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    Thank you for your patience during the judging process, we're pleased to announce the winners of the Extermination Forge Contest with you today! Before we begin, lets take a brief look at how the Extermination game mode was formed and celebrate the indelible impact its made within our community. For those hiding under a rock and are unfamiliar with the mode you can get a complete understanding by simply watching our feature video below.

    We're proud to say that Extermination was featured right here on ForgeHub before any kind of public announcement of the mode was made. We typically only feature something after its released so we're honored to be a part of this mode's history and thank its creators for collaborating with us for the announcement. I'd also like to thank ATN's partnership in hosting this contest. And now, a word from one of the mode's creators, the Duke of Mearl, on what makes Extermination special to him.

    Duke of Mearl: One of my favorite aspects of Extermination is how quickly people connect and resonate with the mode. It feels like a new competitive Halo gametype, one that offers fast paced gameplay where every life is crucial. It's as if you are playing the last two minutes of a closely matched Slayer game each time you load into a round.

    Similar to other popularized community created modes, we believe Extermination will be recognized and fostered for years to come. Infection was first conceived during Halo 2 as an honor based custom mode, requiring players to switch teams upon their death. Grifball was created in Halo 3 through playful experimentation by the founders of Rooster Teath. In Halo 5, we're celebrating Extermination and hope it finds a permanent resting place within the legacy of our most cherished community created modes as well.

    Over the course of its release, Extermination has been garnering an impressive amount of traction and support. Our Forge contest collected nearly 100 submissions, some of which you may have already experienced in last month's Community Extermination Playlist in matchmaking thanks to 343 Community Coordinator, Unyshek and friends. Bringing extermination to a wider audience has only catapulted its success to even greater heights. In a recent poll conducted by our Community Manager, Brian Jarrard aka Ske7ch, Extermination has secured itself as being the most well received and respected elimination mode in Halo.


    Its hard to imagine that we announced this contest almost 5 months ago. Forgers were given 6 weeks of build time and 1.5 weeks to ensure their maps were contained, performant and operating with the respective game mode correctly. During the judging process, forgers and fans were able to monitor our progress during each phase by visiting our public Trello Board or watching our streams on Twitch. After 2 months of judging, the wait is finally over and we couldn't be more ecstatic to present the winners!

    Total Prize Pool: $1,000
    $200 Per Winner


    Inspired by Forerunner architecture from Halo 3, Atlas is visually set in a Silent Cartographer of a Halo Installation. For the layout, the author was inspired by some of his favorite Extermination maps that launched with the game mode. Atlas provides some of the most intense experiences with rounds starting with quick rushes for the grenade launcher and damage boost. This has become one of the communities favorite maps in the playlist and we definitely concur with that assessment.

    The foreboding atmosphere really compliments the gameplay experience as players struggle to decide whether to rush bottom middle for the grenade launcher or circle around their enemy with the damage boost. The map comes in as one of our top picks for its delicate attention to detail in both gameplay and art direction. The map also won 1st place in our Community Favorite Map vote last March and has already secured its place in our permanent library of featured content!

    The experience on Alpha Niner feels instantaneously comprehendible giving players a classic Extermination experience to remember. The 3 lanes split right down the middle where players collide in heated exchanges over speed boost and the grenade launcher. Champ did a wonderful job with the art that really compliments the layout in a believable and immersive way.

    Inspired by classic maps such as Longest and Citadel, Abyss is set in an underwater facility reminiscent of the Halo 2 mission, Regret. Its an inversely symmetrical map that begins with an explosive rush to the rocket launcher located bottom mid. The layout simple yet effective, allowing players to navigate their surroundings easily. Dive in and explore the map for yourself and you may find some friends looming on the other side of the glass!

    Firewall impresses us with its unique gameplay as it is one of the only asymmetrical maps submitted to the contest. Team switching is a necessary component during matches as this helps balance the initial collection of the grenade launcher. The visuals remind us of computer networking systems, hence the appropriation for its name. Mr. Deliciousman creates some of his finest work to date with his submission and its become a favorite among many fans of the mode!

    Thanks to all that participated in this contest, we couldn't have been more fortunate with the level of quality of all of the submissions. It was extremely difficult to compose this top list and I feel its only appropriate to mention that Majestic by Karby lost a spot in the top 5 by a mere fraction! This experience has been one of the most enjoyable contests to judge because of how incredibly fast paced and team oriented the gameplay has been. We're all closer as friends as a result of this contest and will hopefully be collaborating with eachother in the near future. We're also pleased to say that ForgeHub now supports a new map category called 'Extermination'. People are still making maps for this mode and we will continue to support it for years to come!

    Thanks again!

    :heart: - The ForgeHub Team
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WARHOLIC, May 18, 2017.

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