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    As many of you may already be aware, ForgeHub will no longer be supporting content of any kind from the Eldewrito 0.6 mod for Halo Online. This was a decision not made lightly on the part of our team. From the first whispers of conflict, we have closely monitored and observed the situation to ensure that we uphold all the proper rules, regulations and guidelines put forth from Microsoft. Like stated before, we want to ensure we provide a safe, engaging and diverse platform that operates well within the laws set out. We stuck it out through the first wave on DCMA's that hit streaming outlets, removing our nearly three hour livestream of Forge and took the proper steps to ensure content posted on the site was not at immediate risk as well.

    Many people have been asking a similar question. What changed? When Microsoft first requested the Eldewrito team halt development and began removing download links for Halo Online, we feared that content created within the mod might come under fire too. Our team worked feverishly to research and evaluate all our options. Our primary goal was to preserve our new growing community and to continue to provide a seasoned platform for those creators to share, interact and play. We eventually gained knowledge that ForgeHub's support of Eldewrito content, and Halo Online by extension, represented a legal conflict of interest. A large one. One that would fully prevent any future partnerships between ForgeHub and 343 Industries, dissolve all current ones and that would even affect some of our members on an individual level. This is a matter of law, not opinion. These same consequences apply to those who support Eldewrito/Halo Online in any way, whether it be through videos, streams, services, etc. While the current situation is stable, there is a possibility that Microsoft could escalate their efforts further which would only increase the risks involved. Several other Halo community members, aware of these risks, have too started taking steps to avoid such risks.

    Our team established early on that if any legal implications were to come into play regarding our involvement with ElDewrito we would act in accordance with the law and with the best interest of ForgeHub's future and longevity in mind.

    Our partnerships with 343 Industries have been invaluable to the Forge community. Entire playlists and gametypes have been the result of these joint efforts. Big Team Battle, Extermination, 2v2 Throwdown, Infection and many more. The relationship that we have built with 343 has allowed forgers the chance to enhance the experiences of not only fellow forgers but the Halo community as a whole. This is a combined effort that we hope to only grow and expand throughout the years. We want to ensure members of our community, the Forge community, continue to have the ability to build great things and to potentially share those great things with all Halo fans.

    This same unique relationship has allowed for more community content than ever before to make it's way onto the public stage and has directly fueled the development of our community.

    So with with heavy hearts in tow, our team decided to no longer support content from Eldewrito on our site. In the end, we had to act with the best interest of our community's future in mind. To that same tone, we hate to feel as though we are isolating a portion of our community. Throughout this journey our primary focus has been you. The forgers. It was not a choice made lightly.

    So what will happen to all the content shared on the site so far?

    From this point onward, all content of any kind from Eldewrito is prohibited on the site. We will be taking steps to remove options that allowed for the sharing of the content. As for the stuff already here, it's not being wiped off the face of the Earth. We value creative content beyond all else here and work extremely hard to preserve creations of all kinds. That being said, our team will be working to create a compiled list of the Eldewrito content shared up until this point. Once compiled, we will pass this list off to the Eldewrito team, at which time we will fully severe all ties with the project. The content will then be removed from our site.

    It's important to understand that this wasn't a deliberate "attack" on ForgeHub by either 343 or Microsoft in any way. This decision was made by the ForgeHub team after much deliberation topped off with new found legal guidelines. As stated by countless facets of the community, do not lash out at people only acting within the confines of the law.

    Looking forward, we embrace the idea of more Forge on PC. With what we saw in such a short time in Eldewrito boasts extremely well for the future of the creative tool we all know and love.

    Keep on forgin'

    -ForgeHub Team​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ForgeHub, May 2, 2018.

    1. CertifiedChamp
    2. ShadyBliss
      Whether they pressured you guys or not, you still caved. If they haven't even said anything to you, just leave it there. Then if they were to dmca the content, just take it off then. You're just hurting the community with this.
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    3. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      @ShadyBliss Unlike the DMCA situation with our Twitch stream, which was dealt with, one and done, this situation represented a series of potential future conflicts that could only get worse over time.

      We weren't attacked but we did speak directly with multiple 343 members throughout this process.
      That's pretty clear if you ask me. If it really jeopardizes the cooperation between 343 and this site or even the future of Forgehub.

      I didn't even understand why it could excist in the first place but I don't know anything about mods really. Or the laws behind this.
    5. lordcrusnik1986
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    6. purely fat
      purely fat
    7. Hurbii
      Too many ellipses my guy. And if Eldewrito would jeopardize this great site, I say remove the content, and I play elderito.
    8. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      To be frank, I feel as though you responded without actually reading the post and if you did read, it didn't go beyond face value. I appreciate your concerns and opinions so I'll go into a little detail based on some of your statements.

      "Forgehub can exist without microsoft approval"

      Correct. It can and actually does even still. As an entity, until this point we have had very little to do with Microsoft. We work most often with who's in charge of Halo, which in modern day is 343 Industries. To that same point we can exist without them as well. In fact, this site exists on the good will and **generous contributions of a few very very dedicated members. Site fees, rights, contest money, operations, etc etc. Those funds don't come from any outside entity. Community owned and managed 100%. That is not the point.

      Like stated, ForgeHub becoming a catalyst for community made content to enter the matchmaking has proven immensely valuable for the community. Over the course of Halo 5, we've seen more community content than ever not only enter matchmaking, but the global view as well. This is a direct result of our close ties with 343 and their outward efforts and willingness to work with us. Those people at 343, believe at not, are people just like us and we've been able to build a partnership and understanding come communities outside Halo can only dream of. A true example of teh community and developers working in tandem to help people have a good time.

      "how much progress have you REALLY gotten on the inside....i mean really think about this....maybe you got E3 access....maybe you got a few perks and notariaty here and there....but thats it....if you think one day you may get a career out of this...its not going to happen....or at least not to everyone"

      This point is humorous. To think that the staff here does what they do for notoriety or reward is bizarre. Trust me, nobody signed up for staff spots so they could walk into a crowded room and say "Look at me, I'm staff on a forum site for a niche section of a video game community!" Come on now, that's contrived and just silly. We do what we do cause we love Forge, we love to help and even at times like this, we still love our community. As for pursuing jobs in video games, you'd actually be surprised how little most of us actually have to do with video games in our projected careers. Oh and we'd loooove to get E3 passes. We're not on that mailing list though so yeah ;)

      "Im sorry if im out of line but Im not afraid of MS slapping my wrist on take down notices....ill fight it"

      That is 100% great for you. As an entity with much more than personal opinions and stances in play, we had to carefully navigate the projections for ForgeHub's future. We looked at the risks and implications long term with the knowledge that we were in no position to alter any legal guidelines. It's just as important to note that nobody here is a lawyer. We don't have the basis to play legal hardball and as enthralled you are, I implore you to consider that beyond your own frame of reference.
    9. lordcrusnik1986
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    10. Jesus in Malibu
      Jesus in Malibu
      I can't wait for all of the backseat lawyers to come here and say "4chub mods r pussies" and/or "Micro$oft is evil!"

      You guys did what you had to. It's not a matter of selling out, or being "cowardly" as some might put it. To ensure the site's community outside of ElDewrito isn't alienated because of the loss of partnerships and other opportunities between the site and 343 Industries, it was a logical decision. That's not to say that I'm not disappointed that this happened, however. I was looking forward to downloading all of the cool **** people made for ED.
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    11. lordcrusnik1986
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    12. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      It's not about us, the team, "seeking benefits" and "seeking careers". It's about growing the influence of our community. The Forge community. Creative content. It's about maintaining and growing ties that allow the amazing content made day in and day out to potentially be loaded into a matchmaking playlist. It's about every day regular Halo fans being able to play on and appreciate not only the hard work of the author of the map they're playing on, but the hard work of forgers everywhere.

      Forgers create because they love to create and to be able to say your community is not only properly represented but respected and influential as well. I'd say that's bigger than E3 passes yo'. The fact that the devs of the game we enjoy are even willing to not only support this effort but fuel it as well. I'd say that's pretty important.

      Trust me, it's not easy to turn down ED maps. I dunno if you saw, but I was beside myself with the potential and talent of some authors I got to meet from ED. We launched support for it to bring new forgers in and offer them a place to share and play. This was no brush off choice.

      **Also, beating the dead horse, we can't change laws
    13. Ryouji Gunblade
    14. NOKYARD
      We use Microsoft's services to sign in to the site. We link to our maps stored on a Microsoft site. That alone should be reason to comply.
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    15. Preacher001

      Hey Bob

      We're going to need you to take down that Tether ball that you set up.
      Well you may have bought our set but we can't have you playing it any way you want if we aren't profiting from it.
      But I wanted to change how the ball moved and stuff
      Ya, that's the problem. You can't modify it from the regulation parameters. If enough people agree that they want to play it your way we'll build a pointless tool and sell it to you at a ridiculous price. Until then regulation only.
      I don't see why I can't play it how I want.
      Because we said so. Now go to your room.

      If I see any of you playing with Bob, you're getting a time out.
    16. ZombieDyer
      Honestly, if you're calling the admins and mods of the site "cowards" and "pussies" you can just do us all a favor and **** off. Forgehub doesn't owe myself, you or anyone else anything. It is a community site but at the end of the day it's the admin's choice. Forgehub has always had a good rep regarding 343 and Microsoft to my knowledge, why would they tarnish that just for you to get 100 views and 10 downloads on a game that is just ripped assets? Personally, it just seems like you're being selfish "oh I can't get exposure for my maps now", so? Why should Forgehub staffers care? I've had my share of restriction and slapped wrists on the site so I get where you're coming from but you have to understand its not without reason. If you've read all the above and still think that the staff are legitimately corrupt (no pun intended), then why are you still supporting them by using the site, just leave because I doubt anyone else can help you understand at this point.
    17. Mags
      As much as I would have loved to have an open source Halo, I saw this coming from miles away...

      Good ol' legality will beat you every time;)
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    18. Xs SHAD0W sX
      Xs SHAD0W sX

      Would you be willing to say on the record exactly what this conversation entailed. Did they inform you that while what you were doing was technically not illegal. that it would prevent future and current partnerships. Was there indirect pressure placed on you be the developer?
    19. Mistercheif1171
      I fully respect your decision to do this. In my opinion, it’s really sad that it’s happening, but it had to happen in case you were hit with legal action from ms. But anyone saying that what you did was cowardly and you caved should evaluate the situation a bit more. You did what you had to to protect the future of this site and it’s community. That’s all it is.
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