Creators Spotlight: IKYLEIZBEASTLY (Part 3 of 5)

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    Hey you! This is part 3 of a transcript, to have context please visit the previous articles

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    C: Maybe?

    I'm thinking I'm thinking of Abandoned Cashew’s dominion turret thing, remember that?

    C: Ah, not off the top of my head, I do not.

    Ahh, Abandoned Cashew made this mod where the Dominion turrets would pop up in random locations and you had to kill them in waves, throughout like a map, it was so cool.

    C: I must have, uh Haha, that one must have slipped my slip my viewing when we were back in the day, I've seen Cashew on actually, and I have been meaning to hit him up and just say hey, but like he has just mainly been playing Apex.

    Yeah, I miss that guy.

    C: Uh, so would there be anything else that you would want to add other than just that? Or would that be the only thing?

    I will say this. If they do decide to touch up and improve the terrain, what I always thought would be a neat idea is if they did not go full Far Cry and instead did partial Far Cry. I mean, we have..., we have heard people really wish for and want scalable objects, which is something that would be really amazing to have. But one thing I think could be really interesting, like I said, instead of going full far cry with the train where it is like, you know have like this giant world space and you bump in controller train, do that but then also keep individual train objects because we are able to do a little bit more crazier and detailed terrain pathing than people on Far Cry can do with minimal effort. We can make caves and all this crap in Far Cry. It is awfully hard to do because it is like a... it is like a one-dimensional surface for the most part you can cut holes. Then you got to use rocks and it gets really messy. But what I would say is this. Basic train shapes like they have in Halo 5 but with the flats, imagine you just spawn in a flat and you could scale it you could stretch it; but then now on this particular object, you can shape it and bump it like it is a Far Cry Terrain piece.

    C: So more like Terrain Sculpting?

    K: Yeah, and like you spawn in a tangible object, it is set on an axis, so you could rotate it and manipulate it however you want. But you could...but you could also take this object and sculpt it like you just said, like bump it, add noise all that crap. But it is individualized to this object and when you are done sculpting how you want, you can rotate it, twist it however you want, Terrain decals would be kind of neat too. I think it would be cool if they did it in the same way Far Cry did. But I think I do not know how they incorporate that and use their interface, but with Far Cry it is like it was very specific like you were layering it on the terrain. That would be nice to have like little scuff marks, like little grass textures, dirt, textures, and stuff like that. They could make those scalable too, but just those kind of features for terrain editing because I will tell you this right now I love messing with the terrain. I mean H2A I was pretty decent at it. Halo 5 I got fairly good at it. There is some stuff that I have like my own personal files that were rather good stuff. I deleted as well that was really good but like yeah Haha.

    C: I would say Terrain is...Haha... II would say Terrain is actually my best feature as a Forger Haha.

    K: Hell Yeah!

    C: But whatchamacallit terrain is honestly one of the cooler parts, I guess is the way to say that, it kind of like just opens up your mind even more than like just looking at blocks does sometimes, but that's just me.

    K: Yeah, absolutely and if we are able to just be able to sculpt that in detail and texture exactly, we want and however, that affects the performance or object count or whatever that could be amazing. You know, because if I can just spend time detailing and stretching 1 singular piece of terrain and then placing it where I need it to fit almost exactly where I need it. It is over, that is....that is perfect, you know. I mean, you can manipulate that however you want. You do not got to grab 30 pieces and look at that and go, “Eww I can see all the lines” It is going to be a smooth surface how you want it. I mean then you can also take another piece and just take that piece, sculpt it and you know get it to fit how you want it to and...awe man...and it will be cool to maybe see like maybe like kind of rough it out so you could like sand both pieces together almost, but that would be too Chaotic right? I mean, I do not know, that might be too insane.

    C: There is definitely a lot of possibilities that can come with that/from that.

    K: Right, but at the fundamental level, that is what I would want taking individual pieces and sculpting them. You do not have to get to have any other crap that I mentioned. If you could do that, that is already a huge game changer. People will be able to do so much crazy ****

    C: Oh 100%.

    K: So that is why I want AI and then terrain sculpting like that and done. You will see some pretty absolutely wicked campaign missions come out of me or like firefight or anything in that Nature, Spartan OPS bro... “Crimson go do this.”

    C: That would be sick.

    K: Dudeimagine if you could record your own voice lines and like maybe it would be...

    C: Yeah, that, that would be sick, but I have a feeling that like even though Microsoft allowed that with Project Spark, I have a feeling that that would cause a lot of BLAM things, especially since, like, uh.

    K: Bad Gamers just being Gamers saying very indiscriminate words? Yeah.

    C: Let us just say that there is no need to get into details with that.

    K: We could have an AI that filters it and detects auto detect certain words. I would hope they specifically just switch, just stick to problematic words do not incorporate curse words or vulgar words because...

    C: Well, the game is T for Teen but they do have curse words in it already.

    K: Then we make it M for Mature!


    C: They have swear words in there already like in the trailer already like what Lumu says.

    K: Teenagers are already cursing, doing drugs, and snorting coke off each other's...wahoos...okay, they are...they are despicable people and they play GTA and they get they get booty booty dances from strippers in GTA, so I think they can handle me hearing them, they can handle me voice acting going, “Kill those God Damned Covenant!” definitely the Least, Least disgusting thing they will see/hear in their gaming career. There are other Mature rated games too that they’re exposed to, the ESRB rating honestly means nothing in a lot of ways nowadays for a lot of people.

    C: Yeah, of course, but the ESRB is the main...main authority with that.

    K: Sigh it is always the ESRB with that...

    C: Uh, when it...

    K: Pesky ESRB they should just make it M for Mature.

    C: When it comes to your Forging career, of course, like we stated like you mainly started more in Halo Two Anniversary, but Halo 4 is where you really kind of started running, I guess is a way to put that. Uhm, who would you, or what would you say Is something that has influenced you or inspired you in your maps and designs.

    K: You (says lovingly jokingly tone). Haha uhm...that is messed up and I am like, “You” Haha uhm...That is a tricky one. Concept Arts, I mean, that is definitely a big thing. Very early on I would just browse concept arts like I would be like, “Well, I want to make a snow map, so I'll look up some snow concept arts” but whether it be paintings or concerts or other video games or Halo, I may lose a lot of Halo concept arts. But that is definitely a considerable influence on my designs and concepts. Friends, you know you always want to just have them have fun on your maps and whether that is like you are in a testing lobby and you want to like, have people hear the people that have joined you, but like what actually influenced my creative process the most...Music and Concept Art hands down.

    C: I would definitely say that both those influenced my designs a lot too. I mean like whenever I start building out a level, I literally just turn on Spotify and just play the Halo 2 soundtrack Haha.

    K: Yeah, I listen to five finger death punch, but Haha.

    C: That works too Haha.

    K: Yeah! No, but you know what to looking at other people's maps specifically dev maps, looking at other people’s Forgemaps is nice, but you know, Dev maps usually just kind of like we all do it right, for like the longest time we referred to circular maps as midship style maps or bridge works is like Guardian or Lockout style of maps like we all do it we all reference them. So going to those and like looking up Concept Arts and stuff like that, those maps are like taking ideas or concepts from those maps like flash, walking around, it is like, “Oooo I really want to do this” for instance my map that I will not name that got ripped out of Big Team Battle in Halo 5 (Estuary), I was thinking to myself “You know what would be really cool? to segment that map” because it was like basically trying to make a Big Team Battle symmetrical Relic where each team has their own little mini Relic tower.

    C: Come on, you can talk about Estuary. It's fun.

    K: No, Bleach will...Bleach will tease me about it, but haha...but that would be really cool is trying to incorporate the Map Containment, you know that Snowy Canyon one where you had that giant bridge wall thing the wall based segment with the broad bridge that will be lowered with an external switch, I kind of want to incorporate something like that down on it. Kinda want to do something like that spicy with that, uhm...

    C: That would be kind of sick!

    K: Lots of ideas I have with that map. It going in matchmaking was an amazing experience but also a very humbling experience. I realized how crappy that map was and it went from being my most favorite map to my at least my most hated map.

    C: Well, speaking about like the matchmaking experience and all that, like of course like we've both had experience getting our maps into matchmaking and all the things that come with that. Of course, like we can recommend people going into custom lobbies more frequently to try to get their maps out there and see if they can push theirs I, but what would you say was something that you took away from getting your map in matchmaking? Like what is something that stood out to you or something that like has Influenced you as a Forger from doing that experience?

    K: That it does not matter how many times you playtest it, it will not play as good as a dozen customs and if you are going to do your playtest, do you play tests with people who know what they are doing like other forgers but not just that, play test with the most random randoms, playtest with idiots, play testing people who will tell you this that is bad and then not know how to even tangibly describe how it was bad, play with those people because those are the assholes that are going to get a Banshee, flip up and go in the skybox and snipe everybody with a beam rifle and play with those guys. Do you want to know how broke your map is? Play with guys that will not even play the objective and just climb on a rock for half the match, because that is what people will be doing in Matchmaking, so you really want to like see how well your map actually plays. Do that. Spectate the matches afterward. Eat some popcorn and go, “Haha what’s that guy doing over there?” because that, that will open your eye. Because with what might happen with matchmaking you never know. When my map went into Matchmaking, I actually did not get the plate very often always upset me, going Big Team Battle and go, “God damn it, I'm playing on dispelled again.” that beautiful, gorgeous map I play every five minutes.

    C: Well, II have a feeling that your map was only put in for Capture The Flag right? Or did it go in for Slayer as well? I forget.

    K: I think it was for Slayer and CTF. But I could be wrong. So yeah, it definitely was weighted exceptionally low, I mean, it was a good map, for the most part, Banshees were a mistake that never actually was the design philosophy. I blame that on you, but I'm not going to get into that.

    C: Look, I said put a Wasp on there, you insisted the Banshee.

    K: No Wasps did not exist back then, so do not lie like that haha. Call you out in 4K, run the audio right now, hot mic’d haha. But yeah, well you know the best part is the map I just wanted one ghost in the wall, a Mongoose, and maybe a Gungoose. Then we play tested it, you recommend the banshee, I am like, “You know what? It is there, it is in the sky; people will shoot it down. There are Hydras, Beam Rifles, Plasma Pistols, a lot of anti-vehicle weapons so what could it hurt”. I remember in playtesting it went fine but I guess no one was a cracked-up Banshee meth head Haha.

    C: Look, all I am saying is if you remade it, all I am saying is if you remade an Infinite version and had the Infinite banshee on there then it would work Haha.

    K: Of course it was, the energy shield on air vehicles in Halo 5 is probably what made it so broken and what just made it so durable. Make it to where you know it destroys over time and never regenerates so when it is all said and done that person will eventually get shot down. Whether Timmy, with his little pistol, shoots it down or freaking Falco with the rocket launcher locks on and Heat seeks his ass it is coming down. The shield on it just made it so infuriating.

    C: The Halo Infinite Banshee is honestly like the closest thing that we've had to like a Halo 2 style banshee in a while and I kind of hope that it does not get Uber buffed 'cause I kind of like it and I liked having the ability to have it in the 4 v 4 setting again because we have not actually been able to like experiment with a Banshee in a 4 v 4 setting because of how powerful it has been in other games.

    K: Damage for its base Gun needs a small buff though, they need to buff the damage of this base gun just for a little bit just a little bit, not an obsessive amount.

    C: It does a lot of damage with its base gun.

    K: I don't know, man.

    C: Like in Big Team Battle it does not seem like it does because you have 12 people shredding you, but it does do a lot of damage, not to mention other vehicles shooting you.

    K: Compared to past games It does not seem like it does. Right through, that’s kind of the problem, right?

    C: In 4 v 4 it works fine, like the Banshee and the design philosophy of the Banshee...

    K: Now before you get shot down a lot.



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