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    DAEDALUS is a manned reconnaissance satellite deployed into tundra orbit by the UNSC to survey the local area of its potential threat. During its orbit DAEDALUS looses power, relying now on its back up generators and independent boosters to keep itself suspended until the Spartans on-board relieve the situation.

    This is my 1st map created in Halo forge so when looking for an idea, I simply went with emblem I created for my Spartan and decided that I would work with it to create a map based on the Spartan 'DEAD VII's' emblem, applying it to the construction of my satellite/Space station. Its very symmetrical map, each team having identical initial spawn areas. An extremely easy map to learn with a plethora of tactics to employ in any situation. The map contains 3 levels with various access and exit points through corridors and rooms having great lines of sight for those gun fights. DAEDALUS is designed for tactical 2v2, 4v4 and FFA game-types.

    Initial Ordnance:
    2x Spartan laser
    1x Energy sword
    2x Plasma grenades
    2x Pulse grenades

    Random Ordnance:
    1x Shotgun
    2x Jet packs

    DAEDALUS - Main exterior overview:


    DAEDALUS - Main exterior initial spawn areas:


    DAEDALUS - 1st floor access bridge sector:


    DAEDALUS - Ground floor room:


    DAEDALUS - 1st floor control core room:


    DAEDALUS - 2nd floor special access room:


    (Please note that all initial and random ordnance drops are not shown in these images, There screenshots were taking in SWAT for the purpose of these display images)

    ...All comments, feedback and criticisms are eagerly awaited. Help and advice is always appreciated and given so feel free to reply, PM or add my gamertag 'DEAD VII' for casual halo multi-player gaming and forge map creating.
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