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    A UNSC Fighter ship gets shot out the sky. With limited landing space the pilot is forced to set it down on a small forested island.
    CREATED BY ScorpioRED119 and Anonymous Noble

    Thanks for checking us out if you have any comments go ahead and send them our way. We got plenty more maps we've been working on. If ya'll like this one we'll try get another on here as soon as possible.

    sorry my photos all seem to come up as corrupt...
    Pls try viewing Scorpio's recent screenshots to see the map.

    If anyone can help me figure out how to get my screenshots from onto I would appreciate it..
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    The method I used to get my images up from Halo waypoint was to:

    1. Print screen my screenshot I wanted from
    2. Paste into Photoshop, Paint etc.
    3. Crop image to size.
    4. Save as JPEG.
    5. Find and Upload to any 'Image hosting' site you please. (most are free, Simply google search)
    6. Used code from this link.
    7. Copy and paste the direct link into the code.
    8. Preview then post your thread.

    Job done.
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