fix the issue. Only on player death does it get fixed.
      -Fog not affecting base maps the same way forge canvas' are affected eg. on The Rig, the fog level is physically too low to make any type of drastic change noticeable (could maybe add a fog height option?)

      Needed Features:
      -A script action that allows current scripts to be canceled and only allow new, incoming scripts on an object to be triggered.
      -Trigger volumes (for players or vehicles)/physical triggers ie. if an object passes through other than a player or a vehicle.
      -Cancel previews of cameras (currently you have to wait the whole 13 seconds before the camera preview ends).
      -More vehicles for scenery such as pelicans, dropships, etc.
      -Ability to change/adjust rotation anchor points on objects ie. allowing the ring objects to rotate naturally, if using scripts to rotate the object, instead of looking like you just spun a banana as a top same for the radar dish props as they rotate around the object center not the base clamp.
      -Ability to weld objects/fx to vehicles and weapons.
      -File Browser.
      -An editable vehicle ceiling object or map parameter that prevents vehicles from going above a certain height (different than the hard coded map ceiling or kill volumes). This can allow open air maps to prevent banshees or other flying vehicles from exiting the playable area if there is a player piloting them otherwise they can pass through if, for example, you're using vehicles as scenery.
      -Night lighting scheme for any map not just on Glacier.
      -More heavy/industrial light scenery objects.
      -Waterfall FX object.
      -Ability to change FX colors.
      -One time scripts (only trigger once then other scripts continue). Currently all scripts must have a repeat value to trigger (possibly a bug?)
      -REQ variants of vehicles, weapons and powerups.
      -System to retrieve lost objects eg. if an object gets placed under the map by accident via phased physics or if a vehicle is scripted to despawn on match start, there's no way to get that vehicle back and make changes since its gone before you can get to it. Yes selecting "All Of Type..." works but if you have many other of that object placed already, deleting all of them and re -placing each one can be tedious.
      -The ability to change the size of soundscapes as to cover a whole map instead of having to place a ton of them.

      These are the main points I've noticed and I'm sure there are some I have left out, or they have already been mentioned in this thread multiple times, so hopefully 343 sees this thread and continues to make this iteration of Forge the best it can be.

      Overall though, this version of Forge is amazing already.
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    2. Juanez Sanchez
      Juanez Sanchez
      Okay so now forge isnt letting me 'save as' anymore, simply quicksave. Is my map ruined or is there a way round this?
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    3. Grunt Padre
      Grunt Padre
      I believe I may have found I way to fix the Retrieving data/save as failed. I renamed my map and it didn't do anything but after I quit H5 and started it again the map was no longer retrieving data and once I started it I was able to save as again. Also the map didn't have any objects that I couldn't pick up. Though I now see there is a work around for that too that was posted earlier.
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    4. tdoshea90
      Deathless game setting affects explosive barrels
    5. Chronmeister
      Im not sure which blocks are doing it yet, but in a couple maps I tested yesterday (including my own), invisible barriers started appearing above blocks. I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think they were stopping bullets. It was happening all over my map and made things quite confusing because it made bulletholes appear to be floating mid air and created a sound effect when it was shot at. I have exceeded the lighting budget by 9 percent so I'm not sure if that is the cause, but regardless, it is a pretty serious issue. I'll mess around with it later tonight and see if I can see if the problem is linked to specific pieces or if lowering the lightmap percentage helps.
    6. REMkings
      I don't know how on earth it happened, but I was working on this map when I must've accidentally duplicated a few (welded) objects by holding the right button on the D-pad. I mean, that's the only explanation that makes sense for what happened next: there was this whole row of copies of the objects and my object count had immediately hit the 1024 mark. But when I tried to delete them - and that's the bug I'm worried about - I couldn't select them. I couldn't even remove them by selecting all identical objects present on the rest of the map and removing those altogether.

      This issue has resulted in me having to start over forging a map that took me 12 hours up to this point because unfortunately I saved this crooked version by accident, overwriting the older version. So you can imagine I'm kind of pissed off about this bug. :(
    7. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      That's an issue with grouping/welding. It can usually be resolved by creating a new group, and then ungrouping them. This seems to also ungroup the glitched objects. Sometimes I've had to reboot the map afterward.

      I think it's generally a good idea to frequently use the Save As feature instead a regular save, because issues like this are popping up somewhat frequently.
    8. Preacher001
      I'm not sure if it's a glitch or bug but sometimes when I wake up after falling asleep while forging, my object count goes up. Then I have to run around the map looking for randomly placed objects, often left in a trail to whatever obscure place I scrolled off to while sleeping. It can be quite bothersome.
    9. REMkings
      Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I already ungrouped the pieces involved so I can no longer apply that trick. Guess I'll have to start again after all. But the Save As tip is a good one, I'll be sure not to screw up with that anymore. For some reason I stopped doing it in Halo 5 even though I always used to in the past.
    10. REMkings
      Yeah this is pretty much my problem, except I didn't fall asleep :p
    11. Starship Forge
      Starship Forge
      Speaking of the initial spawn glitch, what are we safe to do? I've been making a map on Parallax, and so far I've left all the spawn points (initial & regular) completely alone (along with the floop pice they rest on). Can I move them? How many do I need (of both initial & standard) to keep? I'm asking because I'm making an aesthetic map, and I want to (safely) maximize the object budget. I'm afraid to even touch them, because I already lost like 5 days work on this map to the glitch.
    12. Larry Tanng
      Larry Tanng
      I've noticed that when loading up my continuing forge map for the day, it shows a different map canvas picture while loading the map.

      Makes me nervous, you know...
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    13. EnoughLemon
      So a bug that's really trying my patience is a phantom CTF flag. It's not there in forge but when you play my map on Custom games the flag spawns both inside and outside of the map. Now we tested it and made a path to the ghost flag and it can not be interacted with in custom game but it's waypoint remains forever visible, even though, like I said, there is no flag spawn point there. Have tried almost everything I can think of to alleviate this issue but to no avail.
    14. CommanderColson
      It appears some cylinders become difficult, and next to impossible to grab. My curser grabs whatever lies behind. Happens to all different kinds of cylinders and half cylinders. Will try to post video.
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    15. WAR
      Glad you brought this up, I noticed this as well but thought it was an isolated issue since I ungrouped a bunch of objects.
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    16. leegeorgeton
      I'm having the same problem with a group as well. Still haven't been able to fix the problem.
    17. leegeorgeton
      I'm having trouble with the lighting on a map. When I first spawn in in forge, the lighting looks fine, but as soon as I generate lighting, several pieces become shadowed, even though no objects are above to create the shadow. I did build the map below where the default huge floor object spawns, but I've long since day moved it out of the way.

      Check out his video, and if you'd like, you can find this map bookmarked under my gamer tag.

      With this problem and a few others, I'm becoming pretty frustrated. It sucks having to spend as much time dealing with bugs as I spend forging.
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    18. Larry Tanng
      Larry Tanng
      I'd like to point out that for forgers like me, center-of-mass rotation should be the only option for all forge objects. This is goddly important to asymmetrical maps. Also, when I change the rotation setting to center-of-mass, it doesn't change the in-menu coordinates, just the coordinates it shows when you are actually pointing at the object. This creates the very annoying problem of having to actually look at the object I'm moving in situations where I can't actually look at it.

      Setting the rotation setting to center-of-mass should reflect all of the objects coordinates everywhere across the board, especially where it's most important; the Object Properties.

      Anther very important thing is the Camera Lock-on. I don't use it, because when you lock onto an object, the control is 100% opposite of what the natural human brain wants to do. Bungie made it the way they did for a reason in Reach. They made it that way, because it was right in sync with how human brains work. 343i should seriously consider implementing an option for us to flip it back, while keeping the original setting for those who are used to it now.

      EDIT: I meant to post this in feedback, but I guess some of what I said could be bugs.
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    19. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      I can't recall if either of these has been posted, but I encountered 2 issues while working on a map.
      • Fire will only spawn in the first round of multi-round gametypes.
      • The Crane piece has an enormous 'select-able' space around it, referring to selecting it in forge. There have been numerous times where I've grabbed a piece and moved it, and it wouldn't actually move. I then realized I had actually grabbed the Crane and moved THAT, even though it wasn't even in my field of view. I was literally grabbing and moving the Crane piece that was behind me when attempting to grab a block piece that was in front of me.
    20. buddhacrane
      Ditto. Glad it's not just me!

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