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    I'm sure you are all loving the new tool set but if you happen to stumble across bugs or have complaint issues please post them here. Remember to be respectful when posting your comments, the team at 343 that will be addressing your concerns in future updates. Lets help them help us;)

    - Take screenshots of what you are referring to when you can
    - Submit video links / DVR as much as possible so they can confirm bugs faster.

    Note to all:
    Do not delete the initial spawn points on your canvas. Set them aside or move them when you are ready. 343 is aware of issues that occur when these spawn points are deleted. They will resolve this in the future, in the meantime just keep them on your map.
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by WAR, Dec 16, 2015.

    1. MUDCAT
      Not sure if this is a bug, but a friend and I have both made octagons and the spawns don't work. Even with numerous spawns it forces the enemy player to spawn right next to you.
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    2. Orzium
      Two issues I have come across.
      1. You can not "Kick" an unwanted player from your forge session.
      2. There is no "Delete All" option in forge.
    3. Bullock
      I also have two issues that I have found.
      1st: the weapon pad, if you switch what weapons it spawns it can either break the UI for the object editor or it can crash the entire game. It only happens if you go through about 5-6 weapons back to back from what I can tell.
      2nd: I cannot find a file browser. I know you can play maps that your friends have made, but what about community maps?
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    4. Sp1vo
      We need kill balls, destructible wooden pallets, gravity volumes, and trait zones ASAP.
    5. Jesus in Malibu
      Jesus in Malibu
      • Huge oversight: Players can download anybody's saved variant regardless if they were not "bookmarked" to the File Share
      1. This is a major issue for those who want to keep their works-in-progress private as anybody who has you added can download every single one of your saved maps or gametypes.

      • Cannot switch teams mid-game in a forge session
      1. This is an issue for any player that joins your forge session in progress as they have no option to switch to your team at any time until the host ends the game.
      2. This is also an issue for any player who wishes to test something regarding a specific team that they are not on. This requires the player to end the forge session, change teams and load the map again.
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    6. Suicufnoc
      Boost is way too fast, Normal Movement is a little too slow.
      Scripted Rotation is jumpy

      Common request I've seen:
      Wanting Up/Down back on bumpers. I don't like the idea of select being A, but it could be RStick, move that to A, and make B clear selection. This or something similar should probably be offered as an option.
    7. Yekkou
      Not completely sure about the cause yet, but if you save a map there's a chance that you'll spawn out in the skybox next time you boot it up with only the ability to press start and the scoreboard buttons. Kinda sucks if you've spent some good time on your maps because there's been no work around as of yet. Your map is just dead.
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    8. Preacher001
      There is a Delete all button, I used it many times. It's in the objects options, in bold letters.

      On Alpine if you place a block or floor ect... into the water, and run around on it, it will sound like you are walking through water. Not sure how high up it goes but it's at least 6 feet.
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    9. Lance exe
      Lance exe
      If you want to delete all of a specific item it's > Click X on desired object > Click A on object properties > Click A on {SELECT ALL OF...} > Hold Left on D-Pad

      Not being able to "Delete all (of a certain) object(s)" is not a bug, it just takes more steps to achieve the same result.


      (Discovered DECEMBER 16, 2015)
      1. Keypad Terminals (Interactive: Switch [4X3X6; Terminal]) only retain position of original spawn position.
      - They can be moved when setting the movement to the orientation of the object, not the world's orientation. However when the object is interacted with after being moved it will snap back to it's original position.
      - When the round or match restarts it will go back to its intended position, however in Custom Games it will snap back to the initial position like it would in forge mode.

      (Discovered DECEMBER 17, 2015)
      2. Move: Offset is very inaccurate especially with the Z / Vertical Command when moving objects with switches.
      - For example, making an elevator with different blocks will lead to extreme inaccuracies overtime between the floor and the elevator. If the blocks are the same then the delta of heights between the floor and elevator will be smaller, but still noticeable.

      (Discovered DECEMBER 18, 2015)
      3. (INSERT OBJECT NAME FROM LIST) has no collision when move offset is applied in a loop with timer implementation.
      Example of Breakout: Block [2X2X4; Base] failing to collide with player interacting with said block.
      Other blocks (Breakout or Primitive) in list have similar properties.

      - Breakout: Block [2X2X4; Base]
      - Breakout: Block [2X4X4; Top]

      - Block [2X2X2]
      - Block [2X4X2]
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    10. REMkings
      I don't even have the game yet myself (soon though I will!), but I believe it has to do with forgetting to set up proper spawning. As in, having not even a single spawn point on the map.

      In previous titles there used to be invisible spawns as back-up but it appears as if that's no longer the case.
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    11. End My Misery
      End My Misery
      It doesn't look like this is happening to anyone else but:
      When in editing mode, there are times when I cannot move/look in any direction (not always both at the same time; sometimes I can look around, but not move, and vise versa). It only happens for a few seconds, and it has nothing to do with frame-rate/map complexity because there usually isn't anything on my map when it's happening.
      It kind of feels like I'm rubber-banding, but I really don't think that would be the problem because it doesn't happen in player mode, and my connection is pretty reliable. You never know though.

      I can try to record the issue if necessary.
    12. A Hungry Dino
      A Hungry Dino
      I found a possible bug with grouping. Hungry Dino/video/13294733

      At 3 seconds in, I tried to duplicate the group I had set on the bridge, however pressing right on the d-pad did nothing and when I tried to let go with the left bumper I was unable to. Whenever I shook the screen I was trying either left bumper or right bumper to let go of the group but nothing worked. about 30 seconds later my game crashed to the dashboard.

      I repeated this about two other times before this one that I recorded, however I have no idea why this specific group of objects was doing this. Later on after ungrouping and regrouping it with other parts I was able to successfully duplicate it and let go of the group.
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    13. Yekkou
      Nah man, I've tested every combination of spawn possible (neutral, defender, attacker initial spawn. neutral, defender, attacker, normal spawn. Combinations of both. Etc.) and it still happens.
    14. NOKYARD
      - You are unable to completely remove the Fog on Breakout Arena. The map had no fog when i forged on it in September and it was gorgeous. I have no interest in forging on that canvas if fog is present.

      - The "Earthquake Glitch" is still present on objects turned from their natural spawning positions when returning from a Save & Quit. Objects left in their natural spawning position do not shift. This effect has been seen in every iteration of forge so it does not surprise me. The objects shift significantly less than they did before but they did say they had addressed this issue.
    15. Goat
      Game crashed to dashboard when I added a 3rd script to a Boulder that was scripted to move and rotate on a timer of 0.10 seconds. I don't remember if it was moving while I added it or if I had held it in place.

      Scripted objects also stop moving and cannot be initiated to move again - even when the lighting s baked. Bug has occured several times during one of the following:

      Editing object while it is moving
      Relocating the object while it was moving
      Disabling the timer and then reselecting it
    16. Chronmeister
      @Toast, I believe the monitor spawns above your teams respawn points instead of the initial spawns.
    17. Crush
      This isn't a huge issue for me but this may affect the perfectionist. Some blocks in forge mode act like they're not there. I was chucking grenades at a Breakout Wall piece and the grenades would go inside the wall, but when I went to play test it in custom games the Walls are fine. Not sure how many blocks do this but I would say it needs to be fixed in order to test your map without having to switch out of forge continuously.
    18. GrumpyAnimal
      Friends of mine have been reporting that trying to script objects that are welded is causing a lot of problems. The biggest problem that has happened is the welded objects becoming un-editable. They appear there, but can't be moved or deleted. The collision physics for the object still work. When this happens, the objects somehow duplicate and appear somewhere else in the map. Picking up the duplicate objects cause the first set to disappear, seeming to create an immediate fix to the problem. SIV/video/13301519
      ^ A welded Pelican with the glitch
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    19. lxlIcyBulletlxl
      GrumpyAnimal has the same glitch as me, where I have these objects there, like they're on the map, but they cannot be selected or deleted or moved. I've been all over the map, and I don't have any duplicate objects here as he described, so I am unable to fix the issue myself.

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