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    I'm sure you are all loving the new tool set but if you happen to stumble across bugs or have complaint issues please post them here. Remember to be respectful when posting your comments, the team at 343 that will be addressing your concerns in future updates. Lets help them help us;)

    - Take screenshots of what you are referring to when you can
    - Submit video links / DVR as much as possible so they can confirm bugs faster.

    Note to all:
    Do not delete the initial spawn points on your canvas. Set them aside or move them when you are ready. 343 is aware of issues that occur when these spawn points are deleted. They will resolve this in the future, in the meantime just keep them on your map.
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by WAR, Dec 16, 2015.

    1. I Can't Script
      I Can't Script
      Pretty sure this has already been mentioned since I'm too lazy to read through the whole thread but whenever you die in Forge, your helmet becomes a FOTUS helmet. Not game-breaking or anything, it just looks dumb.
    2. Keven0045
      Hitbox issue.

      Halo skärmavbild 2017-januari-423 22.55.png

      You can grab the object and you cannot shoot through the invisible wall. Triangle (16x16x4)
    3. Yumudas Beegbut
      Yumudas Beegbut
      Not sure if this info about the Team Numbers bug for the Number Check condition has been passed along yet. It's the behavior I get when I test, but I might be wrong about any conclusions.

      Number:Check [Scope:Team] uses the Number value that has changed for any of that Team's Numbers rather than the one specified by Channel. This happens for Scope:Team Numbers in both the VARIABLE and CHECK sections.

      Check to see if the logic that retrieves/returns a Team Number is instead returning the Number value that changed.

      If the other Number in the VARIABLE or CHECK section changes & it's not from the same team, then the Number specified by Channel does get used.
      • If you compare a Team Number to a Constant the Channel setting will always be ignored since the Constant can't change.
      • If you compare a Team Number to any Number that changes (not on the same team) the Number specified by Channel will be used as long as no Numbers from that Team changed but the other Number has changed.
      Basically, if you use Switch 3 to set Team 2 alpha above Team 1 alpha & barvo, the scores don't update. Scores update if
      • T2a changes and T1a >= T2a
      • T1a changes and T1a >= T2a
      • T1b changes and T1b >= T2a
      // Switches 1, 2 & 3: Increments Team channel numbers but resets to 0 after 3
      1: (Interacted)
      <Number [Team 1, alpha] + [1]>
      <Number [Team 1, alpha] Remainder [4]>

      2: (Interacted)
      <Number [Team 1, barvo] + [1]>
      <Number [Team 1, barvo] Remainder [4]>

      3: (Interacted)
      <Number [Team 2, alpha] + [1]>
      <Number [Team 2, alpha] Remainder [4]>

      Script Brain: // Updates Red score to Team 1 alpha Number & Blue to Team 1 barvo
      (Number [Team 1, alpha, 0, No] >= [Team 2, alpha])
      <Score [Team 1] = [Number, Team 1, alpha, 0, No]>
      <Score [Team 2] = [Number, Team 1, barvo, 0, No]>

      This is an updated based on cookies4you's findings:
      The condition is broken when using the Team scope. It triggers when ANY channel of the specified team meets the required condition instead of when ONLY the specified team and the specified channel meets it.
      • The Team scope is definitely an array. I verified that each Team has 26 of its own channels.
      • The bug happens because the Number: Check condition is reading changes from ALL channels in the specified Team when it should only be reading changes from the specified channel.
      • No matter what you set your channel to in the condition, it behaves as if it is checking ALL channels for that specified Team.
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    4. Optimistic
      I'm not sure if these are bugs or engine limitations.

      .When there are over 16 vehicles (don't know the exact number, maybe even less) with boundary detection script detecting players, the game will start lagging (not frame rate drop. It's like the game becomes out of sync with the server, or the server just can't keep up) when there are over 1 player on the map (especially obvious in custom games).
      .The game will crash (on the Xbox) or stop response to user input (on PC) if there are too many (like 22) vehicles having boundary detection script detecting objects.
      If there are too many (~1100) objects with no light baking (glass, invisible objects, normal physic objects, objects having tags or scripts, or manually turn off by the player), some of those objects will not spawn on even rounds.
      .Color changing script cannot change objects' color with light baking on (Test this by setting a block to team 1, and a button to change team 1 objects to red when pressed. Don't add any scripts or tags on the block, since the game will turn off the light baking for it).

      This one is a little weird:
      These blocks (rotate 30 degrees) line up perfectly when view in forge, but in custom games they're not. The weird thing is that this only happens on the Xbox. On PC they look the same in both forge and custom games.

      In Forge
      In forge.jpg

      In custom games (Xbox)
      In custom 1.png
      In custom 2.png
    5. why
      I've come a cross a glitch where the FX: Fire pieces turn invisible. The pieces still cast light, make noise and hurt players when touched but the fire itself is invisible. This glitch shows up in both custom games and in forge mode. Video of the glitch is here (I'm experiencing this on Tidal by the way). I've only started experiencing this glitch once I reached a high number of scripts being used (about 500ish) and placed a few (about 12) FX: Fire pieces. I haven't tried any of the other FX pieces outside of the different variations of Human; Fire (i.e., non smoking, smoking and jet).
    6. why
      Plant; Bush [5x6x6, tillandsia; a: green] and Plant; Bush [5x6x6, tillandsia; b: green] show up twice in the Natural>Tidal>Bushes spawn object menu. Also if you hover over the second time the object shows up in the menu the text turns black: video link.
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    7. Keven0045
      Halo skärmavbild 2017-mars-1010 23.18.png
      I cannot upload new screenshots. The glitch came when The Cerators Update came into Xbox Live.
    8. Keven0045
      Halo skärmavbild 2017-januari-423 22.55.png
      This Hitbox Issue is still there! Triangle (16x16x4)
    9. Littlemonk5
      When using multiple boundaries to change the number of the objects in each individual boundary, you are limited to 10 items changing at a time. Tested using the following method:
      1. Set up 48 boundaries set up to change the number of the object in them to 1 (set to continuous)
      2. Put an object in each boundary that changes green when its number equals 1 and black when not equal to 1
      3. See that 10 objects turn green
      4. Delete green object and then watched a new object in the line turn green that was previously black
      5. Keep deleting green blocks just to see that a new one lights up. Happened every time. Nothing happened until a block was deleted no matter what the continuous time was set to
      6. Smash face into wall

      EDIT: May possibly be 16 since I did also have 6 boundary checks being used around these other boundaries. Either way, there is a small limit.
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    10. Littlemonk5
      Not really a bug but an oddity that may be unintended behavior or just simply the way the engine worked prior to boundaries mattering. When a grouped object that is PHASED enters a boundary, each part is treated individually. When a grouped object set to NORMAL enters a boundary, the center of mass must be entered for the boundary object script to be ran. Tested in the following way:

      1. Built an group with two floating objects.
      2. 2 boundaries, 1 surrounding each floating object
      3. Scripts were added to the floating objects in the group before grouping to change their number to 1 and 2
      4. Each boundary checks for objects that enter it, one for each number, and turns on a channel which can be seen thru color change on a different object
      5. When phased, each channel showed on. When normal, the channels showed off.
      6. When I moved the boundary to encompass the whole group, both channels showed on proving that it can read each pieces individual script in a group but reads normal groups from a location other than from the scripted object in the group
    11. Keven0045
      There is multiple callouts that doesn't work properly some doesn't show up under the Motion Tracker, some on Strongholds name and some doesn't get callout in Strongholds.

      The ones I know of is:

      Red Stairs in Strongholds name and callout.

      Blue Stairs in Strongholds name and callout.

      Balcony doesn't show up under Motion Tracker.

      Pipes doesn't show up under Motion Tracker.

      Rocks doesn't show up under Motion Tracker.

      Pillar doesn't show up under Motion Tracker.

      You can bookmark my map to see every callout and you can also test Strongholds. I couldn't test the Strongholds callouts because it says: "Connection Lost" and it happens every time. But it doesn't happen in Slayer. The map is called: Callout Test. My GT is o CHEEZE45 o
    12. Yumudas Beegbut
      Yumudas Beegbut
      Colorable Shields and the Health Below Condition

      Player-caused damage to these shields does not activate the Health Below condition. If you use the Damage Ratio action to cause it damage, Health Below works fine. It doesn't seem to combine the player damage and Damage Ratio damage.

      Using the Game Value: Shields [ratio] or Shields [current] seems to give us the current amount of shields left.

      I'm betting player damage affects its Shields property, but Damage Ratio & Health Below use its Health property.
    13. Yumudas Beegbut
      Yumudas Beegbut
      Number Decals Not Moving In Customs (specific settings)

      With this combination of settings, Number Decals (maybe others?) don't move for the Move: Offset action in Custom games (they work in Forge):
      • The move script is added to a different object
      • The Number Decal is action targeted for the object that moves (OBJECTS button)
      • There has to be an object targeted to move to (returned by TARGET). Decals move if TARGET is NOTHING.
      • They don't move in Customs, but do work in Forge
      • Number Decals with a TARGET move in Customs if they own the script
      • Basically, we can't use Move: Offset's OBJECTS in Customs to remotely make Number Decals move if there's a TARGET specified
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    14. ExTerrestr1al
      not necessarily a bug: but... it would be very helpful if Boundary Checks could detect not just any object or player, but ones with specific labels. I want to be able to say, "do something when THIS object enters the boundary".

      I haven't found a workaround yet.
    15. Agent Zero85
      Agent Zero85
      The work around is using an on timer 0.05 number change object, to the object count of: X object, Boundary this include.
      When that number = 1 do something.
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    16. Yumudas Beegbut
      Yumudas Beegbut
      Yeah, the technique Zero described can replace Boundary Check with Timer Check and any action that has action targeting so you can use the Boundary THIS [add/include] mods. If there's just one type of object we want to react to (like any with user:yankee labels), as Zero described we often use
      • Number Change to keep putting the Object Count of objects of that type into the boundary object's Object scope number
      • Add a script to the object with Number Check Scope=Object >= 1 that also has the actions you want to perform. You have to use the same Boundary THIS mod and other filters you used with Number Change.
      Alternately, you can just go ahead and use the actions you want in the Boundary Check or Timer Check scripts and use the same filters so that no other objects in the boundary aren't affected & usually nothing happens when none of your targeted objects are in the boundary. There are some times when we can't use this though.


      At first I thought that being able to filter objects by specifying their properties in the Boundary Check condition would work better, but as I tested and figured things out it occurred to me that it mostly doesn't matter if you have the filters in the condition or the action. Yes, the Boundary Check condition will often return more objects than you want, but you can usually do the filtering you want with the action target mods.

      Mastering the Action Targeting Mods is really powerful. It can get complicated sometimes, but you can often save a ton of scripts by using them skillfully (although it's not always worth it if it makes it hard to figure out errors).
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    17. Agent Zero85
      Agent Zero85
      at the end of a condition yumadas you can change the scope number back to zero, and if the object is still in boundary, will insta change to one, copying the functionality of the boundary check continuous script.
    18. ExTerrestr1al
      this may be new, I'm not sure, as there is no way I knwo of on this site to search within a thread for keywords...

      Capture The Flag & NavPoints scripting

      If you have a navpoint ON for a particular team, and then want to clear that navpoint for the entire team (or all players), it also clears the navpoint for the Flags themselves.

      This should not be happening because the navpoint being cleared is not on the flag, and no script is telling the flag to do anything. The script is on a Brain and is only Targeting "THIS", and so should only clear navpoints on itself and nowhere else.

      I believe I have tried everything under the sun, and there is no way to clear navpoints without also clearing flag indicators.
    19. Littlemonk5
      Same thing occurs with effects. Work around seems to be just hemorrhaging scripts by putting them on each object individually.
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    20. ExTerrestr1al
      sometimes things that are despawned on roundstart are not respawned after one chooses 'RESPAWN ALL OBJECTS'.

      workaround: (so far)
      • save map with scripting disabled
      • reload map in forge and it will be there
      • delete, change script or whatever

      EDIT: I suspect this has something to do with a limit on number of objects that can be despawned on start or on timer etc. Despawned in general...

      Does anyone know what this limit may be? Thanks!!
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