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    When Destiny 2 was announced, many members of the community were curious as to what frame rate the game would run at due to the difference in console power available. Now that the frame rate has been confirmed to be locked at 30 FPS on all consoles, members of the Xbox fanbase began to suggest that the only reason that Destiny 2 didn’t run at 60 FPS on the Xbox One X is due to developer Bungie’s exclusivity deal with Sony.

    Destiny 2’s project lead, Mark Noseworthy, quickly took to Twitter to dissuade these rumors. He stated that the game is locked at 30 FPS in order to maintain consistency between the players of all consoles. This way, Xbox One players and Xbox One X players will get a unified experience, with the only differences being visual. Noseworthy also stated that they would never hinder the performance of a game even if they were asked to, which he confirms they were not.

    2/4: We optimize for each platform's tech to deliver the best social action game experience we can. Period.

    — Mark Noseworthy (@knowsworthy) June 15, 2017

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